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Item#: 4115
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A shot from within SCP-4115's complex.

NOTE: The following containment procedures and description are outdated and being saved for posterity. Refer to Incident-4115-Familiaris-I for further details.

Special Containment Procedures: All entrances to SCP-4115 have been blocked from public access through an agreement between the SCP Foundation and the Maryland state government. Any civilians attempting to access SCP-4115 are to be apprehended before they successfully enter SCP-4115 and amnesticized before being released back into the general public. Lucifer-grade anti-memetic broadcast pylons are to be installed intermittently above ground and around the perimeter of the cavern, and all guards are to be issued headgear engineered for anti-memetic purposes in order to avoid manipulation by SCP-4115-01. Should SCP-4115-01 ever breach containment, efforts are to be made to properly ascertain the severity of the threat SCP-4115-01 poses before proper action is taken.

Description: SCP-4115 is a show cave titled "███████ ████████", located approximately two (2) miles outside the town of █████████, Maryland. The cavern descends into the earth at a syncline, with tall, narrow passages making up nearly the entirety of the cave. SCP-4115 is primarily composed of various types of clay and stone. Large, opaque crystals resembling quartz line the walls of the cavern. These crystals are remarkably sharp and incapable of being damaged by any known tool or implement. Direct contact between any living being and the crystal causes both the crystal and the being to dissolve1. The density of the crystal clusters increases as SCP-4115 goes further underground, eventually reaching a point where the entirety of the cavern is covered by crystals. A large crystal wall, measuring five (5) meters by seven (7) meters, is located at the bottom-most point of the cavern. The wall appears to be heavily damaged, with a large indentation present in its center.

SCP-4115 is host to an entity referred to as SCP-4115-01. SCP-4115-01 is thought to be located behind the crystal wall at the bottom of SCP-4115. SCP-4115-01 has explicit power over the happenings within SCP-4115, including knowledge of the exact locations of individuals within the cavern, and the ability to manipulate the cavern itself and the features within it2, but seems to be unable to affect the crystals that line the cavern. SCP-4115-01 has also exhibited the ability to telepathically communicate with and manipulate human beings who enter the cavern. This telepathic ability is somewhat limited and is capable of being hindered by basic anti-memetic agents or heavy metals. Subjects under SCP-4115-01's manipulation share several common traits, including:

  • Heightened levels of stress.
  • Overclocked adrenaline production.
  • Movement and coordination problems.
  • Lack of a self-preservation instinct.

If left unrestrained, affected subjects will attempt to reach the lowest point of the cavern and use their body to dissolve the crystal wall. Any attempt to stop or restrain subjects under SCP-4115-01's control generally creates a negative response from SCP-4115-01, which will use SCP-4115's interior against perceived threats to the subject. To date, no subject under SCP-4115-01's control has succeeded in completely melting through the crystal wall.

Due to the abilities of SCP-4115-01 and the uncertainty of its intentions, current containment procedures focus on ensuring that SCP-4115-01 does not escape from SCP-4115. While not much is understood about SCP-4115-01, it has been determined that the crystal wall is likely the only barrier preventing its escape, and it is unable to destroy the wall itself. Repair of the crystal wall from previously sustained damage has proven unsuccessful, so attention is currently focused on preventing SCP-4115-01 from manipulating more subjects. See Incident-4115-Familiaris-I.

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