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Item #: SCP-406

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-406 is to be held in a well-lit, unventilated 3.05mx3.05m (10ftx10ft) room at all times. Temperature is to be held at constant 4.44 degrees Celsius. No personnel are to interact with SCP-406 without contained-atmosphere suits and heavy lead shielding around the head. Interaction is to be held to periods no longer than five minutes. No samples are to be taken, and no invasive testing that may rupture SCP-406 is allowed. Any movement from it must be met with immersion in liquid nitrogen until all movement ends.

All personnel entering or exiting the area are to be given full x-ray and CAT scans, without exception. Personnel who resist are to be contained and observed.

Description: SCP-406 is a large, waxy mass that suspends itself from the ceiling by several thick cords extruded from the main mass. These are hollow, and will penetrate non-metallic surfaces as they grow. Growth begins with 2.5cm (1in) a day at 10 degrees Celsius, and increases rapidly with additional heat. SCP-406 is filled by millions of thin, hair-like structures that are capable of limited movement.

The item was recovered in southern Wisconsin, in the basement of a local store owner. Subject had been missing for several days. SCP-406 had grown protrusions through most of the residence, projecting out of the walls in eight sections, mainly the kitchen. Removal was effected by use of a large knife.

SCP-406 proceeded to release thousands of tiny hair-structures, which swarmed over all subjects in the residence. The structures entered the body, and burrowed into all tissues. Those affected quickly became irrational, violent and hyper-sensitive to light and heat. After 24 hours, subjects gathered in the basement and began to have violent seizures. Death followed after three hours. SCP-406 was found to be re-sealed and growing upon recovery. Subjects had all begun to rot prematurely, and had hair-structures on all exposed flesh.

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