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Item #: SCP-4071

Object Class: Neutralised

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to monitor the internet for reports of inconsistencies between documented events and human memory. Any potential SCP-4071-1 instances are to immediately be reported to Dr Michael Person, head of the SCP-4071 Department.

Any documentation which mentions a SCP-4071-1 instance is to be immediately removed from circulation. Depending on the extent of the presence of SCP-4071-1 in each affected documentation, and how widely spread it has been, a new copy of the documentation may be created to replace the SCP-4071-2 instances.

The Foundation is to also monitor news outlets and similar sources of information for reports of individuals or groups of people with significant gaps in their knowledge of past events, with a particular emphasis on those who have been in remote areas. Foundation agents are to immediately proceed to their vicinity and expose them to the countermeme for SCP-4071. If the countermeme does not reverse this discrepancy between memory and history, they are to be taken into Foundation custody to determine whether they are being affected by SCP-4071. If they are determined to be affected by SCP-4071, the Foundation is to immediately begin work on a new countermeme.

Description: SCP-4071 is a phenomenon in which events simultaneously disappear from common memory. SCP-4071-1 refers to the events that have been expunged from memory. As of the time of writing, SCP-4071 is believed to be neutralised, with 97.83% of the human population having been successfully exposed to the countermeme.

For a number of months after the successful development of the countermeme, the Foundation, a number of governments, and several organisations began working to reverse the physical effects on the world that occurred while SCP-4071 was active. Documentation created in that time was destroyed, and that which was edited or destroyed by the Foundation was replaced by copies of the original text. Any physical changes such as construction work, natural disasters and moving homes have been reverted. On 04/07/2019, exactly one year minus a day after the first SCP-4071-1 instance was created, the global population was amnesticised, and the past year effectively erased.


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