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SCP-4075-a, far left, at their native colony. Rio Maximo Wildlife Reserve, Cuba.

Item #: SCP-4075

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4075-1 has been purchased by the Foundation. The site has been secured to prevent civilian entry; fences have been erected around the perimeter, with signs warning against entry on account of ongoing renovation.

Attempts to track anomalous movement of SCP-4075 members are ongoing. If large scale anomalous activity occurs, similar to that observed in Addendum 4075.04, cover stories of irregular colony movements are to be disseminated, with any contradictory media or online coverage suppressed.

Description: SCP-4075 is a flamingo colony located in an abandoned office block, designated SCP-4075-1, in Lima, Peru. All known species of flamingos are present in the colony, in proportions roughly aligned to global species demographics. At any time, there are approximately 500 members of SCP-4075 present within SCP-4075-1.

While situated within SCP-4075-1, members of SCP-4075 gain anomalous properties, most notably the ability to communicate verbally with humans. Speech will be heard in the language the listener is most familiar with.

SCP-4075 refers to itself as the "Flamingo Bureau of Immigration". The purpose of SCP-4075 appears to be the processing of certain documents, designated SCP-4075-2, and the delivery of processing outcomes to the originating colony. SCP-4075 claims to fulfill a governance role over all flamingo colonies worldwide. SCP-4075-2 appear written in reader's native language, and images of documents will display no text. Attempts to remove SCP-4075-2 from SCP-4075-1 for further examination have been met with failure.1

Members of SCP-4075 have the ability to instantaneously teleport to other, non-anomalous flamingo colonies situated around the world, and then back to SCP-4075-1. Members have been observed teleporting to other colonies for the purposes of sleep, sustenance, and mating. Travel between colonies and SCP-4075-1 also appears to serve the purpose of SCP-4075-2 collection. In the majority of instances of teleportation to SCP-4075-1, members will be carrying paper documents within their beaks.

With the exception of teleportation, SCP-4075 members have not demonstrated their anomalous attributes outside of SCP-4075-1, and flamingos not part of the SCP-4075 colony have demonstrated no anomalous behaviour.2

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