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The Thomas Jefferson Building Main Reading Room. All individuals pictured are Foundation agents enacting Operation LeVar.

Item #: SCP-4058

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation assets have been tasked with keeping libraries and other collections of physical literary materials worldwide below a threshold item count, above which SCP-4058 becomes audible.

Per Operation Reading Rainbow, books and physical copies of documents in the Foundation's possession are to be accumulated at the Central Resource Nolan-Peoples Library at Site-19. Following clarification of the above threshold count and large-scale reproduction of SCP-4058, items are to be returned to their original sites or be redistributed according to Foundation literary vacancies. Incoming additions to the Foundation's literary collection are to be allocated by the same considerations.

A dedicated staff of D-Class as well as multi-lingual scholars are to be deployed to the Library of Congress, per Operation LeVar. Please refer to that operation's charter for additional details.

Description: SCP-4058 is an emergent acoustic phenomenon exclusive to the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Captured examples of SCP-4058 can be sampled in the Site-19 Audio Library.

Staff and patrons of the Library of Congress describe a gradual onset of faint, droning sounds within the library, beginning some time after May 2018 and developing over the course of several weeks. The sounds have since become louder and increasingly disruptive, interrupting operations and discouraging patronage to such an extent as to compromise budgeting and projected funding from the U.S. Government.

Stationed audio recording equipment and pilotless trials in the library have confirmed that SCP-4058 occurs only when an individual is present.


1. Transcripts and Documentation

2. Testing

The following describes a series of tests in which texts, including the documents retrieved from B1 and B2, were situated in an anechoic chamber,3 and the environment analyzed by both an array of high-sensitivity, directional microphones, and a Foundation operative. The operative placed in the anechoic chamber was the same across all trials, and had passed several medical and auditory sensitivity tests.4 The operative was asked to hold his breath and remain still during recordings.

3. Operation Reading Rainbow

The Foundation organized and initiated Operation Reading Rainbow in order to further research leads regarding the anomalous nature of SCP-4058. The goal was to recreate SCP-4058 by amassing a sufficient concentration and proximity of eligible texts.6

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