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Item #: SCP-4055-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the relatively recent discovery and widespread habitat of SCP-4055-J, full containment is not possible at this time. Domestication attempts are to continue as a Septem-level priority to the Foundation.

Description: SCP-4055-J is an extremely hostile breed of dog. Its diet consists of garbage and it has a hairless, prehensile tail. SCP-4055-J instances regard humans with extreme contempt and will violently resist all attempts of domestication.

When given basic commands of "sit" and "fetch", SCP-4055-J instances will either feign death or attack their master. One specimen, upon hearing the phrase "who's a good boy," proceeded to violently defecate on the floor while foaming at the mouth.

It is believed that a black market ring of dog breeders in association with the Serpent's Hand created SCP-4055-J through the hybridization of a chihuahua and an unknown canid/mollusk entity.1 The motive for this breed's generation is currently unknown, but is speculated to involve the discouragement of pet ownership as a form of slavery.

Addendum - Experiment log 59-C:

Dr. Henderson: Please approach the specimen.

(D-41924 approaches)

(SCP-4055-J-3458 feigns death)

Dr. Henderson: Please give the specimen a belly rub.

D-41924: You sure that's a dog? It looks like a—

Dr. Henderson: Do not question.

D-41924: All right. Can I have some gloves?

Dr. Henderson: Dogs prefer the personal touch of a human hand. You will now do as you have been told, or face termination.

D-41924: Okay, I guess.

(D-41924 gives SCP-4055-J-3458 a belly rub. SCP-4055-J-3458 hisses and proceeds to shred D-41824's hand. Test concluded)

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