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Item #: SCP-4071

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to monitor the internet for reports of inconsistencies between documented events and human memories. Any documentation determined to be a SCP-4071-2 instance is to be immediately removed from circulation. Depending on the extent of the presence of SCP-4071-1 in each SCP-4071-2 instance, and how widely spread it has been, a new copy of the documentation without content of SCP-4071-1 instances may be created to replace the SCP-4071-2 instances.

If any previously unrecorded SCP-4071-1 instances are detected, any potentially affected documentation is to be examined in order to determine whether they have become SCP-4071-2. Any individuals who witness a SCP-4071-2 instance are to be amnesticised, and/or publicly discredited, depending on the circumstances.

Description: SCP-4071 is a phenomenon in which previously unrecorded events simultaneously appear in a large number of various forms of documentation. These include but are not limited to journal articles, news reports, documentaries, some fiction, and textbooks. SCP-4071-1-X refers to each unrecorded event. SCP-4071-2-X-X refers to each piece of documentation affected.

The Foundation became aware of this situation due to a sudden exponential increase in reports of documentation not supported by human memory. Further examination has found that a number of previously unrecorded events have suddenly appeared in various forms of documentation.

Based on the type of information appearing in documentation, it is the Foundation’s belief that this anomaly is being directed by an individual or group of people attempting to increase global tension. As a result, groups such as the Chaos Insurgency, the Organisation for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts and the Imperial Japanese Anomalous Matters Examination Agency are to be investigated.


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