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Item #: SCP-4042

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Four D-class instances of SCP-4042-1 are kept housed within a Group Secure Humanoid Containment Cell, separate from other D-class personnel. Such individuals are to be exempted from the monthly management of D-class personnel. Any instances of SCP-4042-2 are to be contained with their corresponding instance of SCP-4042-1.

SCP-4042 is currently uncontained1. Cases of SCP-4042-1 encountered in the field are to be noted and added to the database F-4042, and should not be approached or questioned about SCP-4042 without permission from at least Level 3 personnel. If granted clearance, staff may attempt to identify any corresponding SCP-4042-2 instances through casual interviewing processes. Likewise, cases of SCP-4042-2 encountered in the field may, with permission, be interviewed in order to identify their corresponding SCP-4042-1 case. In the event of the death of an instance of SCP-4042-2, their corresponding SCP-4042-1 case should be monitored for newly manifested instances.

Additionally, all personnel at all sites are to be scanned monthly for distinctive thaumatic signatures2 characteristic of SCP-4042-1 or -2. All personnel cases of SCP-4042-1 and D-class instances of SCP-4042-2 are to be exposed to a powerful thaumatic dampening field3 for a period of time no less than 12 minutes. Non-D-class SCP-4042-2 personnel instances are to be added to the database F-4042.

With the exception of [REDACTED], individuals noted in database F-4042 are not permitted to move freely from one research site to another, to minimise spread of SCP-4042.

Description: SCP-4042 is a contagious thaumaturgical4 condition which results in the manifestation of human beings. Individuals infected with SCP-4042 are designated as cases of SCP-4042-1. Cases of SCP-4042-1 are capable of subconsciously generating living human beings, which are designated as instances of SCP-4042-2.

Instances of SCP-4042-2 are created as a result of lengthy periods of loneliness, apathy, or inadequacy felt by cases of SCP-4042-1. Instances manifest after 3 to 9 months of such an emotional state, and typically meet their SCP-4042-1 creator within 24 hours of creation.

Instances of SCP-4042-2 are physiologically, psychologically, anatomically, and genetically indistinguishable from regular members of the human population. Instances are unaware of their true nature, and possess appropriate documentation, finances, skills, and memories for their life up to their origin. They grow, age and die as normal humans, and are able to breed with humans, producing children which are invariably cases of SCP-4042-1. SCP-4042-2 instances enter into romantic relationships with their SCP-4042-1 creators in 47% of cases, and into platonic relationships in a further 38% of cases. Since instances of SCP-4042-2 have no compulsions to bond with their creator beyond a natural level of compatibility, it is not uncommon for instances of SCP-4042-2 to go on to lead lives completely separately to their creator.

Cases of SCP-4042-1 and instances of SCP-4042-2 each possess distinctive thaumatic signatures, which can be identified through normal techniques and equipment used to detect magic.

Instances of SCP-4042-2 will demanifest if their thaumatic signature is badly damaged or erased outright. Consequently, instances exposed to areas of extremely high background magic or areas under heavy thaumatic dampening for more than 10 minutes5 will cease to exist. If given a partially damaging exposure, instances will typically restabilise over a period of several weeks, provided that their corresponding SCP-4042-1 case is alive and has an undamaged thaumatic signature. If their SCP-4042-1 case has a damaged thaumatic signature, the SCP-4042-2 instance will instead typically demanifest.

Unaffected humans who form emotional bonds6 with an instance of SCP-4042-2 will become cases of SCP-4042-1.

Addendum SCP-4042.1: Report Submission Interview

Addendum SCP-4042.2: Incident 4042-A15

Addendum SCP-4042.3: Reassignment Request Interview

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