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Memetic SCP-4068-1 communication.

Item #: SCP-4068

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Electronic and verbal communications of Fortune 500 companies will be monitored for any references to the phrase “a lovely little hotel in the Rockies”. Corporations flagged for this communication will be quarantined under the guise of epidemic prevention and all employees interviewed for the detection of SCP-4068. SCP-4068-1-A instances will be administered Class-C amnestics. SCP-4068-1-B instances will be terminated, and records of their employment history expunged.

All communications affected by the memetic effects of SCP-4068 (including but not limited to electronic communications, posters, and letters) will be expunged, as well as any records of SCP-4068-2 policies.

Description: SCP-4068 is a phenomenon affecting employees of major US-based companies1 (affected employees are henceforth referred to as SCP-4068-1). There is no apparent process for the incidence of SCP-4068 among individuals, but previous instances of SCP-4068-1 have been limited by the following criteria:

  • Job responsibilities are largely corporate in function (i.e. not related directly to the sale of products, to manufacturing, or to custodial duties)
  • All instances of SCP-4068-1 are employees of companies listed in the Fortune 500 for the year the instance initially manifests
  • All instances have unusually high rates of agreeableness and poor critical thinking skills

SCP-4068-1 instances proceed through two primary stages, henceforth referred to as SCP-4068-1-A and SCP-4068-1-B.

SCP-4068-1-A instances will begin to reference a recent corporate retreat they attended. All instances to-date have referred to the event as “enlightening” and located in “a lovely little hotel in the Rockies”, though no evidence of the existence of these events nor the hotel has been found. Descriptions of what was learned at these events are invariably laden with corporate jargon to the point of being incomprehensible. SCP-4068-1-A will attempt to spread what they learned from the event to other employees, typically through emails, motivational posters, and verbal conversations.

SCP-4068-1-A communications appear to exert a memetic effect on other employees of their company, who become convinced that information about SCP-4068 is meaningful and attempt to spread it to other employees (thus creating more instances of SCP-4068-1-A). Non-employees perceive the anomalous speech normally, and can neither understand SCP-4068-1 instances nor be influenced by the memetic effects of SCP-4068. The use of Class-C amnestics is effective at curing SCP-4068-1-A instances, though future exposure to SCP-4068 will cause a recurrence of the effects.

SCP-4068-1-A instances progress to SCP-4068-1-B typically after remaining untreated for 4-5 weeks, though proximity to other instances of SCP-4068-1-A and SCP-4068-1-B will accelerate the progression. SCP-4068-1-B instances are completely incapable of comprehensible speech, devolving into a coprolalia2 of corporate jargon and buzzwords. This speech exerts a significantly strong memetic effect on other employees, greatly increasing the likelihood of the creation of SCP-4068-1-A instances. SCP-4068-1-B instances can also be distinguished by an extreme reticence to interact with non-employees, violent tendencies towards non-anomalous management theory literature (books, articles, etc.) and signs of psychological distress3.

The administration of amnestics to SCP-4068-1-B instances appears ineffective at curing the instance, as mental deterioration has typically already occurred by this point4. Refer to Interview Log 4068-A.

SCP-4068-2 are corporations who have reached a critical mass of SCP-4068-1 instances (approximately 60% of employees, though SCP-4068-2 instances can manifest earlier if the majority of the company leadership is affected). SCP-4068-2 will implement corporate policies that appear to be consistent with SCP-4068. Due to the incomprehensibility of SCP-4068-1 communications, the reasoning behind these policies is unclear, and attempts to discuss them result in further manifestations of SCP-4068-1-A.

All instances of SCP-4068-1 will comply with the policies laid out by SCP-4068-2. Employees of SCP-4068-2 instances who are not yet affected by SCP-4068 typically become instances of SCP-4068-1 within a week following the implementation of these policies. A refusal to participate in SCP-4068-2 policies will elicit violent reactions from SCP-4068-1 instances. Refer to Evidence Log 4068-A.

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