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Access to this information is restricted to Level 4/4101 clearance. Attempting to access this information in any capacity will automatically alert security personnel to a possible information breach until credentials are accepted. If you have accessed this document in error, wait at your terminal and explain the situation to the incoming agents, where you will then be processed and, if necessary, amnesticized. If you have the proper credentials, please submit them now to disengage the order.

Credentials recognized. Please enter password.

Password "H1Nds1Gh7 1S 2@/2@" accepted. Authorization approved. Accessing file…

Item #: SCP-4101

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the circumstances of its location and operation, SCP-4101 is to remain integrated into Site-25 and, as such, requires no extra security than would already be appropriate for a Foundation site. However, knowledge of the existence of SCP-4101 itself is restricted to Level 4/4101 clearance or higher, with the exception of any Foundation personnel cleared for work on the Ouroboros Protocol. Regular maintenance of all associated systems of SCP-4101 is to take place weekly, with an allowed delay of no more than 48 hours. If any malfunctions of any components of SCP-4101 or its subsystems are suspected or identified, especially of those systems that are crucial to its continued function, testing is to be immediately halted until repairs have been made.

Regular testing with SCP-4101 is to occur once every 2 weeks. Any subject for testing is allowed, but testing involving classified material, material known to be associated with temporal/ontokinetic anomalies, or material that is known to be memetic, cognitohazardous, or infohazardous in nature is only to be carried out by personnel possessing Level 4/4101 clearance. This responsibility is currently assigned to Senior Researcher Mortimer Ericson. UPDATE (3/8/1999): Screening for candidates, in addition to standard physical and mental aptitude measurements, must display no less than complete loyalty to the Foundation and its directives to mitigate the risk of an information breach resulting from the use of SCP-4101.

For testing purposes, a series of digital data repositories, with individual storage capacities no fewer than 10 TB, are to remain at Site-25 at all times within SCP-4101. Due to the nature of SCP-4101, the only precautions necessary to access these repositories will be standard login credentials. These repositories are to contain as much historical text and documentation as feasible, with additions made as necessary when new information is gained through the use of SCP-4101.

UPDATE (3/8/1999): Due to further discoveries about SCP-4101's anomalous properties, no one individual may operate SCP-4101 more than 10 times without an interim period of at least 1 month. Any anomalous phenomena or manifestations occurring near individuals who have operated SCP-4101 are to be reported immediately, followed by the immediate barring of that individual from operating SCP-4101 for the foreseeable future. See Addendum 2.

Description: SCP-4101 is a large mechanical device originally created by the Foundation in 1987 as part of Project Hindsight. Though it was once separate from Site-25, it has since been assimilated into the site's workings to allow for ease of its continued operation. As such, Site-25 is considered part of SCP-4101. The object consists of a dedicated power station (with a total output of 3 MW), a computer array complete with access to Foundation Intranet, a large amalgamation of different mechanisms responsible for SCP-4101's anomalous functions (some of which include standard supercomputer-level hardware and assorted clockwork mechanisms of varying complexity), and a large (about 500 m2) flat paved area in the center of SCP-4101 that serves as the control room, in the middle of which stands the control panel used for operating SCP-4101.

SCP-4101 (and Site-25 post-integration) demonstrates a poorly-understood form of causal immunity; while time itself passes normally within SCP-4101, it is utterly unaffected by any temporal anomalies that may affect its existence, creation, or operation. Mundane efforts in the present day to further test this property universally fail as well; evidence of probability manipulation is currently being investigated (See Addendum 2). This effect extends to those within SCP-4101; as long as an individual remains within the facility, they share this immunity.

SCP-4101's principal effect is achieved whenever input is received through the control panel. The interface allows for the input of text strings of any size; complexity does not seem to skew the results to any significant degree, as due to the specifics of the conceptual experimentation and engineering included as part of Project Hindsight, the input is understood through the intention of the operator. The only requirement is that the input must refer to an entity or object.

When input is given and SCP-4101 is activated, the main control room becomes inaccessible for a period of time up to and including, but not exceeding, five minutes. During this active period, the room undergoes extreme temporal distortion around the individual who activated SCP-4101 (hereafter referred to as the operator). The interior becomes a facsimile of the birthplace/place of origin of whatever the input was at the time when the input item came into being. The operator then experiences the entire existence of the input item in real time as illustrated to them by SCP-4101-1.

