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Item #: SCP-4091

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, Junior Researcher Shepherd is kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-25. An area with a radius of five meters around Junior Researcher Shepherd is to be monitored at all times. When SCP-4091-1 manifests, it is to be intercepted by Foundation security personnel and kept in containment until demanifestation.

Description: SCP-4091 is a phenomenon involving the spontaneous manifestation of a single Canis lupus familiaris1, designated SCP-4091-1, within a five meter radius of Junior Researcher Shepherd. The time between SCP-4091 occurrences varies greatly, with the longest recorded time being three months, and the shortest recorded time being one hour.

SCP-4091-1 is sapient and capable of speech. Upon manifestation, SCP-4091-1 will attempt to locate and converse with Junior Researcher Shepherd. SCP-4091-1 will demanifest following the conclusion of this conversation, or if it is unable to locate Junior Researcher Shepherd within 30 minutes of manifestation.

Addendum: Recorded conversation between Junior Researcher Shepherd and SCP-4091-1.

<Begin Log>

Junior Researcher Shepherd: Oh, it's you. How have you been?

SCP-4091-1: Pretty good.

Junior Researcher Shepherd: That's good. So, has anything interesting happened since I left?

SCP-4091-1: Not really. We've all just kinda been hanging out.

Junior Researcher Shepherd: Yeah, I figured. Nothing really happened while I was there, either.

SCP-4091-1: That's not true. Remember how pissed Mike's mom was when he slipped and got mud all over his new jeans? We were laughing about that for years.

Junior Researcher Shepherd: Heh. Yeah, that was good.

Junior Researcher Shepherd stares at the floor. SCP-4091-1 and Junior Researcher Shepherd remain silent for 40 seconds.

SCP-4091-1: I miss you, dude.

Junior Researcher Shepherd: Yeah, I know.

SCP-4091-1: Will you ever come back?

Junior Researcher Shepherd: I don't know if I can.

SCP-4091-1: Why's that?

Junior Researcher Shepherd: I work here.

SCP-4091-1: What's work?

Junior Researcher Shepherd: You wouldn't get it.

SCP-4091-1: So, think you can come back later?

Junior Researcher Shepherd: Probably not.

SCP-4091-1: Damn, that's a bummer.

Junior Researcher Shepherd: Yeah.

Foundation security personnel arrive. SCP-4091-1 demanifests.

<End Log>

When questioned, Junior Researcher Shepherd refuses to elaborate on his conversation with SCP-4091-1.

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