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Item #: 4055

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4055 is to be contained within a modified humanoid containment cell within Site-17. The entrance to SCP-4055’s cell must be replaced with a two door system. These doors may not be open within 6 seconds of each other in order to prevent escape. No fewer than two functioning thermal imaging cameras are to be situated within SCP-4055’s cell at all times. In the event of SCP-4055 being observed outside of its designated living quarters, the outer door is to be sealed until such time as SCP-4055 fully returns to containment. No communication is to be attempted outside of regulated testing.

Description: SCP-4055 is a humanoid entity existing simultaneously 3 seconds before and after consensus time. SCP-4055 cannot be directly interacted with, but can be observed via its effects on its environment. The most consistent of these is via thermal imaging, allowing for observation of residual body heat. Due to the nature of its anomalous properties, SCP-4055 is capable of responding to stimulus 6 seconds before it is introduced. Communication is typically made via written notes. As the responses are ready before the questions are asked, interviews with SCP-4055 are typically concluded relatively quickly.

Recovery: SCP-4055 was discovered following reports of a poltergeist in a forest in northern Scotland. When the initial containment team discovered that SCP-4055 was unaffected by standard ectomorph-disrupting equipment, containment was handed over to PTF Phi-7 (“Split Decisions”). Phi-7 discovered SCP-4055’s semi-corporeal nature upon observing its residual thermal signatures on trees within the forest. Containment was first attempted via erection of a 3 meter tall barricade, which was steadily closed around 4055 over the course of 2 hours. SCP-4055 escaped when Phi-7 attempted to transfer SCP-4055 to transport without the now-known 6 second buffer. After 2 more attempts, SCP-4055 was succesfully contained and transfered to Site 17.

Experiment Log 4055:
The following experiments were conducted entirely within SCP-4055’s cell, due to potential difficulty in reestablishing containment.

Experiment 4055-1:

Purpose: To attempt to establish communication with SCP-4055.

Procedure: D-4055-1 was allowed into SCP-4055’s cell and instructed to attempt written communication via pen and paper.

Results: D-4055-1 attempted communication for approximately 10 minutes with no success. After 10 minutes and 23 seconds, the words “Thanks for letting me have a turn” appeared on the paper. Notably, this occurred exactly 6 seconds before D-4055-1 dropped his pen out of surprise.

Researcher Notes: This was quite informative. Not only do we know that SCP-4055 is sapient, we also know that its interaction with objects is somewhat limited by our use of them. Or maybe it’s just being polite. -Dr. Nyle

Experiment 4055-3:

Purpose: To attempt further communication with SCP-4055.

Procedure: D-4055-2 was informed of SCP-4055’s nature, and was told to attempt to hold a regular conversation with it. D-4055-2 was provided with two pens to expedite the process.

Results: D-4055-2 engaged in a 23 minute written discussion with SCP-4055. SCP-4055 claimed to be Bucky ██████, a 34 year old male from Wisconsin. Records state that Bucky was born in ████, meaning SCP-4055 would have to be ███ years old at time of interview. SCP-4055 refused to go into detail as to what brought on its current circumstances.

Researcher Notes: We at least know that it’s humanoid due to the infrared cams, so its story at least has a little bit of credence to it. One thing that I don’t understand however is the discrepancy between some of our observations. For example, anything it writes appears all at once, instead of appearing as if it's actually being written by someone. Any body heat signatures picked on the cams also seem to change every time they’re unobserved, and seem slightly different for everyone. I'm going to need to look further into this. -Dr. Nyle

Experiment 4055-5:

Purpose: To explore the nature of SCP-4055’s existence.

Procedure: SCP-4055 was provided with a handheld video camera, and asked to record a video.

Results: 6 seconds before the instructions were given, the camera entered a state of apparent existential instability, during which each person present cited conflicting results as to its whereabouts. These ranged from being in the middle of the containment room floor, to not being in the room at all. This period lasted for 34 seconds, at which point the camera stabilised in the centre of the room. The recovered recording (now file 4055-1) has no sound. The video starts with a static view of the containment wall, but if observation is broken and resumed by an individual, the video will jump to another location for them. It has been discovered that rapidly blinking during observation provides a “flipbook” effect, essentially allowing for traditional viewing. A transcript of the file can be found below:

0:00-0:12, File begins, showing recording of containment wall. Minor camera movements consistent with handheld recording are apparent.

0:12-013, Recording moves rapidly downwards before returning to previous position. This is believed to be 4055 dropping and picking up the camera.

0:13-0:20, Recording rotates around the room, most likely 4055 checking the camera for damage. The video is intercut with brief periods of static during this time.

0:20-0:26, Recording is disrupted by heavy static for this duration. Some viewers claim to be able to make out a vague human silhouette.

0:26-0:33, Recording resumes, shows camera being slowly lowered to the floor.

0:34, Recording ends.

Researcher Notes: So we’ve established this “flipbook effect” affects 4055 in every video account we have of it. None of our unreality filters seem to affect it either, so it's not a traditional reality disruption we’re looking at here. We’re holding off on any temporal containment testing for now since what we’ve currently got set up works, and we don’t know how 4055 would react. It could work fine, or it could be the figurative crossing of the streams. Another thing is the patches of static on file 4055-1. I’m pretty sure we’ve all concluded that these are the parts where 4055 should be in view (again, completely resistant to our unreality filters), but why can a handful of people, myself included, see something in it? Yes, it's kind of humanoid, but it definitely isn’t 4055. If 4055 was recording this, at most we’d be able to see the head, shoulders, some of the upper body. But this is a full person, standing like 5 feet from the camera. And like the rest of the file, it moves when I look away. -Dr. Nyle

Experiment 4055-6:

Purpose: To further investigate SCP-4055’s temporal properties

Procedure: D-4055-2 was to be instructed to attempt communication with SCP-4055, but stop writing if any sign of SCP-4055 responding became apparent.

Results: Upon entering SCP-4055’s containment chamber, D-4055-2 experienced a localised reality failure. Researcher Kent, who was due to give the instructions, underwent the same process. While no lasting damage to containment was noted, D-4055-2 and Researcher Kent were not recovered and are presumed KIA. Dr. Philips, who approved the experiment, has been relieved of his duties.

Researcher Notes: Testing is being suspended until we can be sure an incident like this doesn’t happen again. I’m also making it abundantly clear to NEVER intentionally try to create a time paradox. I don’t give a damn what the hell you think we can learn. We’re here to secure, contain, and protect, and that comes before anything else. -Dr. Nyle

Researcher Note:

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