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Item #: SCP-4069

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-4069 has been shown to affect all types of Foundation personnel across a wide range of departments, containment efforts for SCP-4069 are to be directed toward the education of all personnel on the possibility that they will encounter the anomaly. Personnel are encouraged to opt into installation of a Personnel Identification Implant1 due to the fact that SCP-4069's influence is temporary if the identity of the individual in question is translated into ED-K++2 and the resulting copy reactivated in a different body.

Personnel permanently deceased in baseline reality but present in SCP-4069 are to remain on employee rosters under the E/4069 E-class personnel category. Personnel only temporarily present in SCP-4069 are designated Provisional E-class and referred to as PE/4069 personnel, but are included under the E/4069 designation for the sake of brevity in documentation. PE/4069 personnel should be interviewed in text regarding their preferences on the application of their identity's copy before they are removed from SCP-4069 via the activation of said copy.

In order to ensure E/4069 personnel are capable of communicating with personnel in baseline reality, MTF Lambda-4K ("Feedback Process") is tasked with manually reactivating the IntSCPFN3 accounts of deceased personnel and determining if the user is present in SCP-4069. If no response from a given account is noted after 72 hours, the account must be deactivated again in order to maintain up-to-date network activity reports and ensure security. MTF Lambda-4K members are instructed to communicate with E/4069 personnel and modify this document with notable information if necessary.

E/4069-class personnel are advised not to disclose their status to other employees on IntSCPFN unless asked to do so by their supervisors. E/4069 personnel are encouraged to report on their experiences by means of using IntSCPFN's private messaging system or real-time chat system to contact MTF Lambda-4K members. E/4069 personnel are not required to enter SCP-4069-A at any point if they do not wish to do so.

Description: SCP-4069 is an extrauniversal location resembling an office in a Foundation site, accessible only by Foundation employees following their death. The main section of SCP-4069 is a four-walled room measuring 5 by 8 meters with a 3-meter ceiling. Centered in the room is a table equipped with one 30-meter tape measure, one flashlight, one padlock with two working keys, a calculator, several miscellaneous papers and writing utensils, one clearance level card matching the rank of the affected individual, and one Foundation uniform of varying department. SCP-4069 is furnished with one cubicle, equipped with one desktop computer and one chair, as well as a webcam. This computer can be used normally, and displays a live connection to IntSCPFN via a wired Ethernet connection. Access to IntSCPFN from the desktop computer in SCP-4069 is legitimate and activity is reflected in baseline reality.

SCP-4069 can only be accessed via direct manifestation inside the anomaly or via communication with personnel already within the anomaly. Personnel can only directly manifest in SCP-4069 if they are deceased in baseline reality, and SCP-4069 is not accessible from baseline reality by any means other than this. Activating a duplicate copy of an individual's identity, such as via ED-K++ translation from a Personnel Identification Implant and inception of the file in a new human subject, will remove the individual from SCP-4069.

Upon manifesting in SCP-4069, the affected person will not remember the 4-7 hours before or including their death. To date, all 46 documented E/4069 personnel have reported that that they do not require food and water, no longer perform other basic bodily functions, and initially manifest nude but find a uniform and undergarments in their size on the table.4 Personnel in SCP-4069 respond to any physical pain or perceived threat encountered in SCP-4069-A by losing awareness immediately and later regaining it while seated at the room's desktop computer.

SCP-4069 exists as an independent iteration of itself for each person experiencing it; although multiple personnel are now present in SCP-4069, they are not able to perceive nor physically interact with each other. Personnel in SCP-4069 are capable of communicating with personnel in baseline reality by using their assigned IntSCPFN accounts to interact with the Foundation database as they would normally; however, as policy requires an IntSCPFN account be deactivated upon confirmation of the user's death, these accounts must be manually reactivated by IntSCPFN management.

