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Item #: SCP-4056

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Personnel are to be stationed outside of SCP-4056 to amnestize any civilians who encounter the anomaly. Select humanoids within SCP-4056 have been transferred to be contained at Site-17 (See Addenum 4056.2 for details).

Description: SCP-4056 is a facility located in northern Alaska. SCP-4056 contains approximately 550 different humanoids in cryogenic stasis chambers. While each of these humanoids varies from each other slightly in appearance, genetic analysis shows that their DNA is identical to that of Director Charles Ogden Gears.

The stasis chambers in which each humanoid is housed appears to be powered by harnessing the cold temperatures and turning the lack of heat into an energy source. The technology used to do this is not well understood and theorized to be anomalous in nature. Additionally, each chamber is branded with a logo that resembles that of Prometheus Labs, except for a few key differences. Foundation contacts at Prometheus Labs have confirmed that no such cryogenic stasis cells have been developed by the company, nor have they developed technology capable of harnessing energy from the cold as these machines have.

SCP-4056 contains a single furnished room that contains a bed, changes of clothes, a refrigerator with an apple and a single jar of strawberry jam in it, and a nightstand with a lamp and a picture of a man resembling Director Charles Ogden Gears at age 341 with a woman resembling his wife.

Discovery: Incident 4056-0.01: On April 5th, 2049, PoI-4056 infiltrated Site-17 through unknown means. The subject was first detected by Foundation security systems at 21:02 outside Doctor Charles Gears' office. The following interaction was recorded between Doctor Gears and PoI-4056.

PoI-4056 has been added to Foundation registry. Subject is of mixed race, female and thaumaturgically capable. Additionally, PoI-4056 appears to possess detailed information on the Foundation and several members of its personnel. PoI-4056 was tracked to SCP-4056.

Addendum 4056.2: After locating SCP-4056 by following the tracker lodged in PoI-4056, Foundation personnel led by Dr. Gears waited until PoI-4056 was no longer detected within SCP-4056 before entering the facility. Below is a list of humanoids inspected by Dr. Gears and cleared for further investigation:

Designation Notes Status
AVN-98822 Subject's brain emits blue-colored bioluminescence and is slightly enlarged. Assigned to Site-34 research facility.
AVN-36241 Instance speaks in incomprehensible bird-like squawks. Hair possesses a feather-like texture. Stored in SCP-4056.
AVN-223647 Body is an amorphous mass. Subject expressed overwhelming pain upon the de-activation of its pod. Stored in SCP-4056.
AVN-64573 Subject is genetically identical to Dr. Gears but shares no personality traits. Of note, the subject is in possession of a starburst-cut ruby ring, which it wears on its right ring finger. Stored in SCP-4056.
AVN-95412 Subject lacks a physical body and appears as a brain suspended in an unknown fluid within a seemingly indestructible tank. Behaves and speaks similar to baseline Dr. Gears In Site-17 storage.
AVN-1221 Subject physically appears similar to Dr. Gears, but moves stiffly and often speaks in non-sequiturs. Closer examinations of the subject indicate it is an autonomous robot installed with a presumably faulty AI, which is suspected to be the reason behind the subject's unusual speech patterns. In Site-17 storage.
AVN-966315 No anomalous properties. Subject deemed closest to baseline Dr. Gears. In Site-17 confinement.

Addendum SCP-4056.3: AVN-966315 was awoken from its cryostasis because it appeared to be one of the SCP-4056 instance that was closest to baseline Dr. Gears. The following interview took place between Dr. Gears and AVN-966315 to attempt to gain understanding into the purpose of SCP-4056.

Addendum 4056.4: Following the interview with AVN-966315, Dr. Gears authorized Operation ICEBOX. MTF Alpha-99 "Fridge Raiders", led by Dr. Clef and Dr. Gears, were stationed at SCP-4056 in an attempt to ambush and capture PoI-4056. On September 8th, 2049, PoI-4056 appeared, and Operation ICEBOX commenced.

Addendum 4056.05: Following the capture of PoI-4056, an interview was held by Dr. Gears to attempt to gain insight into the assailant's actions. PoI-4056 is being temporarily contained at Site-17 until a sufficiently secure containment cell is constructed at Site-34.

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