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Item #: SCP-4117

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4117 is currently stored in Storage Room 3 of Site-██, along with six adjustable-height chairs. Access to SCP-4117 for experimentation requires Level-2 clearance. SCP-4117 is to be cleaned twice weekly by research staff assigned to the object.

Special accommodations may be made1 for staff well-being requests; however, any personnel granted permission for SCP-4117 usage is allowed a maximum of one week of usage per permission cycle. Excessive requests placed will result in a suspension from the SCP-4117 project, and referral for psychological counseling.

Description: SCP-4117 is a rectangular table of 20th-century make, with rounded edges. SCP-4117 possesses a distinctive removable glass dome in its center.

The primary anomaly of SCP-4117 manifests when 4 to 6 humans are seated at the object and consume a meal together. Miniature human entities resembling faceless mannequins, designated SCP-4117-1, will materialize inside the glass dome and perform a musical act. Up to 100 discrete SCP-4117-1 have been recorded manifesting through this effect, and the musical performances observed are unlimited by genre or time period.

Instances of SCP-4117-1 do not respond to any external stimuli. Lifting the glass dome away from SCP-4117 will result in the humanoids instantly dematerializing. Placing the glass dome back in its intended place will restore the appearance of SCP-4117-1, which will resume performing as if uninterrupted.

Performances of SCP-4117-1 demonstrate startling realism when compared to live performances of similar premise and genre. While no requests for specific musical acts can be made, experimental trials indicate that the musical displays typically hold some sort of cultural or personal significance to one or more of the people who view an SCP-4117-1 performance.

In approximately 50% of clinical trials, SCP-4117-1 performances possessed no direct relevance to any viewers seated at SCP-4117. Instead, the corresponding music held significance for acquaintances of the viewers. It was additionally noted that viewers often recalled a coworker, distant family member, or housing neighbor who enjoyed the particular type of music generated by SCP-4117 at the time.

Addendum 4117-1: SCP-4117 came into Foundation possession after it was originally donated to a small museum in Washington D.C. The donation was made per the last will and testament of a Mr. Joseph Johnson, known to locals as simply "Joe". The object was the subject of much attention during Mr. Johnson's funeral, which was attended by an excess of fifty people, most of whom only knew Johnson during his later years. Many attendees, when prompted, described Mr. Johnson as "soft-spoken, with great taste in music and a talent for holding cozy dinner parties".

Addendum 4117-2: Following initial acquisition of SCP-4117, investigations were launched to obtain further information regarding Mr. Johnson's family history. His wife Marie was the first individual to be interviewed. Agent Kowalski was assigned to the case, acting under the guise of a museum staff member wanting to ask questions about the object for exhibition purposes.

Further investigation regarding Joe's father, other family members, and remaining heirlooms has returned no report of additional anomalous activity. However, subsequent interviews revealed that many of the close contacts Mr. Johnson made during the course of his adult life were due primarily to dinner parties and similar gatherings involving SCP-4117. Notable examples include Johnson's wife Marie, who particularly enjoyed dramatic classical opera, and his neighbor Calvin Smith, who was initially rather abrasive towards the Johnsons until he was invited to a dinner at which SCP-4117 performed an acoustic version of a family favorite folk song.

Addendum 4117-3: Clinical trials examining SCP-4117 effects, involving Foundation research personnel as test subjects, have been authorized. A partial record of notable trials is below:

Subject Name: Dr. Ivanov
Type of Performance: SCP-4117 manifested orchestral versions of traditional Russian music, one of the identified songs being Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy with accompanying ballet as danced by the mannequins.
Related Individual: █████ Ivanov, mother of Dr. Ivanov
Follow-Up: Dr. Ivanov reported making an effort to contact her extended family more often, and that her mother revealed that despite growing up in an underprivileged household, she had always loved ballet as a child. Dr. Ivanov later received a care package from her family in Russia during Christmastime, the first correspondence noted since her transfer to Site-██ three years ago.

Subject Name: Dr. Abar
Type of Performance: SCP-4117 manifested mannequins singing various choral and a capella versions of popular themes from video games, including works identified as produced by Valve Corporation and Supergiant Games.
Related Individual: A member of the Site-██ Foundation webcrawler development team (exact individual unconfirmed).
Follow-Up: After members of the team noticed Dr. Abar humming music from games they enjoyed, an invitation was extended to Dr. Abar join the team's weekend game nights. Dr. Abar now regularly attends the team's weekend group activities and will occasionally join team members for drinks on Friday evenings.

Subject Name: Researcher Ponyah
Type of Performance: SCP-4117 manifested mannequins in casual clothing performing songs that were popular in the United States during the 1980s time period.
Related Individual: Childhood friend ██████ Young, ███ Davis by extension
Follow-Up: Researcher Ponyah reported not having listened to 80's music since they were in school, and expressed a desire to attempt to reconnect with old friends. Upon reaching out using the contact information provided by a college alumni association, Researcher Ponyah was surprised to learn that two of his former school friends had recently taken up residence within a twenty-minute drive of his current apartment. The three now regularly meet up to discuss their childhood memories and spend time with each other's extended families.

Subject Name: Jr. Researcher Eriks
Type of Performance: SCP-4117 manifested a mannequin identical in appearance to singer Elvis Presley, repeatedly performing the song "Don't Be Cruel" in various stage costumes.
Related Individual: Presley, Eriks's dog companion
Follow-Up: Prior to the test with SCP-4117, Jr. Researcher Eriks had been involved in a localized site lockdown following a high-concern containment breach. Eriks's follow-up psychological evaluation indicated symptoms of anxiety, though it was believed that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder was unlikely to develop. It was advised that Eriks seek out the company of others, potentially a therapy animal, as a means of addressing his ongoing stress. Eriks later visited a dog shelter in search of an animal companion; the dog Eriks eventually adopted was noted to have a particular fondness for howling and "dancing" along to songs by Elvis Presley when shelter volunteers played music during feeding and cleaning times.
Additional Note: Jr. Researcher Eriks has been granted permission to bring Presley to Site-██ twice monthly, to assist with hosting seminars on the resources available to Foundation employees seeking emotional and mental support.

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