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SCP-4120, file photo taken for a Foundation front.

Item #: SCP-4120

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: D-Class personnel with moderate experience in animal handling have been assigned to carry out SCP-4120's care. For the purpose of SCP-4120's mental health until the point where it would be naturally retired, a diabetic D-Class (D-0412) has been assigned to live with SCP-4120 in a humanoid dormitory containment chamber, within Site-77. Foundation doctors are to independently monitor D-0412's condition to ensure that it is not terminated by SCP-4120 and to study any effect SCP-4120 may have.

Description: An adult Yellow Lab has been designated as SCP-4120. It is trained as a service animal for those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, or diabetes. SCP-4120 was neutered prior to initial containment. It has been disputed whether the entity designated as SCP-4120 is completely responsible for the anomalous events associated with it

Subjects who have bonded with SCP-4120 and utilize it as a service animal are anomalously likely to experience injury or death while in the company of SCP-4120. These accidents are not directly caused by SCP-4120 and cause it to experience severe stress. During these accidents, messages will appear on its coat relevant to the injury(s).

When not exercising its training, SCP-4120 becomes anxious. It will bark for hours on end, as well as stress-induced bowel movements and attempting to eat the implements present in the chamber. It is possible that this mental state causes an escalation of SCP-4120's effect. See Incident Log 4120-V for more details.

As a result of these incidents, SCP-4120 is reluctant to engage with human subjects, although it has never displayed aggression when approached by Foundation operatives. Usually, SCP-4120 shows a desire to engage with human subjects followed by fear, and reluctance. It is possible that SCP-4120 has some awareness of its anomalous properties. Canine psychiatric exercises to improve morale are being considered, as early death due to isolation/stress would not be conducive to SCP-4120 related research.

SCP-4120 was discovered during operations against a Person of Interest, a thaumaturge associated with a coven in Akron, OH. The infant child of the PoI had perished due to diabetes-related complications, while SCP-4120 slept. The PoI surrendered to Foundation agents following this occurrence. In the course of securing the subject, SCP-4120 was noted to have been covered in unknown symbols and characters, but as most of the PoI's possessions had similar markings this was not considered a point of interest at the time.

After being adopted to a subject outside the Foundation through a front company, Society of Compassionate Pet Partners, the anomalous properties affecting SCP-4120 became apparent when the owner died in a freak accident. After further incidents involving Foundation agents, SCP-4120 was classified as Euclid and designated contained on 04/12/2016.

Addendum: Incidents Related to SCP-4120

Examples of injuries associated with SCP-4120
Subject Injury and context
Woman, Korean, 20 years old. PTSD sufferer Subject suffered a severe concussion after slipping in the shower. Present in the room during this time, SCP-4120 alerted other subjects within the residence. SCP-4120 was subsequently surrendered to the Foundation. No note was made of any alterations to SCP-4120's coat.
Foundation Agent While walking SCP-4120 outside of the front company, SCP-4120 was off its leash in an enclosed area when a branch fell from a tree, crushing the agent supervising SCP-4120 and causing the chest cavity to collapse. First respondents noted that the word "Fetch" had appeared on SCP-4120's coat in black block text.
D-Class Subject The original assigned handler of SCP-4120, D-0401, was running through some basic commands. During the course of this exercise, D-0401 slipped on liquid, which had pooled underfoot due to a plumbing leak. D-0401 suffered a broken wrist. The word "Shake" appeared on SCP-4120's coat.
Multiple Foundation Agents While being moved due to construction, the portion of the facility which SCP-4120 was located in suffered a gas leak. During the course of a lockdown, the Foundation agents escorting SCP-4120 were poisoned and entered a semi-vegetative state. SCP-4120 was unharmed, and the text "Play Dead" was noted to have appeared along its tail coat.

Addendum - Incident 4120-V: On ██/██/██18, all personnel working at Site-77 doing work with direct or tertiary relation to SCP-4120 suffered spontaneously generated flea infestations on their bodies. Normal fumigation procedures suppressed a larger infestation, although three researchers were hospitalized for typhus infections. SCP-4120 was found in its containment chamber, under severe stress, with the word "SUFFER" covering its coat on all parts of its body. Potential alterations to its containment procedures are under review.

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