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Item #: SCP-4060

Object Class: Safe


Photo of SCP-4060

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4060 is currently contained in a dual lock safe in Unit 10 of Site-76. The keys to SCP-4060's safe are to be assigned to two non-associated personnel with at least Level 3 Clearance. Personnel assigned to the SCP-4060 must undergo psychological evaluations and debriefings every month and after each onsite containment breach.

Any onsite personnel shown to have sympathies towards any groups of interest on the Notable Groups of Interest List should be reported to Site Director Dr. Matthews.

Description: SCP-4060 is a small black two-pan beam balance scale. SCP-4060 is able to exchange memories between an individual and itself. Furthermore, SCP-4060 is known to obtain and store any memory that has been lost due to an amnestic, as well as any the object acquires through an exchange.

SCP-4060's exchange manifests after a subject knowingly places at least one object on both sides of the scale and once both sides of the scale are left undisturbed for approximately 30 seconds.

During the exchange, the objects on the right side of the scale are the influencing parameters for the memories the subject will lose. The same factors on the left side of the scale similarly influence the memories the subject will acquire.

It is currently unknown how SCP-4060 chooses what memories are exchanged within a given set of influencing parameters. The following are the current hypothetical effects of the influencing parameters for the exchanges caused by SCP-4060:

  • The total mass on a side of the scale correlates to the length of the memory exchanged.
  • The total quantity of objects on a side of the scale correlates to the age of the memories SCP-4060 can exchange.
  • When a subject places an object on the scale, that subjects sentimental or perceived value of the object correlates to the subjective importance/weight of memories exchanged.
  • Should an object that a subject places onto the scale have any strong personally held connotations for that subject, it will cause some of the exchanged memories content to correlate to that connotation.

Recovery: SCP-4060 was recovered on 07/15/2005 by Mobile Task Force Delta-5 from Area ██, Sector ██, after ██ simultaneous containment breaches had compromised the functionality of the facility. Only a single handwritten letter regarding SCP-4060 was found in the remains of Sector ██.

07/15/2008 - Notice from Site Director Dr. Matthews: It is also worth reiterating that any memory ever lost via an amnestic, by any individual, SCP-4060 has stored within it. Thus, a subject that uses SCP-4060 can acquire any such memory. As acquired memories are unaffected by amnestics, in order to prevent memory of catastrophic sensitivity being acquired by unauthorized personnel, only Class D personnel are permitted to interact with SCP-4060 and thereafter must have all of their communication closely monitored for one month by a team with at least Level 3 clearance.

Initial Testing: Test Log only accessible to personnel with clearance Level 4 or higher.

Classified Testing: Test Log only accessible to personnel with clearance Level 5.
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