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Item #: SCP-4104

Object Class: N/A

Special Containment Procedures: As of Interview-4104-3, all remaining data on SCP-4104 is to be purged from the central database. An archive containing all previous iterations of SCP-4104's file is to be kept under the care of Senior Researcher Dr. Mǒqù Sen, which can be made available upon request.

Personnel assumed to be affected by SCP-4104 are to undergo psychiatric evaluation before returning to their everyday activities. No civilian was ever discovered to be under the supposed effects of SCP-4104.

Description: SCP-4104 was the designation given to what has been determined to be a common psychosis, likely induced by work-related stress and paranoia following a published incident report.

Those assumed to be affected by SCP-4104 displayed delusions of knowing individuals, objects, and events which never existed. These delusions varied, and would often fade on their own in time. Delusions which progressed within the affected would grow to encompass up to months worth of false memories. All observed cases were noted to involve the Foundation and other GoIs.

SCP-4104 was given its designation after an incident report was filed by Dr. Calens and Senior Researcher Oscar Tophs. The report detailed a test regarding an unknown object and several individuals; the aforementioned report has been recorded below. No audio or visual recordings of the mentioned test have been found to exist. Furthermore, the object and individuals mentioned do not exist.

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At the time of the report, one theory arose regarding the nature of SCP-4104.

It was theorized that anti-memetics may have caused memory loss in exposed personnel. This idea was disproven by the lack of physical trauma found on Katie Lambert of site security following an interview conducted by Dr. Mǒqù Sen. Lambert reported severe physical trauma after an encounter with a hostile anomaly. During the interview when the incident was reported, she was found to lack any sort of blunt trauma or lacerations consistent with the reported incident.

Therefore, SCP-4104 was not the work of an anti-meme.

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Interview-4104-3 Video Log

Date: 03/14/2017

Interviewed: Katie Lambert

Interviewer: Dr. Mǒqù Sen


Sen: "State your name and department for the record, please."

Lambert: "Katie Lambert… 'm just a security guard, Sir."

Sen: "You've been called in to discuss the report you sent in last week. Please forgive the delay, you know how-"

Lambert: "-crummy bureaucracy can be? 's okay."

(Sen nods momentarily before handing a simple manilla envelope to Lambert.)

Sen: "It was courtesy. This is the report you sent in last Tuesday, is it not?"

(Lambert inspects the envelope before she hesitantly hands it back to Sen.)

Lambert: "Nah… This ain't it. The report I sent in was about that weird locket- the one that made imaginary friends come to life and eat you."

Sen: "This is the only report that I've received with your name attached to it."

Lambert: "No… The report I wrote detailed what happened with that locket. We lost Casey to that thing -"

Sen: "Can you tell me his name and department? I don't remember seeing a Casey mentioned in any of the files I've been sent."

(Lambert buries her head in her hands. She hisses through her teeth.)

Lambert: "Casey Maddox. He was a researcher here-"

Lambert: "I don't know what your crummy report says- but Casey? Casey was detailing that stupid test when the D class tried to bolt. Grabbed him. That locket made contact. Some poor incarnation of Clifford the dog and a harpy ripped them both apart. Your report is fucking bullshit."

Sen: "Lambert. Take a deep breath"

Lambert: "…"

Sen: "Just breathe."

Error: Data Lost

Sen: "Lambert. I need you to cooperate with me."

Lambert: "…"

Sen: "Miss Lambert?"

Lambert: "'m just trying to recall everything. 's kind of fuzzy."

Sen: "Please attempt to reconstruct the events to the best of your ability. Your testimony is all we have regarding the incident."

Lambert: "Mm… 'm sorry Doc."

Sen: "Take as much time as you need. If you would prefer to write it down, I can request a pencil and pad for you."

Lambert: "I think- I think that could help. Please?"

Sen: "As you wish."

(Sen stands, and steps out of the room.)

(Lambert remains in her seat.)

Lambert: "…'m I going insane?"

(Sen returns with the requested pad and pen.)

Sen: "Forgive the delay."

Lambert: "Thanks. Could I ask you a thing, Doc?"

Lambert: "I… 'm wondering something."

Sen: "Of course."

Lambert: "…my leg."

Sen: "Should I call in a nurse?"

Lambert: "No- no! My leg is fine. That's the problem."

Sen: "…"

Sen: "I beg your pardon?"

Lambert: "You know that ungodly creature I mentioned? The harpy Clifford wannabe that made dinner out of my colleague?"

Sen: "Your wording aside, yes. I recall."

(Lambert reaches down and reveals her heavily bandaged yet clean leg.)

Lambert: "It ripped into me. I took it on when it showed up, and it ate into my leg. There's no pain or blood anymore, though. Look at it!"

(Sen moves to Lambert and peels the dressing from her leg. The limb is absent of any trauma.)

Sen: "…who dressed your wound?"

Lambert: "I did. The wound wasn't bad enough for a Doc. Just a shallow few cuts."

Sen: "…I'm convinced this could be a psychosis, Miss Lambert. Anti-memes do not heal resulting trauma."

Lambert: "But, couldn't they make you forget about the cut?"

Error: Data Lost

Lambert: "…so I am crazy?"

Sen: "I'll refer you to psychiatric."


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Interview-4104-5 Video Log

Date: 12/27/2017

Interviewed: Issac Talbots

Interviewer: Dr. Mǒqù Sen


Sen: "State your name and department for the record, please."

