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Photo of SCP-4110-1b taken by MTF after confronting subject

Item #: SCP-4110

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-4110 cannot be conventionally contained, efforts should be focused on retrieval and destruction of SCP-4110-1 instances, as well as information suppression. Standard product retrieval protocols, including Cover Story C (Carcinogenic Materials) are to be used. All SCP-4110-1 instances are to be contained in the low-priority lockers of Site-23. Usage of SCP-4110-1 are only allowed with permission of project head.

MTF Kappa-15 (“Fun Police”) is tasked with recalls of many toy-based anomalous products, including SCP-4110-1 instances. For more information, consult standard Romagnoli-Bitler Wondertainment Suppression Protocol1. Kappa-7 agents should be embedded in all regional offices of the affected store chains and monitor products in all stores in their region during the month of October. The Foundation legal department is to prevent affected retail chains from closure or bankruptcy, as those scenarios aggravate the anomaly (see Addendum 4110-1).

Description: SCP-4110 is a phenomenon affecting party costume retail chains Party City, Toys 'R Us, and Spirit Halloween, on the last two weeks of October annually. Costumes (referred to as instances of SCP-4110-1) designed for children, aged 3-18, will anomalously appear in random stores of the affected retail chains in North America. The anomaly appears more frequently in cities that have a fan convention of any kind, during the time that SCP-4110 is active. All costumes are of average commercial quality, and made out of nonanomalous products. At least six variants of SCP-4110 have been confirmed, as of writing.

All SCP-4110-1 instances affect the perception of humans observing SCP-4110-1 users (SCP-4110-2) in different ways, depending on the variant of SCP-4110-1. Costumes like “The Inconspicuous Investigator” or “Lizar the Terrible” affect visual perception of observers of SCP-4110-2, while costumes like “Wilford the Werewolf” and "The Automaton" affect perception of sounds created by SCP-4110-2. The anomaly will only activate when wearing the entire "set" that comprises a SCP-4110-1 instance. Wearing different components from different variants does not produce an anomalous effect, nor do different components from different instances of the same variant. Despite age restrictions labeled on the packaging, anyone can wear a SCP-4110-1 instance as long as they can fit into the costume. All SCP-4110-1 instances bear manufacturing tags and packaging stickers from Wondertainment, along with another company called "Societé du Costume Paranormal2."

Note that is found with each purchase of a SCP-4110-1 instance:

HOLY MACKEREL! Looks like you found your very own Dr. Wondertainment's Wonder-Costume™! SPOOK your friends, SCARE your relatives, and make your neighbors SHRIEK with fright with this exciting creation brought to you by the people at Dr. Wondertainment & Co. Dr. Wondertainment's Wonder-Costumes™! are a fun, exciting way to ring in Samhain that is guaranteed to bring in a veritable MOUNTAIN of candy for Halloween*! Not only that, but Dr. Wondertainment's Wonder-Costumes™ are super-realistic and is guaranteed to scare the pants off of any granny who's door you knock on**!

Do not go near elderly people or people with heart conditions while wearing Dr. Wondertainment's Wonder-Costume™!

*Dr. Wondertainment does not guarantee a literal mountain of candy.

**Dr. Wondertainment is not responsible for any assault and battery committed against the user of the Wonder-Costume™, or responsible if anyone dies of fright!

Additional specialized notes found with variants of SCP-4110-1:

Discovery: SCP-4110 was originally reported in █████████, Minnesota on October 28, 199█, after several dozen civilians called the police department, panicked about "a goddamn dinosaur rampaging around my neighborhood." MTF Epsilon-6 "Village Idiots" were deployed, but shortly discovered that the dinosaur was a 8-year old boy in an inflatable dinosaur costume.

Addendum 4110-1: After Toys 'R Us declared bankruptcy, additional instances of SCP-4110-1 have been observed in other stores belonging to the Party City retail chain, and other previously unaffected retail chains, primarily in Australia. The Foundation purchased the Toys 'R Us franchise for $1.2 billion USD, reopening many of its stores. SCP-4110 has since ceased to appear in previously unaffected store fronts, and remains contained.

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