By Marcelles D. Raynes

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Clearance Level 3: Clearance
Containment Class: safe
Secondary Class: {$secondary-class}
Disruption Class: #/dark
Risk Class: #/notice

Special Containment Procedures

The website "OnlyCryptids" has been removed from the dark web and access has been restricted to those who previously had access to it. Should any patron share information about OnlyCryptids, they are to be terminated and the data link is to be destroyed.

Identifying the creator of SCP-4106 is considered a Delta Level Priority. All patrons of SCP-4106 affected sites are to remain under Foundation surveillance until the apprehension of the perpetrator. Models featured on OnlyCryptids are to remain under Foundation protection until such a time that the individual responsible for SCP-4106 is apprehended.

The models have taken adequate protective measures and thus do not require further containment procedures.



SCP-4106 home screen.

SCP-4106 is the domain for an anomalous website, found at ███████████OnlyCryptids.onion, IP address ███.███.█.███. SCP-4106 can only be accessed following the completion of its sign-up page and a specific coitomantic ritual, the details of which are available upon request.

When the pre-requisites have been met, users are able to access SCP-4106's primary content, which mainly consists of extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional organisms performing lewd actions on-camera. Users are able to select and view any active camera and communicate with the organism1, as well as other users in the chatbox displayed below the streaming window. Messages received in the chatbox will be automatically translated to the user's preferred language, allowing for communication with all available parties.

Additionally, users are able to send gratitudes (called "tips" on-site) to models through SCP-4106's "donation box", a screen wherein individuals are able to specify the amount of money they wish to donate as well as a message they wish to send. There is no character limit for the message, and no upper limit to the amount of currency an individual is allowed to donate, although the model receiving the donation has the ability to deny it. Should this occur, the individual will be refunded.

UPDATE 9/20/2021
Following the incident involving the model "LonelyGirl15" and the user "ifuckmonsters", SCP-4106 has developed a method to detect the species of individuals attempting to access it. This new anomalous property is being used to prevent humans from creating new accounts with SCP-4106. Humans who have made accounts prior to this are forbidden from interacting with LonelyGirl15, or other members of the entity's species, and their ability to navigate the site has been heavily restricted. Attempting to create an account under a different species will be met with failure, and the device used to access SCP-4106 will cease to function.

The Sign Up Page

The following is the page users are prompted to complete when accessing SCP-4106.


Are you lonely? Bloodthirsty? Horny?
Sign up to make money and interact with your fans!

(Please specify the plane(s) of existence you are able to perceive.)

(Please specify what wavelength(s) of light you are able to perceive.)

(Please specify your species if comfortable.)

Which pronouns would you like to be addressed by
[ ] Male
[ ] Female
[ ] Non-Binary
[ ] It does not matter
[ ] My species does not have the concept "gender"

I prefer my models be:
[ ] Living
[ ] Reanimated
[ ] Have multiple olfactory orifices
[ ] Able to perceive nth level psyonic particle activity
[ ] Radioactive
[ ] Comprised of song
[ ] Able to produce the chemical ●︎♋︎■︎♑︎◆︎♋︎♑︎
[ ] An indentured companion
[ ] Bi-pedal/tri-pedal/quadrapedal+
Please specify
[ ] Limbless
[ ] Flora

I have performed the Bond of Sacred Trials
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
[ ] I am unable to perform the Bond of Sacred Trials due to a lack of necessary appendages or mobility
Explain why here
[ ] I am unable to perform the Bond of Sacred Trials due to pre-existing conditions
Explain why here
[ ] I do not meet the age of consent in my culture to perform the Bond of Sacred Trials*

Preferred Payment Method(s):
[ ] Metal currency (Backed by valuable, non-organic material such as gold or tellerium)
[ ] Paper currency (Backed by valuable, organic material such as ❇︎ꆛꑇ✳︎ꑇ✴︎ or the souls of the damned)
[ ] Digital currency
[ ] My species does not have a standardized currency and relies on the barter system*2
[ ] My species does not have the concept of currency
Fill out how your society functions here.
Per a settlement agreement, this is no longer available.

*If you do not meet the age of consent in your culture or species, or your culture or species does not have an age of consent, you are not permitted to create an OnlyCryptids™ account.
*2If your species relies on a barter system, you are required to fill out relevant location information. This information will remain private and will not be shared without your consent or the consent of the other party in the transaction.


OnlyCryptids™.onion is not responsible for any heinous or lethal injuries sustained during or after cam-show performances. Site patrons are legally required to have a thorough understanding of the limits of their internal, external, and metaphysical physiologies, and failure to do so may result in any combination of the following: hallucinations, soul entrapment, delusions of grandeur, conceptual decomposition, destruction of metaphysical aspects of the self, death, and transportation into lower dimensional realms.
Transaction Records

The following records were recovered from the user account, "ifuckmonsters", which has been traced back to Foundation Researcher Joseph O'Connell. Prior to amnestic treatment, O'Connell admitted to being a frequenter of OnlyCryptids although he denied being responsible for any donations to LonelyGirl15's account, claiming that he preferred "creatures with more slime and fewer eyes"2. However, digital scrubbing of O'Connell's Internet activity confirmed that several payments to LonelyGirl15 were made from O'Connell's account. O'Connell refused to co-operate when questioned about his injuries.