SCP-4069 has one door, which can be opened through the use of a standard-issue access card of any clearance level; this door will open to an extradimensional area, designated SCP-4069-A. In 72% of cases, entering SCP-4069-A will result in the subject experiencing a replication of a different deceased Foundation employee's death and/or the circumstances leading up to but not including their death. Although the time period of an experience is typically indiscernible based on surroundings, the earliest year observed out of 46 cases and 280 individual tests is 1901.

A humanoid entity, SCP-4069-B, is sometimes present in SCP-4069. SCP-4069-B is described by observers as a human of varying height, race, and gender whose eyes are obscured by a black bar as if redacted in a photograph. This individual is always reported as wearing a black and white three-piece suit. SCP-4069-B will sometimes comment on the subject's actions, and has been directly hostile in 12 documented accounts. However, SCP-4069-B will generally not interact with the subject if present, and will instead observe them from a short distance.

Due to the fact that E/4069 personnel are not aware that they are deceased unless informed and most of these personnel are not aware that SCP-4069 has an SCP designation, not all E/4069 personnel are capable of communicating their status to personnel in baseline reality. Thus, it is not known if SCP-4069 affects all deceased Foundation personnel or only a certain percentage of personnel. E/4069 personnel reading this document should search for "MTF Lambda-4K" in IntSCPFN employee directories and contact one or more members for further information.

History: On July 28, 2041, the SCP-4069 slot was taken in the IntSCPFN database by C-511745 via his then-deactivated account. C-51174 had been killed in action by a hostile anomalous entity at 5:20 PM on July 4. The slot was used to host two PNG files in which he visually confirmed his identity and asked for assistance via use of the camera in SCP-4069's cubicle. When his account was reactivated and permitted text-editing capabilities, he uploaded his own documentation for SCP-4069 in order to inform other Foundation personnel of the situation at hand. Some of his original text remains in use in this rendition of the document.

It is unknown if C-51174 is the first Foundation employee to encounter SCP-4069 or simply the first to document it. Due to the convoluted manner in which C-51174 evaded IntSCPFN's page security permissions to notify database administrators of his account status and activity, it is considered likely that other personnel had experienced SCP-4069 previously but were not able to alert personnel in baseline reality of their status. As of September 7, 2041, C-51174 is no longer present in SCP-4069.

Addendum I: Active O5 Council Assessment

In summary, SCP-4069 is a reminder of one of the many reasons the Foundation strives to make the advancements that it does.

Knowledge of the existence of SCP-4069 is a threat to personnel well-being, certainly, but the potential of manifesting in SCP-4069 following death is a threat to only one iteration of any given employee's consciousness. With the development of the Personnel Identification Implant and the subsequent development of the capacity to translate an individual's self — the memories, the personality, the beliefs, minus only the body — into ED-K++ and save it as a text file like any other piece of information, our perspective has shifted.

The Council recognizes the concerns brought to light by some personnel and voiced by the Ethics Committee regarding the morality of duplicating the consciousness of a human being. If an artificial duplicate of a person's consciousness — whether inhabiting a human body or not — is capable of suffering in the same way that the original was, it is assumedly unethical to allow harm to come to it. Thus, to avoid the existence of extraneous duplicates, the Council requires that only one duplicate of an employee's consciousness be present in Foundation files at any given time, and always overridden with the most recent saved version of their script. With the discovery of SCP-4069, we have better reasons than we ever did previously to encourage PII installation.

Judging by the accounts we have read, SCP-4069 appears to its inhabitants to be a sort of purgatory, and several of the permanent E/4069 personnel believe that it is designed as such by some deity or other. The questions of how SCP-4069 came into existence and what it signifies are irrelevant; SCP-4069 may be a permanent place for those without a PII, but it is temporary with the implementation of the PII's transfer capabilities. We recommend that all personnel undergo PII installation as soon as is possible; Foundation employment does not end and has never ended after death, and SCP-4069 is simply another obstacle soon to be rendered obsolete by the advancement of technology.

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