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The title screen of an episode of SCP-4080 featuring SCP-4080-1.

Item #: SCP-4080

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Broadcasts of SCP-4080 are to be intercepted and blocked from public viewing. All broadcasts are to be reviewed prior to being stored.

The Foundation is to monitor SCP-4080-1 discreetly for any potential links to the source of SCP-4080.

As of 9/29/2017, an investigation into PoI-3283 is underway.

Description: SCP-4080 is a television program that is broadcast on local networks in New Hampshire, US. Each episode is 44 minutes long and follows one subject by the name of David Kincaid, a 68-year old-Caucasian male from Portland, Maine, hereinafter known as SCP-4080-1. Each new episode is recorded the day before it is broadcasted and consists of a heavily-edited sequence of events that happened to SCP-4080-1 that day.

Each episode opens with a still image of SCP-4080-1's face as text in an unidentified language appears over it. After a few seconds, the text changes to English, displaying the words "The Most Important Man". After this, the episode begins, typically depicting SCP-4080-1 waking up and getting out of bed. SCP-4080-1's life tends to be fairly standard, and episodes rarely highlight anything that could be considered of note or importance. With some exceptions, such as vacations to visit his grandchildren, most episodes consist of SCP-4080-1 eating breakfast, driving to his woodworking shop, working, eating lunch, driving home and eating dinner. At no point during the day does SCP-4080-1 ever address the fact that they are being filmed, nor do they seem aware of this fact even in situations and locations where a camera would be noticeable.

Addendum 4080-1: On 9/28/2017, SCP-4080-1 was shot and killed after leaving work and getting involved in an altercation to protect a tourist, a 39-year old French-Nigerian man named Achebe Okoro, from a mugging.

The subsequent SCP-4080 episode, released on 9/29/2017, featured the words "Series Finale" in addition to the traditional opening text of SCP-4080 episodes. The episode played as normal until SCP-4080-1's death, after which the episode ended with a four-second still image of Mr. Okoro's face, now designated PoI-3283.

Since SCP-4080-1's death, episodes of SCP-4080 regarding their life have been re-run, starting at the moment they were born.

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