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Item #: SCP-4047

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4047 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell, the walls, floor and ceiling of SCP-4047's containment cell are to be lined with clear acrylic plastic. SCP-4047 is only to be allowed out of its primary containment cell for the purposes of testing and interviewing, which must be cleared by at least two senior researchers. SCP-4047's physical and psychological health should be monitored and recorded on a monthly basis. Changes in SCP-4047's health or behaviour are to be tracked and if necessary, reported for an Ethics Committee review on current containment procedures.

SCP-4047 may be given additional amenities as an incentive and reward for cooperation, following approval from at least two senior researchers and Ethics Committee; however, in addition to the regular list of prohibited items, SCP-4047's access to the following must also be limited:

  • Art supplies, including paint and paintbrushes
  • Any object capable of causing self-harm
  • Opaque liquids

Following Incident 01, SCP-4047 must not be allowed access to its own bodily waste and fluids, including blood, urine, vomit, and fecal matter.

Description: SCP-4047 is Richard Klein, a former secondary school art teacher, previously residing and working in Bath, England. SCP-4047 is physically and psychologically non-anomalous and posses average qualities for its age. Foundation research shows that SCP-4047 did not possess anomalous qualities prior to 2015, or was intentionally or unintentionally suppressing them from public knowledge.

SCP-4047 has the ability to perform simple yet potentially powerful rituals, by way of painting a variety of simple and complex symbols (hereafter referred to as SCP-4047-A) onto any solid, non-transparent surface. Many of the complex symbols match no known writing system or cultural symbolism, however shorter, more simple designs show a vague match to symbols from Shavian script1. SCP-4047-A are, by themselves, non-anomalous; however, when painted by SCP-4047, or by those instructed on how to do so directly by SCP-4047 (hereafter referred to as SCP-4047-B), their anomalous properties are able to manifest. The effectiveness and power of rituals performed using SCP-4047-A is dependent on the quality of paintings of SCP-4047-A produced by SCP-4047 or SCP-4047-B. Photographs and digital recreations of SCP-4047-A do not yield any anomalous effects.

The extent of the result of performing a SCP-4047-A ritual varies; results have included manifestation of gold, currency, precious gems, food, various anomalous and non-anomalous animals, alteration of local reality, and memetic effects on observers of SCP-4047-A. See test logs and incident reports for more details.

SCP-4047 does not possess any anomalous properties itself. Its skills in painting and drawing are generally sub-par, which causes SCP-4047-A created by SCP-4047 to result in diminished effect. For this reason, before containment, SCP-4047 was using students of ████████ Secondary School with exceptional artistic talent to create instances of SCP-4047-A.

SCP-4047 was discovered by Agent ████████ Miller reported numerous anomalous disturbances in the staff and student population of ████████ Secondary School, including:

  • Memetic influence over students, staff and relatives of students and staff,
  • A sharp increase in the school budget (87% of which was funneled into the school's art department)
  • High enrollment of students into art classes and extracurricular clubs
  • Acrylic paint manifesting in the digestive tract, mouth, eyes and nasal areas of staff and students.

At the time Agent Miller was embedded into the local civilian population and was a member of the school council. Agent Miller herself was unaffected by memetic influences due to previous resistance training; however, she is currently undergoing treatment for cadmium poisoning as a result of large amount of acrylic paint appearing inside her stomach. After covert surveillance of the school, art teacher Richard Klein was seen to be the source of all SCP-4047-B instances and at least six instances of SCP-4047-A. Initial containment proved difficult due to the manifestation of two dozen specimens of Bengal Tiger2 roaming the grounds of the school. Additionally SCP-4047-A and numerous instances SCP-4047-B physically and anomalously assaulted the initial recovery team. SCP-4047-B instances were considered acceptable casualties and SCP-4047-A was successfully recovered, with minor Foundation casualties. Due to the number of SCP-4047-B that were killed during recovery, ████████ Secondary School was destroyed with heavy explosives, and a disinformation campaign about a major gas leak was circulated amongst news outlets. Surviving SCP-4047-B were deemed non-anomalous and released back into the general public after amnestics were administered.

Following initial containment of SCP-4047, prior to destruction of ████████ Secondary School, SCP-4047's personal office was searched3. Recovered items include:

  • Personal effects, including desk ornaments, wallet, and a "world's best teacher" card for the year 2016
  • Certification for an art degree from ████████ University, dated ██/██/2015
  • 24 gold bars covered in dried acrylic paint
  • A letter of dismissal from ████████ Secondary School dated █/█/2018
  • Two instances of SCP-4047-A
  • The severed head of a domestic pig atop an instance of SCP-4047-A, along with British currency and art supplies. Dried acrylic paint was found inside and around the exterior of the object

Large amount of high ordnance explosive were found in the schools gymnasium, covered in different colours of acrylic paint, confetti, cloth, and animal hides of at least seven different species, in varying states of decomposition. The purpose of this stockpile of explosives is currently unknown.

