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Item #: SCP-4084

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All landline phones still in use are to be monitored for the appearance of SCP-4084. Disinformation campaigns have been circulated globally, declaring the anomaly a standard error caused by the user’s microphone looping back into the phone’s earpiece.

Additionally, users of landline phones are advised to hang up calls as soon as possible after it has been made apparent that the phone could not connect to the desired number. Users of landline phones have been informed that hearing a connection tone after the prerecorded message is a common manufacturing error and not a point of concern.

In the case that a user does not follow the advice of these disinformation campaigns and connects to SCP-4084, the Foundation is to be alerted immediately and all involved in the incident are to be administered Class-B amnestics. The area in which SCP-4084 manifests is to be monitored for any further anomalous activity.

Description: SCP-4084 is an anomaly manifesting primarily in landline telephones that occurs approximately 33.2% of the time when a user making a call attempts to connect to a number that is out of service, has been disconnected, or does not exist. When this criteria is met, the user will hear the standard prerecorded message set by the brand of their landline phone indicating that a connection could not be made, followed shortly by the standard indication that they have been connected to a line.

This happens in spite of the fact that the phone should be unable to connect to any line, occurring even in malfunctioning devices. A user connected to this seemingly “empty” line will not become aware of SCP-4084 unless they speak for a duration of time estimated at approximately 30 seconds.

For the first ~30 seconds of the call, the empty line will feedback an echo of the user’s own distorted voice. However, once the time limit has been reached, the feedback on the other end of the line no longer echoes the person(s) speaking through the landline and begins to produce unassisted vocalizations.

The nature of these vocalizations consist of the person(s) own distorted voice breaking synchronization and taking on a pleading tone, inquiring as to its own whereabouts and asking the user not to hang up.

Although SCP-4084-1 instances vocalize a strong desire for the user not to hang up the line, the call can be disconnected at any time with no ill effect. Please see Addendum 4084-3.

Addendum 4084-1: Attached below is a recording of a call affected by SCP-4084, conducted by Senior Researcher Dr. Arthur Stradwick on 12/09/████.

The information expressed by SCP-4084-1 in this interview is to be considered a breach of security.

Addendum 4084-2: On 12/10/████, The Foundation was alerted to a breach of SCP-4084's containment.

Every landline telephone within the Yalobusha County Multipurpose Building, Mississippi, began to ring spontaneously. When the calls were answered, SCP-4084 provided the standard prerecorded message indicating that a connection could not be made. Disinformation campaigns were not successful, as employees remained connected to the line due to confusion, and became aware of SCP-4084-1 after 30 seconds.

The Foundation was able to intercept the event before knowledge of it could be spread to the public, administering Class-B amnestics to all employees on site. Yalobusha County is to be monitored for any further anomalous activity.

Addendum 4084-3: On 12/16/████, Dr. Stradwick scheduled himself for a psychiatric evaluation, reporting that he had manifested an irrational fear of landline telephones, and had been unable to sleep for a week due to being kept awake by auditory hallucinations of SCP-4084-1.

On 12/17/████, The Foundation intercepted medical records from the Yalobusha General Hospital and Nursing Home, indicating a large number of civilians reporting psychological effects similar to those experienced by Dr. Stradwick. The administration of Class-E amnestics successfully mitigated these effects, and no further anomalous activity has been reported from the Yalobusha County area.

On 12/23/████, during a routine psychiatric checkup, Dr. Stradwick's quarters were found abandoned. Investigation revealed the presence of a tape recorder and a landline telephone. Playback of the tape revealed the following audio:

<Begin Log>

SCP-4084-1: Can you hear me?

Dr. Stradwick: Yes, I can.

SCP-4084-1: Are you me?

Dr. Stradwick: I don't know.

SCP-4084-1: Am I you?

Dr. Stradwick: I don't know.

SCP-4084-1: Please, don't hang up this call.

Dr. Stradwick: I won't.

<End Log>

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