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Captured hidden camera footage of juvenile V-01 instance, straying away from their herd to browse.

Item #: SCP-4118

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4118 is kept in a standard storage unit in Site K-40. All SCP-4118-1 instances are to be kept in an adjacent unit. Interaction with SCP-4118 instances is permitted. SCP-4118-2 are allowed to visit their imprinted instances, but are to maintain their daily routines, and not stay past their permitted time allocation.

A custom containment cell has been constructed for the SCP-4118-1 population, with different environments and terrain accommodating the different species of SCP-4118-1. Specific plant species have been established in different areas of the cell, to be watered regularly (Details within "Killer Vines and Me: Foundation Guide to Plant-care, both Anomalous and Benign"). The lights in the containment cell are to be placed on a 24-hour day-night cycle. Interaction with SCP-4118 instances is permitted, but no personnel is allowed to stay in the containment cell beyond the times outlined in the visiting schedule. Personnel are not allowed to pick up SCP-4118-1, or instigate fights between instances. The schedule can be found in the cafeteria on the notice board.

Current population of SCP-4118-1 is to be maintained, with reproduction encouraged if necessary. If population growth exceeds constraints of cell personnel are permitted to dispose of newer instances. All cases of improper disposal of instances will be reported to Site Director. All exotic or unique 4118-1 instances are to be kept in hibernation in a secure Safe-rated storage locker in the observation room adjacent to SCP-4118-1's habitat.

MTF Kappa-7 "Fun Police" is to monitor the county that SCP-4118 was found in for more anomalous activity, and intercept any instances that may be sold on the market. The Romagnoli-Bitler Wondertainment Suppression Protocol is to be used to track down any additional SCP-4118 or SCP-4118-1 being sold online.

Description: SCP-4118 is an opaque plastic tube resembling those commonly used for the packaging of plastic toy animals. The label displays an acrylic scene of a group of three theropods eating while a sauropod watches in the background. On the opposing side of the tube is a logo that reads: “Dr. Wondertainment’s Tube O' Dinos!” in bright block-lettering. Underneath the logo is a paragraph of text that reads:

Have you ever wanted to peer behind the veil of the past to see things time has buried? Have you ever wanted to discover things those grumpy paleontologists have yet to uncover? Well the newest invention straight from the genius mind of Dr. Wondertainment, does just that, with our new product, the Educational Tube O' Dinos®! Simply shake the patented Time Tube® and you can have your very own tiny tyrants, and recreate a prehistoric landscape in your very own house! Learn the Behaviors of the behemoths of a forgotten era! Witness the ancient rivalries of Reptiles and Mammals once again take center stage! Become a scientist, finding new and Interesting creatures that are stranger than fiction, only with our Tube O' Dinos®!

May represent choking hazard to 3 or under.

When opened, the tube appears to have a reflective surface covering the opening, preventing personnel from viewing the inside of the tube. This mirror is extremely resistant to any form of damage. When SCP-4118 is shaken mirror-side down onto a surface, a SCP-4118-1 instance will appear to exit the mirror.

SCP-4118-1 instances are small animate toys, made of a hard plastic similar to polyvinyl chloride (PVC)/thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)/crylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and resemble various prehistoric creatures, most commonly creatures from the Mesozoic Era, although instances from earlier periods have been created. Instances resembling animals from the Cenozoic Era have also been observed to be produced, but at a significantly lower rate than instances found in earlier periods. No humanoid instances have been produced thus far. Instances have been recorded to be various sizes, ranging from 3 centimeters tall to 60 centimeters tall, and are capable of consuming food. Instances are not required to eat, as the instances can live without sustenance for an indefinite period of time in a form of stasis.

Herbivorous instances, such as sauropods and ceratopsians, consume primarily plant matter. Carnivorous and pescatarian entities, such as therapods and pliosaurs, appear to digest any plastic they consume12, although no excrement of the instance is noted.

Instances have been noted to be faster or more agile than previously assumed of their respective species, but it has been theorized that it is only due to their size and/or composition. SCP-4118-1 instances appear to gravitate towards biomes that appeal to their physiology (Brachiosaurus dwelling in forests, Triceratops living in savanna-like conditions). The majority of instances go into a form of hibernation if there is low light conditions in their environment. However, certain carnivorous instances seem to be more active during this time. Instances can be awakened from their stasis by stimuli, and have been noted to respond to the vocalizations of their young when attacked by carnivorous instances during their period of hibernation.

When an instance is created from SCP-4118, the first human being SCP-4118-1 sees within a 10-second time frame will be imprinted upon (subject then designated SCP-4118-2). Imprint seems to be permanent, as SCP-4118-1 instances have recognized and responded to SCP-4118-2 at least 4 years after last contact. Instances are shown to have a marked decrease in aggression when near SCP-4118-2, to the point of docility, and remain docile even when people other than SCP-4118-2 are near it. If SCP-4118-2 exits line of sight for more than 10 seconds, SCP-4118-1 instances default back to their original behavior pattern.

SCP-4118-1 do not appear to age, but can be terminated if their head is severed from their neck, or more than 30% of their body mass is not present. No regrowth of injured tissue has been observed.

SCP-4118-1 reproduce when two instances of the same species are in close proximity for on average 47 consecutive days. One of the instances will appear to generate 1 to 40 plastic eggs, which after a period of 24 hours will hatch into smaller SCP-4118-1 instances. These new instances will grow for a time period between 2 days and 5 weeks. These new instances appear to automatically imprint on their parents. The time required for reproduction and the amount of offspring produced varies between species. No factors have been determined to influence or induce reproduction. Outside of interference by staff, there are no natural ways of culling the population of carnivores within the ecology of SCP-4118, as resources are not necessary for reproduction, and carnivore-carnivore predation is rare, outside of specific cases of cannibalism.

Recovery Log: SCP-4118 was recovered from a family owned convenience store in which the owners had been selling SCP-4118-1. The anomaly was discovered by undercover agents of MTF Kappa-7 "Fun Police" making a routine sweep of the county's convenience and toy stores. SCP-4118 was recovered from the location and amnestics were administered as necessary . A disinformation campaign framing SCP-4118-1 instances as prototypes of an upcoming toy line was deployed and was successful.

Addendum 4118-A: On 1/7/1998, a cell of the Serpent's Hand breached Site K-40 and succeeded in stealing multiple anomalies, including SCP-4118. Minor injuries were incurred on both sides, no casualties.

Investigation possible motives for the raid are underway. Motives behind the abduction of SCP-4118 is unclear, but the two most popular theories are either that SCP-4118 has an unknown secondary function, or that it was simply an easy SCP to acquire due to its low security and ease of transport. All of the SCP-4118-1 instances were left behind, bringing into question whether or not the organization knew that SCP-4118 was responsible for creating them. Retrieval of SCP-4118 is considered low priority.

Addendum 4118-B: On 1/15/1998, fifteen instances of V-05 and V-08 were recorded missing from the containment cell. Video doesn't show the instances leaving the cell, nor did the research staff inadvertently carry them outside of the cell. None of the instances could be found within the site, and the rest of the instances in containment were placed in temporary hibernation. On 1/27/1998, security observed the 4118-1 instances approaching the front gate of Site-K20, along with SCP-4118 and atop an instance resembling a member of Quetzalcoatlus northropi. It is unknown how or where the instances reacquired SCP-4118. Instances were recontained and SCP-4118 was placed into storage.

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