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Following the destruction of SCP-4100, this file has been archived. The latest available draft of the file is awaiting publication.


A colorized representation of a radio transmission originating from SCP-4100. It is believed the "Triumvirate" based their pictograms off of this image.

Planetary Catalog Designation: SCP-4100

Threat Level: 0 Interstellar, 10 Surface-Bound

Resources: High amounts of organic and inorganic carbon, very high amounts of salinated dihydrogen monoxide, assorted proto-Protectorate weaponry.

Special Control Protocols: SCP-4100 is currently unsuited for permanent habitation. Due to the high content of dihydrogen monoxide on its surface and atmosphere, 19 satellites acting as water extraction facilities will be deployed in low SCP-4100 orbit. These satellites will siphon the salinated dihydrogen monoxide while minimizing risk to Protectorate workers.

The surface of SCP-4100 is currently home to several aquatic and terrestrial entities that possess a threat to Protectorate workers and citizens. As such, following the exhaustion of SCP-4100's dihydrogen monoxide, as well as any other relevant resources, it is to be quarantined.

Description: SCP-4100 refers to the planet formerly known as Earth. SCP-4100 possesses a biosphere suitable for supporting carbon-based, oxygen-breathing life forms, but has little land mass suitable for supporting non-liquid-dwelling life forms, with a land:water ratio of approximately 10:90.

SCP-4100 was the home planet of Homo sapiens sapiens, a species of sapient organism which was once prevalent throughout the Human Origin System. Homo sapiens sapiens colonized several areas in the Human Origin System, including the planets Mars and Venus, as well as Titan, the largest moon of the planet Hephaestia1, using primitive spacefaring technology, including rudimentary FTL travel.

SCP-4100 was largely abandoned between GSC 10997 and 11001 due to the proliferation of thousands of entities, objects, events and phenomena known to Homo sapiens as "SCPs" following the planet's encounter with a Class-10 Behemoth Entity. The "SCP" designation does not appear to be related to the Stellar Congressional Protectorate or any of its sub-organizations.

According to Homo sapiens historical records, "SCPs" are objects which have properties which were once believed to be abnormal in nature, and were cataloged by an organization known as the "Triumvirate"2. The classification of "SCP" objects as "anomalous" is largely due to a lack of scientific, cultural, or historical understanding by Homo sapiens sapiens. The Triumvirate organization, in particular, focused alternately on the detention or destruction of "SCP" objects, as opposed to scientific study or interaction with sapient objects.

Most knowledge of the "Triumvirate" comes from artificial satellites left by this organization in orbit around SCP-4100 containing documentation written in a pictographic format, presumably for ease of understanding to later civilizations. The number of "SCP" objects cataloged by the "Triumvirate" is estimated to be over 4,000.

Below is a list of assorted "SCPs" cataloged by the "Triumvirate".

A guide to Triumvirate Pictographs

A white symbol has a numerical value of "1". A grey symbol with no barriers between individual squares indicates "0".

A magenta symbol has a numerical value of "2", and is used in conjunction with white symbols to denote numbers greater than "5".

Blue symbols are verbs, or mathematical modifiers. A cross indicates "adds to", a dash indicates "subtracts from", and a pair of horizontal bars indicates "equals".

Yellow symbols are nouns.

Green symbols denote positive or safe.

Red symbols denote negative or danger.

Orange blocks indicate the symbols within represent a chemical formula.

Black squares are null. Black lines appear to denote barriers between symbols.


Pictograph for Item "173"

Of note in this pictogram is the presence of a the depiction of three chemical compounds: the first is believed to be calcium trisilicate and an unknown polymer. The second chemical, pictured in the third row, is believed to be potassium cyanide. This chemical is fatally toxic to most known carbon-based life-forms, including Homo sapiens, and has been interpreted as "Item causes death" or "item kills".

An attached picture of the 173, item though heavily bleached, shows a similar body shape to the Koshi drones used briefly by the Black Shroud rebels in the Rigel system, suggesting the 173 item is a precursor to these items.


Pictograph for Item "914"

The "914" document included a pattern for a frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum, which is evidently to be used to locate the "914" item. An expedition to the surface of SCP-4100 located parts of what is believed to be a GEAR device, used in most Challenger-class spacecraft. As it was heavily damaged, no action was made to retrieve it.


Pictograph for Item "882"

The symbol in the top-right corresponds to one of the religious symbols of the Mekhanion. The lack of symbols indicating containment, as well as a lack of description beyond "machine" and "iron", indicates that it may currently be in possession of the Church of Mekhanion.


Pictograph for Item "2000". White box added to conceal a potentially hazardous piece of information.

It is unknown how the Triumvirate knew of the existence of Galactic Standard Script when creating this pictogram. The information present in this image creates a compulsion to travel to a location on SCP-4100 which is currently occupied by the crater of a supervolcano which erupted some time during the presence of humanity on SCP-4100.


Pictograph 4100-1202, speculated to be the evolution of early life on SCP-4100.

Pictograph 4100-1202 is anachronistic, as it is believed to show a bipedal organism. No bipedal organisms existed during this time in SCP-4100's geological history.


Pictograph 4100-1265, the continued evolution of organic life.

Several pictographs of organic life on SCP-4100 terminate with the red image, seemingly consuming an organism. The significance of this is unclear. A second set of pictographs, believed to depict its historical record, also exists, but several are full of imagery too abstract to understand.


Either the history or the mission of the Triumvirate organization.

The Pictograph depicting the history or mission of the Triumvirate does not give any indication as to when in human history the organization was formed. Other pictographs show the symbol first appearing around the invention of primitive firearms, but they may have existed much earlier.



Pictograph-4100-1050 is believed to be the oldest known depiction of an entity termed by Homo sapiens sapiens as "Destroyer", and seems to be what the Triumvirate termed "SCP-4100". Extant humans treat the "Destroyer" as an anti-deific figure, responsible for the destruction of their homeworld. It is estimated the "Destroyer" entity killed 90% of life on SCP-4100, including 95% of all Homo sapiens.

A theory put forth in Galactic Year 50025 suggests that the "SCP" objects present on SCP-4100 were used to combat the "Destroyer" entity. This is unlikely, as the majority of extant humans treat "SCP" objects as anathematic.

Destruction of SCP-4100:

In Galactic Year 54000, a Class-10 Behemoth Entity, matching the description of the Destroyer, approached the Human Origin System at near-light speeds, on a direct collision course with SCP-4100. Most Protectorate personnel and citizens were able to evacuate the system. The population of Hephestia was unwilling to evacuate, despite being offered a position on a small Protectorate fleet. Hephestia was entirely ignored by the Behemoth Entity.

Upon it reaching the remains of SCP-4100's moon, the following message was broadcast to all Protectorate ships within range of Sol.

Proposed Update to SCP-4100 File:

Planetary Catalog Designation: SCP-4100

Threat Level: N/A

Resources: N/A

Special Control Protocols: N/A

Description: SCP-4100 referred to a planet formerly known as Earth, prior to its use as a weapon in the destruction of an entity which would have consumed the majority of the Human Origin System. SCP-4100 was launched at this entity (designated "Destroyer", after an anti-deific being present in Homo sapiens culture) at FTL speeds using an unknown propulsion system, resulting in the near-complete atomization of both it and the "Destroyer" entity.

Immediately prior to SCP-4100's destruction, the following pictogram was sent from its surface. The meaning of it is unclear.


The Final Transmission of SCP-4100

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