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An SCP-4074-2 specimen. The "nebula" is falsely colored.

Item #: SCP-4074

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All specimens of SCP-4074-2 are to be contained in the Botanical Section on Site-31. Access to each specimen is limited to Level 3 and above personnel, and is strictly for research purposes only.

Currently, SCP-4074-1 is being contained in the onsite infirmary ICU for anomalous humanoids. As soon as subject is physically and mentally fit or an interview, any qualified personnel in the immediate vicinity is authorized to begin interrogating the subject.

Update:On 5/11/18, subject has ceased all life functions. On Dr. Evalo’s approved request, the cadaver of SCP-4074-1 is to be sent to his department for his ongoing research regarding anomalous humanoids.

Description: SCP-4074-2 is an anomalous plant, superficially and genetically similar to Phalaenopsis blume. Aside from its unusual growth rate1, the specimen’s significant anomalous properties manifests when it enters its reproductive cycle.

Approximately two weeks after its bud has developed, a glowing revolving gas, closely resembling that of a miniature nebula, will grow around the bud whose diameter and luminosity will grow exponentially, relative to the growth of the bud. Test results shows that the gas is composed of helium and hydrogen2.


SCP-4074-2, five seconds after the collapse of its "nebula".

Approximately two weeks after its initial appearance, the gas, which usually have an average maximum diameter and luminosity of 35 cm and 280 lm, respectively, will instantaneously collapse in on itself, creating a solid six cm sized glowing orb that usually has an average temperature and luminosity of 34°C and 500 lm, respectively.

The orb will emit a steady output of light and heat for seven to ten days before it will begin to steadily and completely decrease both in output and activity, leaving behind a spherical pod of the same diameter. When pried open, the pod will always contain three 1.2 cm sized seeds that when planted will grow into another instance of SCP-4074-2.

Research in imitating the specimen’s "bioluminescence" to create a cheap and alternative biologically-based light source is currently underway. Qualified researchers may submit an application to Dr. Leara.

SCP-4074-1 is an emaciated Caucasian male, 1.75 m in height and 46 kg in weight. Excluding its initial discovery and the following ICU incident, no further activity or properties from or related to the subject is deemed anomalous. (Refer to addenda "History" and "ICU".)

Addendum/ICU Incident:
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