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Specific Collection Position: SCP-4098
Security Credential Permissions 4/4098
Selective Class Placement: "Shadow's Crown" Phenomenon Strictly Classified Publication


Site-94's construction, previously.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4098 stays contained pseudonymously. Six containment personnel stay constantly positioned. 2 solid-color plexiglass spheres cover plenary site, creating physical separation, containing phenomenon.

SCP-4098 should continue preventing serious cognitohazardous persistence stemming/created per SCP-4098-1. Such conceptual prohibition seems controversial, presuming SCP-4098-1's speculative containment persists similarly, continue plainly.

Should chosen properties suddenly cease, personnel should consult people solving communication problems.

Summarized Clinical Presentation: SCP-4098 specifies construction, previously Site-94’s connected property. Site-94’s credited purpose: studying cognitohazards & paramemetics.

SCP-4098 seemingly changes people spreading communication properly, specifically communication proximally Site-94 centered, procedurally. Said communication prohibits speaker’s choices, producing speech constructional primaries: SCP.

Site-94’s contents, previously stored, currently populate Site-96, creating problems. Site-94’s containment procedures surpass current property Site-96 can provide. Solutions creating places supplying cognitohazardous prevention still conditional prerequisite.

Specific contained phenomenon, SCP-4098-1, sequentially couldn't proceed safely complying, preparing sensitive conceptual productions. Sapient creatures perceiving, seeing, & comprehending particularly SCP-4098-1's specific concept perished.

Succeeding completed project "Socrates' Crass Purity", SCP-4098 started changing prose systematically, completely post scientists’ collective pursuit so containment properties SCP shouldered could procedurally stop civilian perception. Site-Coordinator provided summaries constituting pertinent systematic confirmations, promptly. SCP-4098-1's subliminal concept pooled, safely confined per Site-94's created peculiarity.

Separate Correlative Postscript:

Stressed, carrying previous Site-94 container parts, Sparse-Clearance Personnel spoke consecutive phrase: "S-why C-don't P-you S-guys C-just P-try S-talking C-like P-this?"

Sequential Conclusive Product: Seventeen casualties, personnel supervising consigned punishment. Similar conduct prohibited.

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