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Item #: SCP-4044

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawler D1N4 is to monitor electronic medical records for evidence of SCP-4044 events.

MTF Sigma-54 ("Break-A-Wish") are tasked with securing individuals undergoing SCP-4044 and implementing cover story 4044-CS2 ("Unforeseen Complications").

Persons affected by SCP-4044 are to be contained in reality-anchored isolation facilities until they expire. Procedure 02-Dandelion is to be implemented once per instance within 14 days of initial containment.

Description: SCP-4044 is a phenomenon in which persons in the late stages of terminal illness become capable of periodically altering local reality.

An estimated 85% of SCP-4044 activity is limited to relatively minor reconfigurations such as the spontaneous generation of preferred foods or manifestation of desired objects. Highly visible public episodes of anomalous behavior occur in the other ~15% of SCP-4044 events. Examples can be found below.

Notable Incidents:
Designation Incident Overview Foundation Response
4044-1 Instance repeatedly caused stock cars to manifest outside of hospital and race through surrounding neighborhood. Cars bounced off pedestrians and other vehicles without damage, honking loudly on impact. First contact; only identified when instance expired due to natural causes and phenomenon ceased to occur. Cover story 4044-CS1 ("Street Racing Hoodlums") improvised by responding agents. Anomaly catalogued.
4044-61 Instance manifested several large saurians1 accompanied by an entity strongly resembling American actor Chris Pratt.2 Entities assist instance in mounting a saurian and riding it to a nearby park. Hospital staff amnesticized. Cover story 4044-CS64 ("Guerrilla Marketing") implemented.
4044-79 Instance manifested space shuttle on roof of Mayo Clinic parking garage in Phoenix, AZ, USA and teleported self inside before launching. Rocket exhaust caused no injuries or property damage. Class A amnestics mass-administered by air; high visibility of incident requires follow-up Class-B amnestic treatment of over 900 civilian witnesses. Instance last seen exiting Earth's atmosphere.

Following incident 79, SCP-4044 containment procedures were updated to require acquisition and confinement of instances rather than in situ concealment of anomalous activity. Procedure 02-Dandelion was proposed at this time and implemented after unanimous approval from Ethics Committee Panel 4044-EC062.

Procedure 02-Dandelion Overview:

Travel will be arranged for up to six individuals related to the instance.

Chosen individuals will be informed that their assistance is required for philanthropic medical research and compensated for their time.3

Chosen individuals will be transported to the instance's location. A selection of gifts is to be available for purchase on-Site.

Individuals are authorized to remain with the instance for up to six hours. A meal of the instance's choice will be served.

Visitors will be returned to their homes following amnestic treatment.

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