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A cavern located within SCP-4111.

Item #: SCP-4111

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No instances of SCP-4111-1 may be created without Level-3 Authorization. Any existing instances of SCP-4111-1 not currently in use must be stored in a secure anomalous items locker, and is not to come in contact with a salt water solution, unless authorized for transport to SCP-4111.

Foundation personnel who wish to explore SCP-4111 for an extended period of time will be supplied with a standard arid climate survival kit. Personnel who find themselves trapped in SCP-4111 for any reason are to be recovered as soon as possible.

Should any other humans be found within SCP-4111, they are to be retrieved, interviewed, amnesticized and integrated back into society.

Description: SCP-4111 is a location, currently believed not to be on Earth1 that can be accessed by enacting a specific ritual. The ritual itself can transport multiple people as well as objects between locations under specific circumstances. (See SCP-4111-1 below for clarification.)

SCP-4111 is apparently entirely underground, with a breathable atmosphere, and the majority of the visible land mass is solidified halite2, which is interspersed by rivers, lakes and occasionally oceans of superheated, liquified halite. There is no visible light source outside of the ambient light given off by the superheated halite, and further exploration of the location has revealed a ceiling of currently indeterminable height, also made of solidified halite. All natural structures within SCP-4111 are cuboid in structure, no natural curves have been observed while in SCP-4111.


An instance of SCP-4111-1, prior to activation.

SCP-4111-1 is an object that must be created in order to transport subjects and objects to SCP-4111. While certain variables about the object may change, certain aspects such as the stuffing and the shape must follow a guideline detailed in the instruction manual by an organization called the "Gemenskap Coalition"3 discovered alongside PoI-418. For information on creating an instance of SCP-4111-1, please go to Addendum 4111-A. Successfully created instances of SCP-4111-1 will flash a yellow light briefly and emit a three-toned chime upon completion. Upon submerging an instance of SCP-4111-1 in a salt water solution, the next human and any other people or objects4 it is in contact with will be transported to SCP-4111, along with the instance of SCP-4111-1.

The only way to return from SCP-4111 is death; should the subject who initiated the ritual to SCP-4111 die while inside SCP-4111 for any reason, they and any other people and objects the subject is in contact with will be transported back to the location in which the ritual was initiated. After the subject's death, they and any other people brought with them will be alive and healed of all injuries sustained within SCP-4111 and SCP-4111-1 will appear somewhere beside the subject rather than in its possession. Subjects retain memories of their time within SCP-4111, up to and including their death.

Several objects supposedly not native to SCP-4111 have been found during exploration logs, as detailed below. The following list supports the claim that SCP-4111 has been visited numerous times and has been explored by people prior to the Foundation's discovery of it:


PoI-418, upon manifestation.

Discovery: On 9/28/20██ PoI-418, the first subject known to have travelled to SCP-4111, suddenly appeared near the wreckage of the ████████, a ship that sunk in the Atlantic Ocean around 2009. PoI-418's manifestation was captured by an ROV controlled by [REDACTED] exploring the area at the time. When the event was reported that a man had suddenly appeared in the ocean during an exploration, the Foundation located and recovered them, amnesticizing any witnesses. Recordings of PoI-418's manifestation were confiscated, and the ROV responsible for the recording was destroyed and sunk, given the cover story of a malfunction during the exploration.

Below is an interview with PoI-418 post-recovery.

Since this interview, PoI-418 has been completely compliant to any questions the Foundation has asked of him, and has willingly volunteered for any testing regarding entering and leaving SCP-4111. His request to attempt to rescue "Sydneigh" (Furthermore PoI-418-H) has been approved under the circumstances that he be fully amnesticized after the extraction is complete.

Addendum 4111-A: Shortly after PoI-418's recovery, the Foundation launched an independent exploration of the ████████ for any information regarding his manifestation. Discovered near PoI-418's point of manifestation was a single instance of SCP-4111-1. Further exploration discovered four further instances of SCP-4111-1, somehow intact. In addition, a water-logged book was discovered, with partially destroyed instructions regarding the creation and use of instances of SCP-4111-1. After partial restoration, the Foundation was able to determine the following key aspects in the creation of an instance of SCP-4111-1:

The Foundation has since been able to create further instances of SCP-4111-1 to access SCP-4111 at will.

Extraction of PoI-418-H: On 11/16/20██, MTF Epsilon-9 ("Fire Eaters") along with PoI-418 successfully completed multiple individual rituals to enter SCP-4111 with intent to safely retrieve PoI-418-H. Along with PoI-418, four agents were selected to traveled with him, codenamed Agent Pele, Agent Chantico, Agent Hephaestus and Agent Lalahon.

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