Talbots: "Issac Talbots, Junior researcher under Dr. Tristan. He was only ever allowed near safe classed shit-"

Sen: "I have never heard of a Dr. Tristan at this site."

Talbots: "He vanished this morning. Not surprised."

Sen: "When did you meet this Dr. Tristan?"

(Talbots stands from his seat. He stretches.)

Talbots: "I've known him since I was hired. That's… six months, my entire career at this damn site."

Sen: "I cannot recall a Dr. Tristan having ever been at this site."

Talbots: "…I know he was here. I think if I were walking around like a delusional cock for six months that I'd be… You know…"

(Talbots drags a finger across his throat, followed by a choking sound.)

Talbots: "You get the gist."

Sen: "…thank you for the demonstration."

Talbots: "Cut the sarcasm. Please."

Sen: "My apologies. It was not my intent."

(Talbots stays quiet. He buries his face in his hands.)

Talbots: "…It's fine, I guess. I don't really care that much. Either way, I know Dr. Tristan was here. I'm not psychotic."

Sen: "I was not saying you were."

Talbots: "If you're telling me that Dr. Tristan never existed - you're taking the roundabout way of calling me psycho."

Sen: "…okay. Then I am calling you psychotic. It has been concluded that SCP-4104 is nothing more than a stress-induced psychosis, I fail to see how you differ. It is the most logical answer."

Talbots: "As determined by..?"

Sen: "Myself."

Talbots: "…yourself."

Sen: "Yes."

(Talbots abruptly stands. His chair is knocked to the floor.)

Talbots: "…you didn't pass your psychiatric residency, didja?"

Sen: "I have already explained that it is likely this is a simple psychosis."

Talbots: "You keep saying psychosis, but I don't think you know what it means. Seriously, didja read your own job description? You work at a place with shit like a wannabe DaVinci that eats people!"

Talbots: "And a couch that leads to another world? I know you've seen that one, I sent you the last report - fuck - a month ago?!"

Sen: "You're suggesting that SCP-4104 is an anomalous effect?"

Talbots: "Fuck- I don't know! I'm spitballing, Sen! I'm not insane, damnit I know I'm stable. I'd be dead by now if I wasn't -"

Sen: "I believe that is quite a logical leap, Talbots."

(Sen rises from his seat, and walks over to the observation window.)

Sen: "Is there anything, beyond your own supposed experience, that leads you to this conclusion?"

Talbots: "…you're gonna walk with me to this pier?"

(Talbots let's out a strained laugh.)

Talbots: "Alright, great, humor me for a bit! I have some questions for you."

Sen: "You are only a junior researcher. I will not disclose information above your clearance."

Talbots: "If the file is under my clearance -"

Sen: "It is."

Talbots: "Then let's get things rolling."

(Sen briefly nods.)

Talbots: "Okay, so, memories of the 'delusions-' and I use air-quotes here- fade completely after a certain amount of time… Yeah?"

(Sen nods.)

Talbots: "Right. Have you given antipsychotics to any of the - more air-quotes here - affected? Have you thrown Seroquel at anyone?"

Sen: "No. They have completely faded from memory in 100% of cases, as they will likely do in yours."

(Talbot walks over to Sen, shaking his head.)

Talbots: "You're telling me you never bothered to treat something you call psychosis with antipsychotics like any sane human would?"

Sen: "There was never a need."

Talbots: "How the fuck did you know that there was no need? You say common psychosis and then say everyone just - forgets? I don't know where you got your medical degree, but whoever signed it outta be fired -"

Sen: "There was simply never a need. The memories faded too rapidly for it to be an issue."

Talbots: "No. No no - you're outta ya damn mind - that's amnesia, not psychosis. Get your damn disorders straight -"

Sen: "Please settle down."

Talbots: "Am I the first actual scientist you've had in here?"

Sen: "Please settle down."

(Talbots stands in front of Sen.)

Talbots: "Cut the shit Sen, this stopped being funny forever ago."

Sen: "Please settle down."

Talbots: "Fucking. Answer. Me."

Sen: "Please settle down."

Talbots: "Who else have you had in here? Who the fuck is gullible enough to buy into your under-researched, medically-incorrect, Freudian level -"

Sen: "Please settle down, Issac."

Talbots: "…no. No - no - fuck no -"

(Talbots moves to the door. The handle does not move.)

Talbots: "GODDAMNIT!!!"

(Talbots slams into the door. It does not move.)

Sen: "I have never had a problem with anyone, but it does pay to be cautious."

Talbots: "Shut up! Will you just -"

Sen: "This was not-"

Talbots: "Shut-"

Sen: "Talbot."

Talbots: "- up!""

(Talbots pulls a gun from his coat. He levels it at Sen.)

(Sen does not move.)

Sen: "You were intended to remove your piece before you entered."

Talbots: "Yeah, intended. Intent isn't getting you very far is it Sen?"

Sen: "…"

(Talbots disengages the safety.)

Sen: "This has gone on long enough."

Sen: "I am sad to do this, Talbots. But I will not be kept from executing my function."

Talbots: "Yeah - fuck you too - you anomalous bitch -"

Talbots: "If I'm not walking out of here - I swear to God - neither are you - "

Talbots: "This is for my Tristan you rat sack of shit!"


SCP-4104 is a 34-year-old man by the name of Moqu Sen. SCP-4104 is capable of altering memories and removing entities from existence through an unknown means. Motives remain unknown. The entity remains uncontained.

And I am NOT through with this bastard.

Systems | Narrative - 4104

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