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Item #: SCP-4045

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4045-B instances are to be impounded for study, and are to be stored in Vehicular Containment Garages as appropriate, pending destruction.

If SCP-4045 is detected prior to an SCP-4045 event, an attempt is to be made so that SCP-4045-A individuals are to be restrained or otherwise made unable to participate in these events, monitored until SCP-4045 symptoms cease, and then released following administration of appropriate amnestics.

Description: SCP-4045 is a phenomenon affecting women and motor vehicles in rural areas of the United States, Italy, Australia, China, and Russia. In humans, SCP-4045 is primarily characterized by the sudden development of mechanophilia1, in spite of any previous romantic or sexual inclinations, or the lack thereof. Individuals who are affected by SCP-4045 (henceforth SCP-4045-A) have several consistent characteristics:

  • All subjects are over the age of forty-five
  • All subjects identify as female
  • All subjects reside in areas where the human population within 10.7 square kilometers is less than 6,000 individuals
  • No subject has been in a sexual or romantic relationship for at least four years.
  • All subjects have at least one child; the presence of grandchildren in the family seems to increase the chance that SCP-4045 will affect an individual.
  • While not wholly consistent, 87.6% of affected subjects described themselves as having a "significant amount of free time on their hands."

If SCP-4045 is interrupted or SCP-4045-A or -B destroyed, all anomalous affects will cease.

The SCP-4045 phenomenon takes place in 3 main stages.

In the first stage, due to the aforementioned mechanophilia, SCP-4045-A instances will actively seek out automobiles, diverting from their daily routines and oftentimes putting themselves in physical danger in the process. SCP-4045-A instances show particular interest in models that are no longer being manufactured.

SCP-4045-A will then attempt to talk with the automobile, and despite there being no recorded anomaly affecting any of the automobiles at this stage, SCP-4045-A instances insist that the conversation is two-sided.

Should this initial SCP-4045 event be successful2, SCP-4045-A will progress to the second stage. During this stage, SCP-4045-A will attempt to meet with the vehicle they found in the first stage, referred to as SCP-4045-B. SCP-4045-A is able to start and unlock SCP-4045-B without a set of keys, which is used often, as SCP-4045-B is rarely owned by SCP-4045-A. Once SCP-4045-A has accessed SCP-4045-B, they will take SCP-4045-B on further SCP-4045 events, which comprises a large range of activities.

Observed activities include:

  • Sitting on top of the car for several hours while talking
  • Sitting inside of the car for several hours
  • Watching a movie outside
  • Picnicking

Following the conclusion of the activity, SCP-4045-A will return SCP-4045-B to where it was originally found.

Once SCP-4045-A and SCP-4045-B have been with each other for a certain amount of time3, the main SCP-4045 event will initiate.

The main SCP-4045 event starts identical to a normal SCP-4045 event. However, at the end of the event, instead of returning SCP-4045-B, SCP-4045-A will drive SCP-4045-B to a secluded area and attempt to engage in sexual intercourse with SCP-4045-B.

When SCP-4045-A achieves orgasm, they will begin to fuse with SCP-4045-B. This process takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. X-Rays taken during this process show that SCP-4045-A is slowly converted into various plastic and metals. This new material is then evenly distributed throughout the entirety of SCP-4045-B. SCP-4045-A is fully conscious for the duration of this process.

Following the total of conclusion of the SCP-4045 event, SCP-4045-B will drive itself back towards its residence. Electrical analysis of SCP-4045-B instances show that activity almost identical to brain activity is present throughout the vehicle. Past this, no further anomalous properties are recorded in SCP-4045-B.

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