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Item #: SCP-4085

Object Class: Safe (Presumed Neutralized)

Special Containment Procedures: The 11,000 square meter area surrounding SCP-4085 has been purchased by the Foundation and converted to Site-090. All civilian roads leading to or passing by Site-090 have been redirected.

No personnel are allowed to enter SCP-4085 without authorization from the Director of Site-090.

Any personnel entering SCP-4085 are to be given currency to purchase items within SCP-4085. Absence of currency, attempting to exit with items from SCP-4085 without purchasing, or attacking instances of SCP-4085-A may cause a Σ-Window Shopper event. Any personnel who are involved in the causation of a Σ-Window Shopper event are to be considered lost.

Description: SCP-4085 resembles a standard size grocery store, branded as "Shaggy’s Playhouse". All attempts to damage the exterior of SCP-4085 have proven ineffective. When entered, SCP-4085 is observed to have standard grocery store stock, but upon closer inspection of the items, they resemble human features, such as in the following examples:

  • Produce resembles human faces with wide open mouths.
  • Non-ground meat products, excluding fish, resemble human limbs.
  • The packaging of products such as chips or cookies appears normal, but when opened it can be observed that the contents are in the shape of human extremities such as fingers, noses, and tongues.

Analysis of the meat products found in SCP-4085 shows that they are genetically identical to human. Analysis of packaged food products and produce inside SCP-4085 are normal, but when eaten, subjects claim they feel sadness.

SCP-4085-A is the designation for the entities that exist inside SCP-4085. When observed from the exterior of SCP-4085, they appear to be non-anomalous humans. When observed from inside SCP-4085, they are humanoid in shape, but are 3 meters in height, have orange-tinted skin, and have elongated fingers that average 30 cm. Instances of SCP-4085-A have eyes with black pupils, and mouths that have been observed to widen to 25 cm, showing elongated teeth similar to Melanocetus johnsonii1. They are dressed in shirts with the "Shaggy's Playhouse " logo on them. Instances of SCP-4085-A exhibit expected behaviors of a human grocery store employee, including staffing the checkout counters and organizing the shelves.

If a subject causes a Σ-Window Shopper event, the doors of SCP-4085 will lock. Instances of SCP-4085-A will then cease all activity and advance on the subject(s). SCP-4085-A instances will then physically assault and attempt to eviscerate the subject, mainly using their teeth. This will continue until the subject(s), who have not met the criteria, have been subdued. Details of what occurs after this point are unavailable, but information gathered has led to the belief that the subjects are converted into produce and meat products to be sold [See Investigation Log]. No remains of the subject will be found.

SCP-4085 was discovered when reports of humanoid entities with "horns" and "tails" with red skin were reported entering and exiting a grocery store that locals claimed they had never seen or entered before. Reports found that those who entered SCP-4085 did not exit SCP-4085. Locals claiming to see SCP-4085 and the beings entering and exiting SCP-4085 were given Class B amnestic with false memory implementation.

SCP-4085.Investigation Logs:

Note: This investigation is the first recorded instance of a Σ-Window Shopper event.


D-1213 enters SCP-4085 and observes 4 checkout lines staffed by instances of SCP-4085-A.

D-1213: Woah! [Stumbling] What the hell are those things?

Dr. Kellogg: These beings are the known residents of SCP-4085. Do not interfere with them and proceed.

D-1213: [Exhaling] You know, if you told people what to expect beforehand these expeditions would go a whole lot smoother.

D-1213 proceeds forward and sees a basket of fruit. D-1213 picks up a piece of fruit and sees that it resembles a human face.

D-1213: [Breathing heavily] Oh my god… You guys see this right? It has a face. A human face!

Dr. Kellogg: Please place the item in your field kit and proceed forward.

D-1213 is moving forward and halts, observing a humanoid entity wearing a dog costume holding a sign advertising "Shaggy’s Dog Special Treats" and holding a platter containing cups filled with an unknown substance. This entity will be known as PoI-4590. D-1213 appears to be moving away from PoI-4590.

Dr. Kellogg: Please approach the entity and attempt to gather information from it.

D-1213: I really don't want to do that.

Dr. Kellogg: If you do n—

PoI-4590: Excuse me, good sir! Would you like to sample some of our Spectacular Shaggy Dog Special Treats?

D-1213: Um… no, I don't want any doggy treats, but I do want to know what is thi—

PoI-4590: That just won't work good sir! You must try our Spectacular Shaggy
Dog Special treats! I am sure, no I am certain you will not regret it!

D-1213: I already said no. What I really want to know is what the he—

PoI-4590: Then let me take you to a product of your liking for you to purchase in our fine establishment!

D-1213: What? No, I'm not buying anything from this creepy place, all I want is-

PoI-4590: [In a lower tone and volume than before] Nay. Dammit, and I thought customers were coming back. Well orange man, you better buy something real soon, unless you want to end up like that.

PoI-4590 is pointing to a bag of chips.

PoI-4590: And, tell your friends outside to leave the area please. I make fewer things for you people to deal with, but we can't do that if you keep scaring off my customers.

Dr. Kellogg: Ask him why do their products resemble human body parts.

D-1213: Um.. . Why do your products look like human faces and humans body parts? I mean, just in case I do buy something!

PoI-4590: [Returning In higher tone and volume] We make our fine products by infusing and capturing the finest of lost human souls! The souls that can't move on, the souls that are bound by grief, rage, or vengeance! By using them, I not only put them out their misery, but I make the world cleaner! Less ghost for you people, and profits for me, a win-win see! Now, please select one of our spectacular products and take them to checkout line so one of the helpers can assist you!

D-1213: But, I don't have any money.

There is silence for 5 seconds.

PoI-4590: [In lower tone and volume again] Well orange man, please excuse me. I don't really like viewing this part.

PoI-4590 is seen escaping into an alleyway. D-1213 gives chase, but sees no signs of PoI-4590.

D-1213: He's gone! He's fucking gone! What the hell!

D-1213 turns around and sees four instances of SCP-4085-A that have their mouths open.

D-1213: Sick fucking hell!

D-1213 runs to the exit but is unable to open it. He begins banging on the door and shouting.

D-1213: Hey! Get me out of here now. I did what you want and I don't think these things are trying to help me anymore!

Dr. Kellogg: Please stay calm, we are trying to extract you at this very moment. May you please describe what the entities are doing right now?

Several instances of SCP-4085-A are approaching and beginning to surround D-1213.

D-1213: [Breathing heavily] More of them are coming! And they're just standing there. This is so fucking creep-

An instance of SCP-4085-A lunges forward and bites D-1213's left ankle.

D-1213: Ow! Fuck! Get off, get off!

Video and audio feed at this point was malfunctioning and what was happening to D-1213 could not be determined.

Dr. Kellogg: Stay calm, we are doing our best. Can you please des-

Flames can be seen around D-1213.

D-1213: [Screaming] Help! Help! Hel—

All exterior windows of SCP-4085 became opaque, rendering the team unable to see inside the building. All video and audio feeds were lost. D-1213's field bag was not recovered.


Incident.SCP-4085.1 Ten hours after the containment of PoI-4590, PoI-4590 was going to be transferred to Site-100 (Thaumatic Research Site-100) for further interrogation. At this time a blue humanoid entity with the appearance of an 11-year-old male wearing a trench coat with 34 blue stars, surrounded by three levitating rectangular objects was seen in PoI-4590 containment cell. This entity will be known as PoI-4591.

After Incident.SCP-4085.1, SCP-4085 has remained in its current state. Pending approval for reclassification as Neutralized. Efforts to finding PoI-4590 and PoI-4591 are ongoing.

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