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Item #: SCP-4090

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4090 is to be stored in a large Safe/Anomalous Item locker in Site-484. SCP-4090-3 is to be stored in an adjacent locker. Testing of SCP-4090-1 requires the permission of any Level 4 researcher. Testing involving SCP-4090-3 requires the permission of Research Director Dias.

Description: SCP-4090 is a large Amazon brand cardboard box. When entered by a living human, the anterior opening of SCP-4090 serves as a gateway to a small extradimensional space, hereafter referred to as SCP-4090-1.

SCP-4090-1 is a Martin-class1 extradimensional space. SCP-4090-1 is spheroid, with a radius of approximately 8 km. The majority of the space within SCP-4090-1 is an ocean, with a 0.5km2 central landmass in the exact center. No animal life is present in SCP-4090-1.

SCP-4090-1 remains brightly lit despite the absence of a visible source of light. Personnel has described the colors within SCP-4090-1 as "glowing" and "saturated". The air temperature within SCP-4090-1 remains at a constant 25 degrees Celsius. No other physical differences exist between SCP-4090-1 and Earth.

Persons entering SCP-4090-1 by way of SCP-40902 arrive through a stone doorway in front of a large structure resembling an ancient Greek temple, hereby designated SCP-4090-2. Attempts to date the material comprising SCP-4090-2 have been inconclusive, with results indicating the temple is anywhere between 10 and 2,000 years old.

SCP-4090 is believed to have been created by POI-3055, "zazzbery", formerly affiliated with Gamers Against Weed, at the request of one Keegan Horner. Notably, Horner is the son of POI-958, an anarchist believed to be responsible for EE-████ and several related events. SCP-4090 was intercepted en route to its destination by Foundation employees embedded in the United States Postal Service.

The following chat logs were archived by the Foundation due to their connection with SCP-4090.

-> horner joined
bluntfiend: weed that lets u talk to god
zazzbery: 420 praise it
bluntfiend: exactly lmao
horner: Hey, is this where I go to ask about works?
bluntfiend: yeah
bluntfiend: are you new
horner: Yeah, and I wanted to ask about commissioning work.
zazzbery: lmao we arent DeviantArt
zazzbery: we just make shit we dont work on commission
zazzbery: ill draw your fursona if u want to
horner: I know, but I really want this very particular piece of artwork and I don't know how to get it myself. Can someone help me?
bluntfiend: no offense but zazz is right lmao go ask da
horner: It's for my dad.
zazzbery: youre using punctuation
zazzbery: are you a cop
zazzbery: legally you have to tell us otherwise its entrapment
horner: I'm not a cop! I'm here to talk about my dad. He makes art like you guys.
zazzbery: daddy issues
zazzbery: im listening

-> new PM from bluntfiend
bluntfiend: you can't oblige this kid because of their dads an anarchist
bluntfiend: we don't do commissions
zazzbery: do u think this is Charlie horner's kid
zazzbery: if it is ive met them irl
bluntfiend: were you at
zazzbery: Cincinnati 2009 baby
bluntfiend: so you saw
zazzbery: damn near lost my hand
bluntfiend: there is no evidence to suggest that they're charlie horners kid
zazzbery: 5 bucks says they are
bluntfiend: fuck off

zazzbery: hey horner
horner: Yes?
zazzbery: you charlies kid
horner: Yes.
bluntfiend: holy shit

-> new PM from bluntfiend
bluntfiend: zazz
bluntfiend: stop humoring him
zazzbery: listen to charlie horners a jag
zazzbery: i don't have a personal vendetta but you've seen the guys work
bluntfiend: is he with awcy
zazzbery: no hes freelance
bluntfiend: just cause you don't like his art doesn't mean you can take a revenge commission from a
bluntfiend: how old is he
zazzbery: cincinnati he was 5
zazzbery: so what like 14
bluntfiend: every 14 year old hates their dad zazz
bluntfiend: thats no excuse
zazzbery: don't you fuckin devalue the shit parents can put their kids through ok
zazzbery: god knows my dad did a number on me when i was his age
zazzbery: I'm gonna hear him out
bluntfiend: you better not put our name on it whatever you do
zazzbery: relax

horner: You've seen his work, yeah?
zazzbery: yeah
horner: It's all shock-value stuff. Blood, guts, viscera, everything. And it's like, that's the only way he interacts with anybody. It's his only language.
zazzbery: what do you mean
horner: Like, this one time, I missed my curfew. I came back from my friend's house at, like 11:30. And I walk into the kitchen and there's my dad, in six pieces on the floor.
horner: Like a grenade went off inside his stomach. And he's plastered all over the walls, and his eyeballs are rolling around on the linoleum.
horner: And then his skull rolls over, with bits of flesh hanging off it, and it looks up at me, and it goes:
horner: And then my dad steps out of the fridge, hands me a mop, and tells me to clean it up.
horner: I buried him in the yard while he stood on the porch and watched me.
horner: That stuff doesn't HAPPEN to other kids! They just get yelled at! What the FUCK?!
horner: Sorry. That was a lot.
zazzbery: listen horner i feel for you
bluntfiend: but we still don't do commissions
zazzbery: stfu blunt I'm gonna do it
bluntfiend: Jesus
zazzbery: none of this jokey memey shit either
zazzbery: i have some ideas but the problem is gonna be shipping em
zazzbery: ill whip you up something pro bono
zazzbery: ill PM you with the details
zazzbery: one product of a bad dad to another
-> bluntfiend has left

-> entering PM with horner
horner: Can you sabotage his next exhibition? I hear him working with rotary saws in the garage. I could send one to you.
zazzbery: ok listen I get that you're mad at him
horner: You could say that yeah.
zazzbery: but im not gonna make something that'll hurt him for real
horner: Why not?!
zazzbery: it's not productive
horner: I don't want productive! I want him to hurt!
zazzbery: listen horner I know
horner: Clearly you don't!
horner: Cleary you have no idea what I'm talking about, or you'd be with me!
zazzbery: horner
zazzbery: if I went through all the shit my dad did to me right now it would make your acne-covered head spin
zazzbery: so be quiet and listen
horner: Okay. I'm sorry.
zazzbery: it's ok I'm not mad
zazzbery: I'm gonna give you what I wish I had had back then
zazzbery: its a place that's gonna be all yours
zazzbery: just to go and breathe easy when things get hard
zazzbery: do you like vaporwave
horner: What's that?
zazzbery: it's just a color palette. you're gonna like it trust me
horner: Okay.
zazzbery: and if things ever do really get truly bad
zazzbery: and you actually want to do something about it then i can be there
zazzbery: I can take on some of your burdens for you
zazzbery: just hold this thing's hand and ill see what i can do
zazzbery: but horner?
horner: Yeah?
zazzbery: this is serious
zazzbery: only do it if you really aren't safe around him
zazzbery: because i can't do it for long at a time
zazzbery: understand?

Efforts to contact POI-3055 "zazzbery" are ongoing.

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