Type D targeted amnestics were used to remove knowledge of SCP-4106 from his mind, and his bank records were altered to remove any evidence of previous anomalous expenditures. Joseph O'Connell remains under Foundation surveillance.

Sept 13, 2021 Card ONLYCRYPTIDS.███ It's been a long while since you blocked my old account, glad to see you again though. I've got a new account though and now I can continue to support you, even if only from the shadows. Hope you're holding up okay. I miss you, talk to me when you get a sec. -19.00 (519.80)
Sept 14, 2021 Card ONLYCRYPTIDS.███ Loved that last video. Please do more with the Prowlers. I haven't seen you look that good since high school. -25.00 (500.80)
Sept 15, 2021 Card ONLYCRYPTIDS.███ Please stop torturing me. It hurts seeing you be with other people and other creatures. I don't want anyone to see you like that but me. This is the worst pain anyone could go through. I get you're mad, but please. Please stop. -10.00 (425.69)
Sept 16, 2021 Card ONLYCRYPTIDS.███ I know you probably don't remember me, Charlotte, but I remember you. For what it's worth, I'm really sorry for how things turned out. But I'm different now, I swear. You can trust me again. -1.00 (424.69)
Sept 17, 2021 Card ONLYCRYPTIDS.███ Why are you doing this to me? I did the crime and did the time. You need to let go. What's it going to take? -40.00 (384.69)
Sept 18, 2021 Card ONLYCRYPTIDS.███ I just want you to give me a second chance. That's it. We used to be so happy, back then. I miss that. Don't you? I want to be happy with you again, to go drinking with you again. You were my best friend, my person. I love you, Charlotte. I always have. I'm sorry. -15.00 (369.69)
Sept 19, 2021 Check ONLYCRYPTIDS.███ Hey, I know you don't owe me anything for sending you as much money as I have. But I just wanted… you. You don't have to talk to me or anything, you haven't talked to me in a while now that I think about it. Why the fuck won't you talk to me? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? -400.00 (-30.31)
Sept 20, 2021 Barter (One diamond-encrusted wedding ring) for (Foot pictures) ONLYCRYPTIDS.███ I love you. We can be together again soon, babe. Just wait. I'm on a plane right now. -1 Wedding Ring
Initial Testing

Upon the initial discovery of SCP-4106 on September 17th, 2021, Foundation Internet Monitoring Teams (IMTs) ordered several Level 1 Researchers and Class D personnel to complete the sign-up requirements and create an OnlyCryptids account to interact with the entities found there.

Assigned personnel: Doctor Shorey
Tip amount: $5.00
Entity description: Humanoid skeletal entity, possessing one bioluminescent eye that shifts positions between eye sockets at will. Entity is adorned with a blue sweater and black basketball shorts. Entity contorts the bones in its mouth area in a manner that would suggest smiling, despite lacking lips or the facial muscle to do so.
Interaction: Entity proclaims that Doctor Shorey is "going to have a bad time" before proceeding to strip in a suggestive manner. The bioluminescent eye increases its luminosity exponentially before several bone-like protrusions extend from the edges of the screen, obscuring the entity's presence. When the bones retract, the entity appears to "wink" at Doctor Shorey before exiting the frame.

Assigned personnel: Doctors Light, Brown, and Corbett
Tip amount: $20.00
Entity description: Entity is comprised of musical notes which, while imperceptible on screen recordings, are visible with the naked eye. All three subjects regard the entity as the most physically attractive organism they've ever seen.
Interaction: Entity proceeded to "dance" on screen for several minutes. The doctors appear to find the entity's movements enjoyable, and once the routine is completed, the entity begins a second routine. The entity's movements and pitch alter drastically, causing visible confusion in the doctors, who then begin physical altercations with one another. This activity lasts until security removes them four hours later3.

Assigned personnel: D-17802
Tip amount: $10.00
Entity description: Insectoid entity with several tendrils extending from its carapace with an estimated average length of 30 centimeters. Entity possesses elongated eyestalks that it often uses to type various symbols into a holographic keyboard-like apparatus.
Interaction: Entity squeals for several minutes before stroking its eyestalks with its tendrils. The entity presses several of the inputs on the apparatus, generating a memetic hazard that scrolls vertically across the screen. D-17802 appears to feel overwhelming pleasure throughout her body judging by a series of short convulsions appearing to originate in the groin area before expiring from cardiac arrest. Entity shrieks for several seconds before removing portions of its carapace, revealing a transparent, undulating sack with an unknown blue substance contained within. D-17802's face can be seen floating within the sack.

Assigned personnel: D-15807
Tip amount: $10.00
Entity description: Entity is a hexapedal canid adorned with iridescent lingerie that alters colors based on its position. Entity has seven eyes, four of which are missing, on what would be considered the head in non-anomalous canids of similar height. Entity has several lacerations on its body from which an unknown pink substance leaks. Present slightly out of frame is a humanoid entity holding a serrated knife.
Interaction: The humanoid entity approaches the camera before shouting expletives. Upon closer inspection, the humanoid entity can be identified as male. Several lacerations are present on its torso and forearms, while multiple oral indentation wounds are present on its face and neck. The humanoid entity does not appear to be wearing pants. The humanoid frequently glances to the canid entity as it attempts to commence egress. It raises the serrated knife into the camera frame and discards it. The humanoid entity embraces the canid entity and begins crying. This continues for twenty minutes before the humanoid entity returns to the camera and deactivates it.

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