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Item #: SCP-4114

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Each time SCP-4114 surrenders itself to Foundation custody, it is to be placed within a customized Level-6 Full Body Restraint with incorporated anti-thaumatological and reality anchoring countermeasures, held within a maximum security humanoid containment cell, and kept sedated when not needed for interviews or testing. SCP-4114 is to be affixed with a GPS locator as well as subjected to uninterrupted video surveillance so that it may be studied up until it breaches containment.

Guards assigned to retrieval or containment of SCP-4114 are instructed to use minimal force as much as is feasible, and tests must be minimally invasive, as SCP-4114 will breach containment immediately upon believing itself to be in mortal danger.

Description: SCP-4114 appears to be a young woman of Vietnamese descent, and is a self-professed 'Occult Escapologist'. In addition to extreme flexibility, SCP-4114 has demonstrated the ability to contort its body into anatomically impossible configurations in order to escape from restraints, without suffering any pain or injury.

Observed physical anomalies include:

  • Stretching both hard and soft tissue by over 100%
  • Compressing its body to a thickness of less than 3 millimeters
  • Detaching and reattaching bones at will
  • All joints capable of rotating 360 degrees
  • Fully prehensile feet
  • The ability to generate sufficient Van der Waals forces in its hands and feet to allow it to scale vertical surfaces
  • Brief bursts of superhuman strength, surpassing what its muscle mass should be capable of providing or its bones capable of enduring without fracture

Additionally, SCP-4114 demonstrates an anomalous expertise in disabling both physical and electronic locks, including a degree of probability manipulation. Locks, alarms, and security cameras have all suffered disabling glitches at inopportune times when in the presence of SCP-4114.

When remaining relatively still and silent, SCP-4114 possesses a mild antimemetic effect, and can go unnoticed so long as it does not draw attention to itself. This applies to both human observers and surveillance algorithms. SCP-4114 has also proven to be adept at pick-pocketing and manipulating personnel assigned to it, though it has yet to be proven that this is anomalous in nature.

All attached or implanted tracking devices fail after SCP-4114 has left the general proximity of its containment site. SCP-4114 has managed to successfully breach containment ██ times, even when containment procedures were theoretically invulnerable to all its observed anomalous abilities. This has lead researchers to speculate that SCP-4114 still has unknown anomalous properties, such as short-range teleportation or an ability to phase through solid matter, but this remains unconfirmed.

Research regarding SCP-4114 is to focus primarily on developing more effective containment and tracking procedures.

To date, SCP-4114 has always been recovered by MTF Kappa-14 "AH! Sideshow Bob!" during their investigations of GoI-233 activity. SCP-4114 has always willingly surrendered itself to Foundation custody, and has often been found waiting expectantly.

Addendum: Below is the most recent interview with SCP-4114, transcribed from MTF Kappa-14 Commander's body cam.

Interviewer: Kappa-14 Commander

Interviewee: SCP-4114

<Begin Log>

[MTF Kappa-14 reaches the Chattanooga Fairgrounds, where SCP-4114 is in a straightjacket and hung upside down over a lit brazier]

SCP-4114: It's about time you guys got here. It's not nice to keep your cutest Keter waiting.

Kappa-14 Commander: SCP-4114. Pleasure as always.

SCP-4114: Come on Chad, this isn't an official interview. You can call me Tien.

Kappa-14 Commander: That's Commander Chadwick to you, and this is an official interview. Brass ordered me to grill you as soon as we find you, since we never know when you're going to pull a Houdini.

SCP-4114: You're not even going to help me down first?

Kappa-14 Commander: No, you're fine. First question: Are you providing the Circus of the Disquieting with intelligence regarding the Foundation?

SCP-4114: I haven't the slightest idea what you could be talking about.

Kappa-14 Commander: So why do you keep letting us capture you, only to run back to them?

SCP-4114: I gotta work. I love the challenge of breaking out of your Keter cages, but that's not going to pay off my student loans.

Kappa-14 Commander: I have no reason to believe you, and given the futility of containment it seems like taking you in is an unacceptable risk.

SCP-4114: If I was after intel, then I would just use my skills to break in on my own, grab what I want, and get back without you ever realizing it. When I was a teenager, I actually started out as a burglar. I did that until Manny just appeared during the middle of a robbery, offering to help me hone my skills and become a world-class escape artist. He's weird like that. Cut me down so you can tie me up again.

Kappa-14 Commander: No. If you're not bringing them info, then why do they keep taking you back in? Surely it's occurred to them that you might be a double agent for us.

SCP-4114: (laughs) They know exactly how good of an escape artist I am. They don't find it suspicious that I keep busting out, and they don't mind since the more resources you waste on me, the less you have to hunt down and lock up other Freaks. Besides, if I was a double agent, Manny would - well…

Kappa-14 Commander: Manny would just know, somehow?

SCP-4114: Like, I said, he's weird. Oh, is that my full body restraint in the unmarked white van? Oh, please put me in it! Please please please please please please please?

Kappa-14 Commander: How dare you tie up Foundation resources just to satisfy your own bondage fetish!

SCP-4114: Don't kink-shame me! Especially you Chad. How many protocol violations have we racked up while I was 'tying up Foundation resources'?

Kappa-14 Commander: Zero. I didn't get to where I am by sticking it to scips.

SCP-4114: No, you got there by not getting caught. Come on, stick me into that body restraint and we'll have some fun. The safe word is 'consult an alchemist'.

Kappa-14 Commander: That's three words. Look, if you want to be taken into containment, you've got to make it worth our while. Either stick around long enough for us to do some tests or give us some actionable intelligence on the Circus. Otherwise, I'm going to leave you here.

SCP-4114: You know what I think? I think the Foundation is just embarrassed that you can't keep me locked up. I've sneaked a look at my own file you know. You blacked out how many times I escaped? How is that sensitive information? Or is it just information you're sensitive about?

Kappa-14 Commander: We're done here.

[Kappa-14 Commander turns to leave]

SCP-4114: Chad, come on! You are not just going to leave a Keter class anomaly uncontained for anyone to see. Look, I can't promise I'll stick around too long. I got a job and friends and a boyfriend who doesn't leave a girl unsatisfied like you do back at the Circus. But if you take me in, I can tell you some stuff about them. Nothing compromising, but stuff that might be academically interesting. Did you know that there are several distinct types of Clowns, only two of which need to drink Milk? Fascinating, no?

Kappa-14 Commander: (sighs) Alright, cut her down and put her in the restraint. But Tien, I'm warning you, any more bullshit and this is the last time we're taking you in.

[SCP-4114 effortlessly escapes from its straightjacket and lands with one foot on each side of the brazier, then backflips through the air to the ground]

SCP-4114: I want to be blindfolded this time! No, not just blindfolded, but the most secure blinding goggles you have. Really make it a challenge for me!

Kappa-14 Commander: Gag her too while you're at it!

[SCP-4114 shudders in apparent arousal]

<End Log>

Notes: After providing interviewers with inconsequential and unfalsifiable information regarding GoI-233 (with a disproportionate focus on the sexual preferences and activities of GoI-233 members) SCP-4114 was sedated within its restraint and placed within a maximum security cell. Approximately 90 minutes later, despite its heavy sedation, SCP-4114 escaped during an episode of somnambulism.

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