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An SCP-4067-2 instance mid-construction.

Item #: SCP-4067

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Delta-9 ("Pest Exterminators") is to track and disrupt SCP-4067 events if possible. The task force is to be equipped with long-range incendiary weaponry and neutralize both SCP-4067-1 and -2 instances. MTF Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") is to aid in cover-up of SCP-4067 events. Items left behind from events are to be collected and be kept in Artifact Storage Vault 12 of Site-42 for analysis.

The six live SCP-4067-1 instances in Foundation custody (designated -A through -F) are to be kept in reinforced, acid resistant containment chambers at Site-42. Interactions with -1 instances are to be accomplished via automatic means and if unavailable, Class-D personnel are to enter wearing acid resistant hazmat suits. Standard decontamination of equipment is to be performed and personnel are to be inspected for contamination afterwards. If found contaminated, subject is to be quarantined and diagnosed by the on-site medical team. Their fate will then be evaluated by the Site Director.

Contained SCP-4607-1 instances must wear remote-activated shock collars at all times. The collar is set to deliver an automatic shock in the event of tampering.

The remains of one -2 instance in Foundation custody are currently kept in cryogenic storage within Tanks 13 through 16. Access requires Level 4 clearance.

Description: SCP-4067 refers to a yearly event that occurs in a random location throughout Western and Central Europe where a massive gathering of a race of insect humanoids occur. These humanoids are designated as SCP-4067-1 instances.

Instances of SCP-4067-1 are sapient and are both bipedal and quadrupedal. DNA analysis of instances has shown traces of the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana), various members of the cicada super family (Cicadoidea), human (Homo sapiens) and several unidentified organisms. Instances are capable of producing speech1 though communicate via clicks more often among themselves. Some specimens possess two or four limbs connected to their torsos that terminate in three fingers. Dissections have shown the presence of a large green membrane at the center of the torso, and a large intestinal system along with glandular organs. One organ has shown to produce an acidic substance, which instances would occasionally drool in small quantities unintentionally.

SCP-4067-1 instances are also infested with multiple non-anomalous diseases. Examples include salmonella, dysentery, gonorrhea, the bubonic plague, and Lyme disease. Instances are immune to the effects of these diseases, but pose a major risk for humans. Disposal via incendiary means is deemed sufficient.

At the yearly event, -1 instances manifest from unknown sources in various numbers2 and create effigies from wood.3 These effigies are made to resemble an unknown deity worshiped by -1 instances, and are designated as SCP-4067-2. When it is built, -1 instances will gather any near-by humans or animals, and then in a ritualistic fashion have the bodies of subjects expand and merge with the -2 instance while chanting. Once a -2 is completely covered in the flesh of subjects, it will begin to animate and slowly crawl its vicinity in search of further subjects to consume, including -1 instances.


A recovered offering possessing a carved depiction of the deity worshipped by instances.

SCP-4067-1 instances have produced offerings at the events, such as carvings or sculptures, depicting their deity. Each depiction varies but is of an insect appearance. Usual depictions are sometimes humanoid or more resembling an ordinary insect. From interviews with captured -1 instances (Addendum 01), the deity is referred to as a female and is named "Kicothea". Currently, there has been no sufficient evidence to confirm the existence of this deity.

It is not known where instances travel to and from for events due to attempts at tracking being met with failure. For example, GPS trackers cease transmitting until the next event where the instance it is attached to attends. An inter-dimensional origin is speculated.

The Foundation became aware of SCP-4067 on 7-12-19██ in the Białowieża Forest in Poland after reports of "roach bug men" around the edges of the forest. Agents were sent to investigate and discovered a small gathering of -1 instances as they were constructing offerings and a -2 instance. The -1 instances immediately dispersed and evaded capture. The incident was logged and was encountered again the following year, which resulted in SCP status.

Addendum 01: The following transcript is of an interview with a -1 instance.

Addendum 02: At an excavation site in Egypt, mummified remains of SCP-4067-1 instances were discovered surrounding several granite pillars marked with Daeva inscriptions, and a single depiction of an insect organism. A scroll containing Daeva script was also recovered. A translation of it is found below. Following this discovery, additional sites of mummified instances and pillars were found throughout the Middle East.

The pillars have been moved to Site-12 for research and have not displayed any anomalous properties as of yet. Testing is ongoing.

Addendum 03: Level 4 clearance required to view.

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