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3/4061 LEVEL 3/4061



Item #: SCP-4061

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized Safe


"An early attempt to photograph SCP-4061-α by previous caretakers"

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4061-carrying bacteria cultures must be cultivated every 10 days. These cultures are to be stored under a covering of sterile mineral oil at 4-6°C in a secure cold room of Unit 21 of Site-76. Only personnel of clearance 3 or higher are permitted to interact with SCP-4061.

Description: SCP-4061 is a gene sequence copied via CRISPR-Cas91 from SCP-4061-α into bacteria modified from Escherichia coli K–122. These cultures carry genes that express the same anomalous qualities as SCP-4061-α, expire if not kept cool after 6 hours, and are not transmissible outside of lab conditions.

SCP-4061-α is the remains of a 4-year-old male German Shepherd dog which had the ability to detect and interfere with the use of photographic devices active and directed at it. SCP-4061-α expired from natural causes on 06/05/16. Its remains were incinerated on site.

SCP-4061-α attempted to move out of view of any photographic device. During all attempts to record SCP-4061-α, it emitted either electromagnetic radiation that destroyed unprotected electrical recording equipment or a hazardous effect manifesting as nearby objects non-coincidentally interfering with devices recording SCP-4061-α.

Recovery: SCP-4061 was discovered on 05/07/16. Further documentation on SCP-4061 can be found in the Stealth Technology Research Division's project codenamed "Stray Mutt".

SCP-4061-α was recovered on 12/15/2015 by Mobile Task Force Pi-1. Field agents were deployed after several perimeter security cameras at a public front of a Foundation site had simultaneously failed. Agents were able to determine that the cause of the security camera failure was SCP-4061-α after a nearby small-town news team attempted to run a story related to an "unphotographable dog". A disinformation campaign and amnestics were used to enable the transfer of SCP-4061-α into Foundation custody.

Stray Mutt - Stealth Technology Research Division

Incident FSRX2 Report

SCP-4061-α Test Log
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