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SCP-4072's current logo, circa 2019.

Item #: SCP-4072

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawler B9G41 is to monitor online digital software distribution programs for instances of SCP-4072. Any and all instances are to be reported and/or removed immediately upon discovery. In the event SCP-4072 is downloaded onto devices not owned by the Foundation or any of its branches, Mobile Task Force Kappa 10, "Skynet" is to be dispatched immediately to administer amnestics and remove instances of SCP-4072 and SCP-4072-X from public custody.

Consoles and handheld devices with SCP-4072 installed on them are to be stored in a 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.3 meter plastic storage tote located in Storage Sector 7 within Site 15.1 During relocation, this plastic storage tote is only to be moved during the daytime, as the risk of an SCP-4072-Alpha manifestation has been shown to be significantly higher during the hours of 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM EST.

Any video games purchased or downloaded from SCP-4072 are to be designated SCP-4072-X. Copies of SCP-4072-X are to be stored on the hard drive of the console SCP-4072 was downloaded onto. D and C-Class personnel, along with foundation researchers2, are approved for contact with instances of SCP-4072-X.

Victims of SCP-4072-X instances downloaded on the “Low” or “Very Low” quality setting are to be kept alive for as long as feasibly possible for research purposes. Victims of SCP-4072-X instances downloaded on the "Very High" quality setting, specifically D-Class personnel, are to be released from foundation custody, as they no longer pose a threat to the populace.

Description: SCP-4072 is a free digital software distribution service capable of hosting and publicly distributing any known and existing software meeting its requirements to be considered a video game.3 Any software downloaded from SCP-4072 tends to be extremely anomalous in nature, with the game itself noticeably different, mostly through removal or alteration of characters, textures, graphics, settings, or events that take place within the normal game. Upon completing an SCP-4072-X instance, a memetic agent will be displayed onscreen. The agent’s effects can take many different forms, ranging from very positive to very negative.

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