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To My Successor,

I would like to once again congratulate you on your selection for my position. I am growing old (finally), and it now falls to you to take up the mantle of O5-2. You have been exceptionally diligent and compliant in your preparations for this position, and I thank you for that, but in regards to your questions around familial and romantic ties: I understand. Humans are very social creatures, we desire something to hold on to, to touch, to love (Trust me, I've been there too.)

This article has since been archived; the current SCP-4057 slot now holds something more timely and unexplained, but we keep it on hand as an exemplar, a reminder of a piece of history that we can't repeat. This was a time before RAISA, before the Ethics Committee, when there were no checks on our power and as such this mistake was easier to make. Nonetheless, I consider this a fine example of why it is our responsibility to distance ourselves.

Item #: SCP-4057

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4057 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-19. Interaction is permitted for Level 3 researchers and higher.

Description: SCP-4057 is a female human of French descent. When viewed, subjects perceive that SCP-4057 will encounter imminent danger. The effect is believed to be memetic in nature, and will occur regardless of whether or not SCP-4057 is in a secure location, or in the presence of persons adequately equipped to defend her from threats. The type of danger perceived varies, but is in a majority of cases a malicious entity that seeks to cause her harm, such as a wild animal, a criminal, or in severe cases an anomalous entity.

Discovery: SCP-4057 presented herself to Site-19 on 02/08/64, surrounded by 5 civilians expressing severe worry for her condition. The civilians were administered an amnestic drug, and SCP-4057 willingly entered containment. It is unknown how SCP-4057 was aware of the location of Site-19, and has not revealed such information when questioned.

Love makes us do the most irrational things, and -7 was so full of love, for her darling Marie, for her husband, and it clouded her judgement. We were the only two women on the council at the time, so we shared a certain… Sisterhood, I guess you might say. That was why I stood against every other council member in that final vote. I wanted her to know that she wasn't alone in loving, that we all still felt something despite the weight of our position, that I was still there for her. She was amnesticized and demoted to a junior researcher, and she still works here to this day. We're prohibited from talking to her, for obvious reasons, but… I still feel so, so sorry for her. I can't say I've ever known the maternal bond as a mother, but I knew it as a child, and it is the strongest bond known to man, or woman for that matter. I understand why she did the things she did; had I a daughter, I would have done the same.

I still see her sometimes, however. Observing from a distance, seeing the work she does, seeing Marie, now a beautiful woman working in memetics, ironically. She was amnesticized too, as was everyone else at the Foundation and the world at large, it came as part and parcel of the countermeme. But the countermeme didn't affect every species. I frequently join Marie for walks in the woods, wearing the clothes and bearing the credentials of a fellow researcher. The way the animals adore her, fuss over her, it's…

Regardless, I understand how painful it will be to say goodbye to your friends and family, only to have them amnesticized. It used to be that a cover story was created saying you died. Believe me, amnestics are far less painful for all involved. This is a part of our history that we can't afford to repeat. It nearly destroyed us the first time, and with the delicate balance we maintain now, it would most certainly destroy us were it to happen today. I hope your preparations go smoothly, and O5-1 through -13 will all welcome you with open arms as the new -2.

Secure, Contain, Protect.


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