3/4059 LEVEL 3/4059
Item #: SCP-4059

Figure 1.1: An abandoned residence found at SCP-4059-1

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Site-144 has been constructed around SCP-4059-1 under the guise of a branch of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Fish and Wildlife Office. Any civilians attempting to enter the vicinity of SCP-4059-1 are to be turned away due to the area being a protected habitat of a population of Crotalus horridus (Timber Rattlesnake).

Presently, one instance of SCP-4059-2 is being held in a Standard Type-C containment cell at Provisional Site-144. The instance is to be provided with fresh water from SCP-4059-1, replaced monthly, and is to be fed one live pig every three months. Should more instances of SCP-4059-2 be discovered, MTF Nu-5 (“Cabin Fever") is to be dispatched to contain the entity. Any person that has witnessed or has been attacked by an instance of SCP-4059-2 is to be administered Class-A amnestics and released.

SCP-4059-3 is to be stored in a safe-deposit box at Provisional Site-144. Under no circumstances is Procedure 4059-Chemosh to be performed.

Description: SCP-4059 is the collective designation for a series of anomalies centered around the Pinelands National Reserve in New Jersey, USA.

SCP-4059-1 is a 30 m radius circular freshwater reservoir, located in the center of a 330 m radius circular clearing, located west of the town of Leeds Point, New Jersey. Directly encircling the reservoir are six abandoned single-room cabins, estimated to have been built within the last 150 years. A mass grave was uncovered by Foundation archaeologists along the westernmost edge of the clearing. The gravesite was found to contain the assorted remains of an estimated 72 infants, many exhibiting severe physical deformities. The reservoir and its constituent structures are not anomalous unless two compatible subjects attempt to perform Procedure 4059-Chemosh.

SCP-4059-2 are bipedal hircine creatures that exhibit numerous deviations from non-anomalous goats. Notably, SCP-4059-2 entities are approximately 2 m tall on average, with functional chiropteran wings protruding from the shoulder blades, anthropoid forelimbs terminating in hooked claws, prominent incisors, vestigial anthropomorphic mammary glands on the chest, and a thin, hairless, forked tail. Like many species of non-anomalous goat, instances have a pair of large keratinous horns protruding from the top of their head and have a small, bearded wattle dangling from the base of the chin.

SCP-4059-2 are adept predators, stalking and incapacitating prey with a bite to the throat. Instances have been reported to be able to move at speeds upwards of 90 km/h for brief periods of time in the pursuit of prey. SCP-4059-2 typically avoid human contact, but can become aggressive when trapped or provoked, and instances have been known to stalk and kill humans. At seemingly random intervals, SCP-4059-2 may return to SCP-4059-1 to drink.

SCP-4059-3 is the personal journal of Japhet Bartosiewicz, a Polish immigrant. The journal includes details about the founding and daily life as a resident of SCP-4059-1 as well as instructions as to the proper execution of Procedure 4059-Chemosh.

Addendum 4059-1: Procedure 4059-Chemosh

Addendum 4059-2: Abridged entries found within SCP-4059-3 (translated from Polish)

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