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Item #: SCP-4063

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4063 is to be housed in the former residence of Head Researcher Ambrose Cary, a farmhouse in rural Nova Scotia, hereby referred to as ACS1-Homestead. Due to the infohazardous properties of SCP-4063 the exact location of ACS-Homestead shall be known only to Head Researcher Cary. ACS-Homestead shall be equipped with a triple redundancy GPS and cellular dampening device. Transport to and from ACS-Homestead shall only be undertaken using a blacked out self-driving vehicle equipped with a similar GPS dampening device utilizing a random path algorithm in order to prevent passengers from determining route. The computer governing this vehicle’s navigation systems shall have no accessible output. Head Researcher Cary will be responsible for inputting navigation coordinates into a new vehicle system should this be necessary.

ACS-Homestead shall be guarded by MTF-300 δ “Caretakers”, which shall consist of exactly four members. They shall reside in a residence constructed on the edge of the property of ACS-Homestead and under no circumstances enter the main structure of ACS-Homestead. Their primary responsibility is to deter anyone except for designated individuals from accessing ACS-Homestead. If unauthorized individuals approach within 50 meters of the main structure of ACS-Homestead they shall be given class A amnestics and removed from the site. If any unauthorized individual enters the main structure of ACS-Homestead they shall be sedated from a distance and issued class A amnestics. They shall be kept on site until special transport to an offsite deconditioning facility can be arranged. The MTF shall be refreshed with personnel every two weeks. An agent can only serve in MTF-300 δ once every four months.

ACS-Homestead is to be supplied with two D-Class personnel at all times, hereby referred to as D-4063-01 and D-4063-02. Both shall at all times wear vitals monitoring devices equipped with hard wired connections to the MTF outpost onsite. In the event of the cessation of vital signs from either D class agents should immediately signal for a replacement D class to be supplied. The replacement D class shall dispose of the remains of the deceased with a specially equipped furnace in the basement of the main structure of ACS-Homestead. In the event of equipment failure resulting in a false positive report of vitals failure, the replacement D class shall be terminated immediately upon exit from the main structure. No attempt at communication shall be made.

D-4063-01 is to be an adult female between 35 and 45 years old with a low probability of violent acts against children (>99.9% confidence) and qualifications of a nurse or similar medical role. Expected lifespan of D-4063-01 is 2-4 weeks.

D-4063-02 is to be an adult female between 20 and 25 years old with a low probability of violent acts against children (>99.9% confidence) and experience in childcare. Expected lifespan of D-4063-02 is 1-2 weeks.

Supplies and waste are to be transported to and from the main structure using a pully system. Under no circumstances should D class personnel leave the main structure.

Research regarding SCP-4063 is only to be carried out in a secure room, and is only to be conducted by one individual, designated as SCP-4063’s Steward. No notes may leave the secure room, and upon leaving the room the researcher must self-administer class A amnestics. The current Steward of SCP-4063 is Head Researcher Ambrose Cary. In the event of the death of Head Researcher Ambrose Cary, Emergency Procedure 4063-GABLES shall be immediately implemented (See Addendum for details).

Description: SCP-4063 is a preternatural consciousness inhabiting the remains of Anne Cary, the daughter of Head Researcher Ambrose Cary, hereby referred to as SCP-4063-01. SCP-4063-01 was diagnosed with a late stage aggressive cancerous brain tumor [Redacted] 20██. At the time Head Researcher Cary was project lead on the investigation of Unexplained Site █████. It is believed that a failure in provisional containment procedures resulted in the manifestation of SCP-4063 upon the start of a short sabbatical taken by Cary. The connection is suspected due to the cessation of the anomalous properties of Unexplained Site █████ around the time of the manifestation of SCP-4063.

SCP-4063’s primary effect is the animation of the remains of SCP-4063-01. Testing using polaroid photography has revealed that SCP-4063-01 has continued to grow and age since the inception of SCP-4063, although it has been shown that SCP-4063-01 has no heartbeat, thus suggesting the death of the subject. Additionally, classified written correspondence between SCP-4063 and Head Researcher Cary suggests that SCP-4063 has little to no access to the memories or personality of SCP-4063-01.

It has been noted that SCP-4063 does not require the consumption of food for the maintenance or growth of SCP-4063-01. Early research and analysis of wastes disposal from the principal structure of ACS-Homestead indicated a reduction of glial cells within expired D class personnel. This suggests damage caused to the nervous system of nearby organisms. The prevailing theory is that SCP-4063 somehow draws sustenance from the glial cells of subjects, but the exact method of this transfer is unknown. Due to this nervous system damage, the expected lifespan of those in direct contact with SCP-4063 is 1-4 weeks.

Early testing of SCP-4063 involved the placement of various animals into the environment of the main structure of ACS-Homestead, including Carassius auratus, Felis catus, Canis lupus familiaris, and Macaca mulatta. The purpose of this testing was to determine if an alternate source of neuroglia tissue could be supplied for the sustenance of SCP-4063. In all of these instances no statistically significant reduction in glial cells could be discovered upon retrieval of the test subjects.

It should be noted that upon conclusion of the above tests and retrieval of subjects MTF members onsite reported symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and blurred vision. Testing revealed slight deterioration of neuroglia tissue within affected MTF members. The cause of this deterioration could not be precisely ascertained, but popular conjecture suggests either an expansion of SCP-4063's effect due to agitation or [Conjecture expunged due to infohazardous risk].

SCP-4063 is apparently under the belief that the foundation believes it to be SCP-4063-01. Accordingly, It either continues to experience the symptoms that SCP-4063-01 experienced prior to expiration or is aware of them and acts as though they still affect it. Due to this, a D class personnel designated D-4063-01 is assigned to act as a nurse for SCP-4063. Additionally, a second D class designated D-4063-02 is assigned to act as a childcare professional for SCP-4063. These D class personnel serve the dual purposes of keeping SCP-4063 occupied and sated. However, due to SCP-4063’s method of obtaining sustenance, D class personnel must be refreshed frequently.

SCP-4063 has an additional infohazardous effect that, due to its nature, is difficult to describe in the confines of this document. Head Researcher Cary, a specialist in the field of infohazards, is responsible for researching the progression of this effect and maintaining appropriate containment procedures. By Cary’s estimation, discussing the exact features of the effect, or documenting them in any way, will result in its propagation. Conjecture made by those unfamiliar with SCP-4063 does not seem to activate the effect, as suggested by Doctor Robert Singh2. Permission to expand research beyond the responsibility of the acting Steward of SCP-4063 is pending review by the Ethics Committee, but is strongly opposed by Head Researcher Ambrose Cary.

Addendum: Emergency Procedure 4063-GABLES: In the event of the death of Head Researcher Cary, his choice for Steward will be notified and will take over the research of SCP-4063. Head Researcher Cary’s ability to unilaterally choose a new Steward for SCP-4063 has been disputed and is currently in review with the Ethics Committee. Pending a decision, Emergency Procedure 4063-GABLES shall remain the default response to Cary’s death.


This document is solely intended for the current steward of SCP-4063, to be delivered upon the execution of Emergency Procedure 4063-GABLES. Any unauthorized access will result in administrative disciplinary action, up to and including personal termination.
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