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Item#: 4064
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SCP-4064-B, pictured when it was first brought into Foundation custody.

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation currently has two instances of SCP-4064 in custody at Site-96, which are to be kept in separate high-security containment cells with non-electronic locking mechanisms. No personnel is allowed access to either room without direct permission from the acting Site Director. Communication with SCP-4064 instances, if necessary, is only permitted through mechanical vocal relay systems attached to either room. Visual monitoring is possible through prismatic shafts, though the shafts should be shut when not in use.

The whereabouts of the remainder of SCP-4064 is unknown. This knowledge is of vital importance, not only for the sake of full containment but so SCP-4064 does not gather more intelligence on the Foundation and other Groups of Interest than it already has.

In the event that the Foundation locates SCP-4064 or its current target, any and all possible monitoring of SCP-4064 is to be halted, and Operation "Wool Coat" is to be enacted. During Operation "Wool Coat", squadrons of armed personnel are sent to the most recent sighting of any instance of SCP-4064 and the current residence of its target. All personnel involved must be bare of any electronic devices or metals that could carry a ferromagnetic charge.

Update: As of July 13th, 2015, SCP-4064-A has been relocated to a new site, and granted greater freedoms such as a standard non-hostile humanoid containment cell and increased personnel interaction. It has requested to have its SCP designation removed, and prefers to be called "Jane". This request has been denied. SCP-4064-B should not under any circumstances be made aware that this change has been put into effect.

Description: SCP-4064 is a hive-mind, capable of inhabiting six distinct bodies. Iterations of SCP-4064 appear as light-skinned females with face masks1. Though individual hosts of SCP-4064 are non-anomalous by themselves, they share the unique ability to interact with the masks on a biological level. The masks, when worn, allow instances of SCP-4064 to share neuron impulses. Though their reflexes and general physical mobility is unique to each iteration, connected instances of SCP-4064 will speak and perceive their surroundings simultaneously. SCP-4064's primary goal, after self-preservation, is to serve a deity referred to as Anatolia.2

There is another aspect of the masks that, while anomalous, is not restricted to use by SCP-4064 hosts. The masks affect the voice of those wearing them, adding emphasis and vigor to their speech. Persuasion by the wearer of the mask of those in direct auditory range becomes exceedingly difficult to resist.

Addendum 01: On February 22nd, 2014, Doctor Ozid of Site-96 called in that he had been keeping his knowledge of SCP-4064 secret for a number of weeks. He was initially reprimanded for withholding information of anomalous entities, but since the discovery of SCP-4064's emotional properties, it has been lifted from his record. The following is a transcription of the call.

Addendum 02: Doctor Ozid provided detailed descriptions of SCP-4064 and, to the best of his ability, dates, and locations for each major development in his relationship with SCP-4064. Two weeks after his initial call, an instance of SCP-4064 was identified on a security camera in the Cleveland Garden mall, and MTF Eta-17 ("Loverboys") was sent to stake out the surrounding area, ultimately leading to the successful capture of two of the six instances. These instances, hereby referred to as SCP-4064-A and SCP-4064-B, were brought to the nearby Site-96 and interviewed. Doctor Ozid requested to be involved in these interviews, but due to his prior experience with SCP-4064, his request was denied. The interviews were conducted by the site director, Doctor Laura Knight.

Subsequent interviews were held the following few days, with no new information being gained. Interviews were halted indefinitely.

Addendum 03: On July 12th, 2015, about four months after the initial capture of SCP-4064-A and SCP-4064-B, during routine monitoring of the entities' cells, SCP-4064-A was seen motioning to the prismatic shaft, calling for attention. The guard on duty proceeded to open the vocal relay system attached to her room and discovered that she was asking for an interview. After deliberation, a date and time were set, and the following interview was held between SCP-4064-A and Doctor Knight.

Addendum 04: Nearly five years after its initial containment, on April 23rd, 2019, SCP-4064-B was observed to have a notable physical change, that being the appearance of a single grey strand amidst its usually black hair. No alterations have been made to containment procedures since this discovery.

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