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Diluted samples of SCP-4119 liquid.

Item #: SCP-4119

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4119 is contained within a modified, blast-resistant cell within a Faraday cage. An internal cavity magnetron maintains a constant low-wattage stream of microwaves within the chamber; all internal surfaces are kept at a temperature of 50°C. The walls of SCP-4119's cell are equipped with rapidly oscillating motors, vibrating them continuously. SCP-4119 itself is kept inside a Level 2 Thermal Isolation suit.

Once per week, SCP-4119 is to be sedated, blindfolded, restrained, and moved to a temporary cell. During this, the cell walls are to be cleaned of burnt blood residue and the vibration and microwave equipment inspected and maintained as needed.

Description: SCP-4119 is a young adult Hispanic female, identifying as "Thalia Contreras".

Surfaces within the central 11° cone of SCP-4119's line of sight excrete films of an oily, explosive liquid. SCP-4119's vision will trigger liquid uncontrollably up to a range of approximately 700m; beyond this, SCP-4119 must exert itself physically to cause liquid excretion.

Liquid produced by SCP-4119 is 71% nitroglycerin and 29% human blood; this blood does not genetically match SCP-4119. SCP-4119's skin is abnormally thick and heat-resistant, protecting it from the heat and force of the detonations of its liquid.

Acquisition: On 02/19/2017, a Type 3A dimensional anomaly appeared in the air, approximately 10km from Site-496, violently ejecting SCP-4119 and fragments of a concrete room into the surrounding woods. MTF Mu-8 ("Southern Hospitality") was dispatched.

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