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Item #: SCP-4082

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A recording station has been established at Site-64 for receiving and archiving SCP-4082 broadcasts, supported by a network of smaller receivers across the known area of SCP-4082's effects. Following each broadcast, Foundation information suppression teams are to monitor news media and internet forums (particularly those related to amateur radio) for possible discussion and move to counteract its spread if discovered. Administration of class-A or class-B amnestics, under the appropriate circumstances, is permitted. As the frequencies on which SCP-4082 can be received are rarely used by civilians, the risk of discovery is considered minimal.

Description: SCP-4082 is an anomalous AM radio signal of unknown origin which can occasionally be received on frequencies around 25.85MHz. The signal does not appear to be affected by the time and weather restrictions that usually affect shortwave radio communications. SCP-4082 broadcasts have frequently been detected by receivers more than 400km apart, despite the fact that it should be impossible to transmit a high frequency signal so far without extensive infrastructure. As such, it is currently believed that SCP-4082 does not have a physical source.

The area affected by this phenomenon is not accurately known, but all broadcasts received to date have been detected in the north-west of the United States or very south-west of Canada; generally in the states of Washington and Oregon. Although the signal is anomalous, it can be received by any standard radio within the area of effect tuned to the correct frequency. Recordings of the broadcasts likewise work as expected. The signal generally begins to fade after 60-80 seconds, and cannot be distinguished from background static after at most 120 seconds. After extensive testing, it is not believed that the content of the broadcasts is anomalous; only the method of delivery.

The content of SCP-4082 broadcasts varies significantly. Each features only the voice of an entity designated SCP-4082-1; a masculine voice with a slight Scottish accent. In the vast majority of broadcasts, SCP-4082-1 speaks confidently, in a manner similar to a professional radio presenter. The identity or nature of SCP-4082-1 has not been confirmed. All efforts to locate a corresponding real-world individual have failed, and little identifying information has been found from SCP-4082 transmissions.

SCP-4082 broadcasts usually appear to imitate a common type of radio broadcast, such as a talk show, a news reading, a song dedication, etc. SCP-4082-1 sometimes appears to be addressing another person, such as in broadcasts resembling talk shows. It will often remain silent after speaking as if listening to their reply. No sound besides the voice of SCP-4082-1 has ever been detected, however.

The recorded broadcasts are rarely complete or self-contained, and often start and end in the middle of sentences or even words. This implies that SCP-4082 may only be transmitting brief segments of a larger broadcast, however this has yet to be conclusively proven.

Addendum 1: Sample of SCP-4082 content:
A sample of notable recorded SCP-4082 broadcasts is included below. The Foundation has recorded 1027 broadcasts since discovery of SCP-4082 on 2002-05-07. It is not known how long SCP-4082 had been active prior to its discovery. All dialogue is spoken by SCP-4082-1.
Instance Date Transcript Notes
SCP-4082-002 2002-05-10 “…phoned for a taxi and walked it, and that's why I never went back. Her very favourite, it was. Traffic's still backed up onto the slip road though, so watch out for that if you're heading back into town. The mo…” This was the first broadcast which the Foundation attempted to record, and only 11 seconds of audio were captured successfully. The first part appears to be a recital of the poem “I Went To The Pictures Tomorrow”.
SCP-4082-004 2002-05-19 “…[wh]at, then, would you say of the case? That there is nothing left in their hearts? That the very spark of humanity which was gifted to them in times long past has faded?”
“Pah! It is not me to whom you should apologise, but the many experts whose works you denounce! One would think you had not so much as glanced at the archives!”
“Why the esteemed Cristóbal Soto has researched it extensively. It was his life's work you know – his beautiful, tragic life's work. Whatever you may think of his methods, you simply must not deny his results.”
“Of course, of course. I judge nothing. Nothing, I say! It is immaterial. You must see by now, surely, that the hound is simply sup…”
The first recorded transmission in which SCP-4082-1 refers to a specific person by their full name, a pattern which occurs in roughly 70% of broadcasts recorded by the Foundation.
SCP-4082-009 2002-06-08 “…family of Ariana Croft have gathered to pay tribute following her death last week. Witnesses report that her family are mostly bugs. But you know what? That's alright. If you ask me, bugs make for better family than people ever have. Plus according to a few reports – which I trust, because they're from bugs – her beloved cat Blue is right there with her, and if there's one thing better than bugs, it's…” (long silence) “Sorry. The 33-year-old was found dead in her home late last Tuesday. A spokesman for West Merseyside police has confirmed investigators still don't give a damn, echoing the initial suspicions of many reporters. In…” The first recorded transmission in which SCP-4082-1 refers to a specific real-world location, another common trend.
SCP-4082-097 2002-12-13 “…een told that the sun can't shine forever. That's probably true. Elliot Birch certainly believed it. Did you know, when he was young, he once tried to turn off the sun because it was making him too hot?” (laughter, then a long silence). “Of course, of course. We can never go back to those days. But Elliot tried. He tried and tried and tried. He tried so hard it broke him.” (long silence) “Exactly, exactly. If only someone had known. Perhaps we could have told him.” (silence) “No, no, of course not. It's important not to judge. We can never understand them, so we must never judge them. He was only a man. As far as we know of cour…” The first broadcast received after almost 10 days without a signal, an abnormally long interval. The significance of this is unknown.
SCP-4082-397 2004-01-28 “…[wr]itten and performed by the excellent Caroline Mayer – no matter what anyone says. Coming up next, a performance of Robert Schumann's Papillons by Amita Sahni. At only 23, Sahni is a spectacularly talented musician, a quality rivalled only by her compassion and her loneliness. Sahni has never been interviewed about her performance, and I suppose she never will be, but if she was, she'd have said exactly this: “I first heard this piece over the radio when I was 7 years old. Even though I didn't know what the title meant, I immediately knew what the piece was about. I was captivated by the power of music to convey an idea without any words. I suppose in many ways, this has been my inspiration.” Wise words from a wonderful woman.” (silence) This recording is considered notable as it is the first time SCP-4082-1 refers to more than one name in a single transmission, something that has occurred only 4 times to date. The significance of this is unknown.
SCP-4082-474 2004-08-30 “…[f]or today – or this time I suppose I should say!” (laughter) “Signing off for NeoVancouver Free Radio, I am, as always, no-one.” (silence) “And we'll catch you again once we see the new sun. Goodbye!”
(long silence)
(distant, very quiet) “That was [a] hard one. Did you hear [unintelligible] again? It's only getting worse a…”
This is the only time SCP-4082-1 has been recorded making reference to itself. The meaning or significance of the final portion is unknown.
SCP-4082-512 2005-03-08 “…[ne]xt song, if it can be found, is dedicated to Amadia Séverin. They're a designer – (aside) of what? Clothes? Wow! - Yes, a clothing designer! Remember those? They lived with their partner (and manager) in Nice, running their own line of homemade designer clothing. Isn't that incredible? They never got the recognition they deserved, but they will be remembered, both in the art they leave behind and in the hearts of all those helped by their incredibly [sic] generosity. And by us of course – and perhaps now by you. This song was one of their all time favourites; it played in their darkest moment, and we hope it's playing right now. For Amadia then, here's La Vie en Rose.” (silence). An independent clothing designer named Amadia Séverin was confirmed to have lived in Nice, France. She died on 2005-██-██, leaving more than €20,000 to charity. It is believed this is the first case of a person mentioned in SCP-4082 being identified in the real world.
SCP-4082-███ 2006-██-██ [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. See Addendum 2.

Addendum 2:

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