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Image of SCP-4086 after monitoring of it began in 19██

Item #: SCP-4086

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4086 is to be fitted with a fish screen and monitored by Foundation personnel stationed at ██████████ Dam. On a monthly interval, no less than 908 kilograms of living biological material is to be dumped into SCP-4086. Any individuals attempting to enter SCP-4086 through either the intake or the outlet are to be apprehended and turned over to Federal Authorities to be charged with “trespassing on United States property”. Any biological research that is attempted within the ██████████ reservoir or the ██████████ river immediately after the dam is to be obtained by embedded Foundation personnel working within the Bureau of Reclamation for alteration of the biological statistics. No further explorations by human test subjects are permitted due to the dangerous nature of SCP-4086-1 and inability to retrieve test subjects from SCP-4086-1. Any growths of SCP-4086 that are discovered outside of its location at ██████████ Dam are to be sealed off immediately after discovery.

Description: SCP-4086 is the concrete ring gate spillway of the ██████████ Dam located in ██████████, Oregon. The structure has a vertical drop of 300m from the crest of the intake to a 90-degree elbow bend which leads to a 200m long discharge tunnel. No unusual materials or substances have been observed to be included in the construction of SCP-4086. Under normal operating conditions, water from the ███████████ reservoir will enter the intake of SCP-4086 and continue through the tunnel system until it is discharged from the outlet at the foot of the Dam along with any debris that may be in the water with the exception of living organisms. Any living organism that enters the intake of SCP-4086 in an unrestrained free fall state of motion vanishes after reaching terminal velocity into SCP-4086-1. SCP-4086-1 is a level III space-time anomaly which activates when living biological matter enters its field traveling at terminal velocity relative to the earth’s gravitational pull. Test subjects who have entered SCP-4086-1 have reported a vast network of tunnels and pitfalls similar to the design of most spillways on modern dam structures. This network of tunnels floods violently and quickly roughly every hour according to the start of when the subject first enters SCP-4086-1. The tunnels quickly drain through the numerous pits located throughout the labyrinth within a span of minutes. It is not currently understood how such a large volume of water is moved either upwards or downwards throughout SCP-4086-1. No organism that has entered SCP-4086-1 has been able to be recovered.

Addendum: SCP-4086’s anomalous qualities were discovered by the Foundation on September 18, 19██, when an embedded agent in the ███████████ Police Department received a call from an unidentified male individual notifying them of his intentions to end his life by jumping into the mouth of the intake of SCP-4086. When officials arrived to the location, the victim was observed jumping into the mouth of the spillway. Efforts to recover the remains of the presumed deceased individual were not successful, and forensic analysis of the bottom of the intake shaft showed no trace of blood or other indicators that a body had made impact within the area. It should be noted that the reservoir was 1m below the crest of the spillway at the time of the incident. Agent ███████████, who was one of the first responders, relayed the details of the occurrence to Foundation personnel. Diversion and investigation team Beta-9 “Busy Beavers” were sent from area ████████ under the guise of employees from the Bureau of Reclamation and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, who then assumed control of the scene.

Three explorations (Documents SCP-4086-DI, SCP-4086-DII, and SCP-4086-DIII respectively) were successfully conducted into SCP-4086-1. Transcripts of explorations into SCP-4086-1 are available for review by Authorized personnel.

From the last few frames of video that were received in Document SCP-4086-DIII, it appears that the tunnel that A-978 was sucked into had teeth of some form lining the tunnel walls pointing further down the tunnel. It is unsure whether the teeth were made of ██████ or made of the same materials that the rest of SCP-4086-1 is made of.

Two months after the fish screen was installed over the top of SCP-4086, several reports were received by the ██████████ Police Department of 4 missing municipal sanitation workers who were last reported doing work in the storm systems of ██████████ City in Oregon. Six more municipal workers entered the tunnels where the 4 men were lost and after 6 hours, only 3 of the six workers exited the storm system. They reported that they found a tunnel system that did not exist on the City infrastructure map, and after entering the tunnel, a surge of water washed away 3 of the men. Beta-9 was promptly deployed to the scene and obtained control of the investigation. It was confirmed that the undocumented tunnels were involved with SCP-4086-1 after a sample of the tunnel wall was taken and compared with the concrete of the original structure of SCP-4086 along with its design elements. Beta-9 noted that there were no significant drops encountered in the storm system, which would have provided a free fall state that would have enabled entrance into SCP-4086-1. In an attempt to halt the spread of SCP-4086 further outside of its known locations, the fish screen was removed from SCP-4086. An investigation into the storm system of ██████████ City 6 months after the removal of the screen found an additional 4 undocumented tunnels had appeared.

Two similar reports of missing persons inside of drainage systems are being investigated currently in relation to SCP-4086-1. One investigation is under way in Las Vegas, Nevada and the other in New York City, New York.

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