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SCP-4085's branding.

Item #: SCP-4085

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A 7,000 square meter area surrounding SCP-4085 has been occupied by Foundation forces and converted to Provisional Site-90. All civilian roads leading to or passing by Site-90 have been redirected.

No unauthorized personnel are allowed to go within a 100-meter radius of SCP-4085 without authorization from the Director of Site-90. Personnel who disobey this guideline are ineligible for benefits from the Foundation Injury and Death Relief Program.

Description: SCP-4085 is a partially subterranean building branded as "Shaggy's House". It has the shape of a semi-circle with its outermost points from the center—the entrance— converging back into it to form two spheres beside it. Its surface level is 3,000 square meters but when utilizing thaumatic energized GPR1 technology, its expansion was discovered and found to reach a length of 8,000 meters before GPR signals were blocked by an abundance of Abaddon Energy2.

The interior of SCP-4085 has a layout of a grocery store that is furnished with lavish materials such as gold and rare mineral. Its inventory is stocked with SCP-4085-1 instances. SCP-4085-1 instances are advertised as edibles and come in the form of meats in the shape of human organs and limbs, packaged processed foods that resemble human extremities, produce with faces with wide mouths, as well as spices, oils, and beverages that when consumed by human subjects induce paranoia, agitation, sadness, and dread. SCP-4085-1 instances can only be purchased with conceptual goods3 or pure gold.

SCP-4085-A is the designation for the entities that exist inside SCP-4085. They are 3-meter tall humanoids with orange-tinted skin and elongated fingers that average 30 cm in length. Instances of SCP-4085-A have eyes with black pupils, and mouths that have been observed to widen to 25 cm, showing elongated teeth similar to Melanocetus johnsonii4. They are dressed in identical uniforms with the "Shaggy's House" logo on them and exhibit expected behaviors of a human grocery store employee, including staffing the checkout counters, organizing the shelves, and maintaining the store. They are unable or unwilling to speak and will typically ignore human subjects except when they are checking out items or attempting to steal them.

Attempts to exit with these items without paying would result in SCP-4085-A instances physically assaulting and eviscerating the subject(s), mainly using their teeth. SCP-4085 instances will then take the subject(s) through a door in the back of SCP-4085 and begin cleaning the area where they were terminated. All attempts to enter this door were halted by SCP-4085-A instances.

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