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Item #: SCP-4116

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel suffering from night terrors are to be monitored until the next confirmed report of SCP-4116. Any confirmed victims of SCP-4116 are to have any memories of the final dream in the sequence documented as accurately as possible. Civilian victims of SCP-4116 are to be amnesticized after documentation of the event.

In the event that widespread public attention is brought to SCP-4116, a disinformation campaign with the aim to establish SCP-4116 as a common nightmare is to be released, with falsified statistics and psychological analysis included1.

Description: SCP-4116 is the designation given to a series of specific recurring dreams affecting a single individual at a time. SCP-4116 has an antimemetic effect affecting the recollection of dreams, with all victims only being able to recall the final dream in the sequence. This makes identifying persons who suffer from SCP-4116 impossible until after the affliction has passed.

Despite having no recollection of the details of the other dreams, all subjects to date have manifested extreme night terrors, and report intense fear and anxiety. SCP-4116 afflictions typically last for 2-3 months, with a recorded maximum of 8 months and minimum of 1 day2.

The final dream in SCP-4116 has maintained several key features present in all recorded instances. It is these recurring features among separate persons with no correlations that initially led to SCP-4116's classification as anomalous. The series of events in a standard SCP-4116 dream sequence prior to awakening is as follows:

  • The subject awakens in the dream. The surroundings consist of an extremely long stone corridor, the right wall solid stone and the left a series of large windows, with pillars placed periodically several meters inwards. Subjects report sensations of claustrophobia, despite the size of the hallway. The area is dimly light by an orange light from outside, with long shadows and sharp visual contrast.
  • The subject walks in either direction along the corridor for a long period of time, usually measuring several hours. During this time they report seeing several pieces of regal furniture placed in the hallway, faded paintings on the walls, and several doors. If the subject attempts to open the doors, they will find them barred from the opposite side, and report a foul smell beginning to emanate from behind.
  • The subject encounters and converses with SCP-4116-1.

SCP-4116-1 is a recurring sapient entity located within instances of SCP-4116. The entity has been consistently described as an extremely emaciated and/or mummified elderly human male, wearing red regal robes and a simple golden crown nailed to the head. Subjects who claim to have seen additional portions of SCP-4116-1's body under the robes report similarly withered flesh and a thinly muscled build. Subjects have also described a tapestry consistent with medieval European crafting techniques stitched into the entity's torso. The details of the tapestry vary between cases, with subjects describing scenes such as a battle, a feast and a parade being depicted. In addition, SCP-4116-1 is described as having a long white beard and hair, and eye sockets extending unnaturally deep into the skull. 44% of reports also include SCP-4116-1 carrying one of several tools or accessories, usually described as some form of bladed implement, culinary utensil or simple mechanical device.

SCP-4116-1 is seemingly aware of its nature, and is able to recall details of past SCP-4116 instances and victims. Upon being encountered, SCP-4116-1 will usually speak to the subject before they awaken, seemingly referencing events that occurred within the prior forgotten dreams.

SCP-4116-1 has repeatedly demonstrated several sociopathic personality traits, including narcissism and lack of empathy. The entity believes itself to hold regal dominion over dreams, particularly nightmares. SCP-4116-1 also displays a warped set of values, regarding humans as raw material for unspecified purposes, and as wholly disposable for the sake of these purposes. Expanding upon this, SCP-4116-1 seems to have no concept of permanent death, simply referring to such as "waking up", suggesting that it has little to no familiarity with existence outside of SCP-4116.

A cumulative log of all recovered conversations3 with SCP-4116-1 is included here:

Addendum 1: Following the discoveries made on 8/16/2009, several personnel suffering from night terrors were issued mnestics in an attempt to potentially recover suppressed information on SCP-4116. One of these personnel was D-50042, who was confirmed to have been a victim of SCP-4116. A transcript of these events has been included below:

Agent Scott and Dr. Sambre escaped unharmed to a security checkpoint. Upon reentry to the testing room, D-50042's cadaver was found with the head split completely open and deep scratch marks covering the inside of the skull. The door had been forced open, how this was accomplished is unknown due to the failure of the security cameras.

To date, no more documented instances of SCP-4116 have manifested.4 On 11/27/2009, 4 days after the events documented above, a string of violent murders occurred overnight in the town of ███████, 16 kilometers from the testing site. A total of ██ fatalities occurred, and no culprit was apprehended. Investigation into potential correlation is ongoing.

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