SCP-4047 Incident 01:
On 19/██/████ SCP-4047 was able to breach containment by utilising a sharpened chair leg to inflict self-injury and bleeding. At the time SCP-4047 was contained in a standard humanoid containment cell, and was able to use its blood to paint an instance of SCP-4047-A onto the south facing wall of its containment cell. This caused localised tremors to occur near SCP-4047's containment cell, which led to its collapse and breach, as well as the breach of █ other SCP's. SCP-4047 was able to escape before a re-containment team could retrieve the subject; however, SCP-4047 was injured and incapacitated by falling debris immediately prior to cessation of the tremors. SCP-4047 suffered a fractured shoulder and internal bleeding. SCP-4047 has since recovered and containment procedures have been updated.

Test log 05/12/████: Creation of SCP-4047-A by SCP-4047
The following tests were performed by SCP-4047 under close supervision. Image records of the sets of SCP-4047-A used in testing can be found in supplementary document SCP-4047-001

Test 01
SCP-4047-A Set: Beta-09
Medium: Black acrylic paint on canvas
Result: After completion of SCP-4047-A, two dozen live Corn Snakes4 emerged from the centre of an instance of SCP-4047-A. Specimens recovered are non-anomalous; however, large amounts of acrylic paint were found in the digestive tracts of the specimens.

Test 02
SCP-4047-A Set: Beta-11
Medium: Black acrylic paint on canvas
Result: After completion of SCP-4047, one three-litre bottle of Pepsi brand soft drink manifested, along with two dozen iron nails and 25 grams of Rubidium. Rubidium reacted violently with the soft drink; however, the bottle did not explode and SCP-4047 was unharmed.

Test 03
SCP-4047-A Set: Alpha- 02
Medium: Black acrylic paint on canvas
Result: One acrylic painting in a plastic frame manifested. Painting appears to depict a peasant girl from late 1700's Italy. Viewers of the painting (including SCP-4047) show a marked increase in appreciation for artistic works (paintings, music, theatre etc.) from the Baroque and Renaissance periods. SCP-4047 was unable to accurately recreate the manifested painting without using SCP-4047-A.

Test log 05/12/████: Creation of SCP-4047-A by SCP-4047-B
The following tests were performed by D-Class personal converted into SCP-4047-B. D-Class with exceptional artistic talent were selected for the purposes of testing. SCP-4047 is required to instruct SCP-4047-B on how to create each individual instance of SCP-4047-A for anomalous properties to manifest.

Test 01
SCP-4047-A Set: Beta-09
Medium: Black acrylic paint on canvas
Result: After completion of SCP-4047-A, one unusually large (Approx. 34m long) King Cobra5 emerged from the centre of the instance of SCP-4047-A. Specimen was typically aggressive and proceeded to repeatedly bite SCP-4047-B and constrict itself around SCP-4047-B shortly before expiration (note that constriction of prey is uncommon in specimens of Ophiophagus hannah.) Specimen terminated and recovered for autopsy.

Test 02
SCP-4047-A Set: Beta-11
Medium: Black acrylic paint on canvas
Result: One large briefcase containing C4 explosives, assorted metal scraps and wiring typical of an IED (improvised explosive device). The weapon was armed but did not explode, and a bomb disposal team was able to disarm and dispose of the bomb. Analysis of the bomb parts shows that it was set to explode approximately nine minutes after it manifested, and was defused with three minutes remaining.

Test 03
SCP-4047-A Set: Alpha- 02
Medium: Black acrylic paint on canvas
Result: One oil painting in an ornate wooden frame manifested. Painting depicts a Christian monk from medieval Europe, carrying a large tome and quill. The monk moves within the painting itself, but does does not make any noise or respond to observers. The painting has the memetic effect of causing observers to believe that they have read the entirety of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. This can be reverted easily by reminding affected individuals that they have not in fact read the Canterbury Tales; however, this effect will return upon viewing the painting again. The instance of SCP-4047-B used for testing was able to recreate the painting that manifested from SCP-4047-A to the best of its ability. The result displayed no anomalous properties.

Following testing, D-Class personal used as instances of SCP-4047-B are to be treated for illnesses relating to the presence of large quantities of acrylic paint in their system. SCP-4047-B are deemed non-anomalous when not in the presence of SCP-4047 and are to be kept in standard D-Class quarters. SCP-4047 has so far not cooperated with Foundation staff in interviews and no significant information of value has been extracted from SCP-4047. Continued interviewing is to be approved by at least two senior researchers, following review of containment procedures and amended interview procedures. Benefits and amenities may be offered to SCP-4047 in exchange for an interview (following review from Ethics Committee).

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