SCP-4101-1 is a humanoid entity who varies in apparent age, gender, and race with every manifestation, but a description of the entity wearing a light brown, three-piece suit is consistent across every manifestation. When SCP-4101 is activated and the operator is displaced, SCP-4101-1 introduces itself and begins delivering the history of the input item. SCP-4101-1 describes itself as being an orator or teacher of sorts, with its descriptions and depictions being meticulously thorough, covering every major event and summarizing the minor events relating to the existence of the input item. SCP-4101-1 is universally described by operators as amicable, polite, and enthusiastic, frequently encouraging questions about the input item.

Despite the ability to move about freely in any manifested environment or location, direct interaction with anything in said environment is impossible, as physical contact cannot be achieved. However, items will manifest on the operator as necessary for their continued survival if a certain environment is normally inhospitable (such as SCUBA gear for oceanic environs, standard astronaut suits for space, etc.). During the active period, the operator witnesses the entire life or existence of the input item, starting with its birth/creation and ending with either its death/destruction or, where applicable, its continued existence in the present.

Once the duration is over, SCP-4101-1 will say goodbye to the operator and thank them for their curiosity. The control room will then return to normal and the operator may exit. Any information gathered through the use of SCP-4101 will be retained with eidetic clarity, with memories showing extreme resistance to fading or erasure by amnestics. Further, any input item that has a memetic, cognitohazardous, or infohazardous property has that property bypassed in the operator's memory with no ill effects barring a few notable exceptions.

Abridged Testing Log:

Addendum 1: Creation and Classification

Project Hindsight was an attempt to create a device that would allow for a complete and thorough documentation of the history of humanity with the intention of preserving it from tampering by uncontained anomalies or the breach of contained anomalies. SCP-4101 is the sum total of Project Hindsight, acting as a crucial part of the Ouroboros Protocol. Multiple esoteric fields of study were exercised and even expanded during Project Hindsight and the creation of SCP-4101, including advanced metallurgy, engineering, and circuitry, applied thaumatology, and temporal manipulation and stabilization.

Classification of SCP-4101 as an anomalous object resulted from preliminary testing revealing the existence of SCP-4101-1. Once a larger base of knowledge regarding the device's function was accumulated and its potential for use was underscored by this knowledge, it was shortly classed as Thaumiel. In light of SCP-4101-1's apparent willingness to cooperate with Foundation efforts to more effectively chronicle history, Project Hindsight is considered a success.

Addendum 2: Incident 4101-1

On 03/8/1999, after routine testing of SCP-4101, Senior Researcher Ericson entered his office to log the results and didn't exit for three hours. During this time, RAISA personnel were alerted to potential antimemetic contamination in his workstation. Security personnel were alerted to this and sent to his room. Upon their arrival, they observed Ericson sitting at his desk staring at his sidearm, visibly distressed and unresponsive. As he was taken to the medical wing for processing, personnel further observed that his personal audio log used for research notes was still open and logged into on his computer. After perusing its contents, personnel notified the Director of Site-25 of heretofore undocumented anomalous properties of SCP-4101. Following this discovery, the containment procedures were shortly revised. An abridged version of the contents of the log are transcribed below:

In light of this new information, additions to the Description of SCP-4101 are currently pending following review by the Director of Site-25. Upon a more thorough search of his quarters, security personnel found a small, digital device of poorly-understood function; at present, it is theorized that this device is what allowed Senior Researcher Ericson to conceal certain sections of the testing logs from sight and preventing suspicion from being raised. When this device was located, it appeared to have been powered off manually, which likely allowed its influence to be detected. Classification as SCP-4101-2 is currently pending.

After Senior Researcher Ericson has been processed and debriefed, he is to be amnesticized, demoted, and transferred out of Site-25, with any further work of his closely monitored for anomalous phenomena/active subterfuge. Lingering remnants of information are to be expected, but their effects should be negligible. Despite these actions, his next assignment will take place in addition to regular scheduled visits to an appointed psychologist, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

Further investigation into the nature of SCP-4101-1 and the specific property or properties of SCP-4101 that allow for its manifestation is ongoing.

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