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Item #: SCP-4071

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to monitor the internet for reports of inconsistencies between documented events and human memory. Any documentation which mentions a SCP-4071-1 instance is to be immediately removed from circulation. Depending on the extent of the presence of SCP-4071-1 in each affected documentation, and how widely spread it has been, a new copy of the documentation may be created to replace the SCP-4071-2 instances.

Task Force History Buffs has been formed, comprising of several hundred individuals with extremely high scores on memory tests. The members of this group are not to be allowed any unsupervised contact with any other individual. They are not to be given access to any communication device. This position is strictly voluntary. Each member is to be assigned a selection of documentation for all known SCPs, sites, MTF groups, GoIs, ongoing operations, and any other Foundation information. Each day, they are to check their documentation to ensure that no information has been lost. Any discrepancy between memory and documentation is to be immediately reported to all involved personnel.

Description: SCP-4071 is a phenomenon in which events simultaneously disappear from the memories of the entire human population. While individuals can reacquire memories of the events through reading documentation, there appears to be a moderate disposition towards considering the documentation untrustworthy. This has resulted in significant changes in reality even when documentation contradicting human memory is wide-spread and readily available.

SCP-4071-1 refers to the events that have been expunged from human memory. While these events initially tended to be concerned with political situations, they have become increasingly random over time.

SCP-4071-2 refers to The Anti-Recall System, the computer program by which this phenomenon was initially created. Each event inputted into the program is instantly and simultaneously removed from the memories of all human beings. Although this was initially the sole method of which memories could be removed, SCP-4071 has since become an unstable and unpredictable phenomenon, with events being removed from memory seemingly at complete random.

While the Manna Charitable Foundation has ceased using SCP-4071-2 since becoming aware of this, SCP-4071-1 have continues to occur at a steadily increasing rate. It is predicted that all human memories will be completely removed within approximately thirty years. However, the Foundation is currently unable to confidently identify the exact number of SCP-4071-1 events are occurring. This, combined with the unpredictability of which memories will be removed, makes it extremely likely that the maximum span of time is less than this. This is particularly the case if memories vital to survival are removed from human knowledge.



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