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An SCP-4041 event in progress.

Item #: SCP-4041

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The DYNASTY Protocol is currently in effect, and is to be maintained indefinitely. Birds injured by SCP-4041-1 are to be explained under the cover story of predatory birds consuming toxic materials. Civilians witnessing or interacting with SCP-4041-1 are to be amnesticized.

The DYNASTY Protocol is as follows:

  • Complete infiltration of the paleontology field by Foundation personnel.
  • Surrounding planned and current paleontological dig sites, both anomalous and nonanomalous, with anti-avian measures prior to excavation.
  • Widespread declaration that the theory suggesting that birds evolved from dinosaurs is obsolete.
  • Use of memetic agents embedded in educational media to reinforce that birds and dinosaurs are unrelated, and that no dinosaurs ever possessed feathers.

Description: SCP-4041 is a phenomenon involving anomalous coordinated behavior among various species of birds.

SCP-4041 events begin as ordinary flocks. The flock will stay close to the ground, often generating large clouds of dust or dirt. High-speed cameras trained on SCP-4041 events have detected small groups of birds within the flock attaching their wingtips together to form rings before dispersing again in a very short burst of light. Observation of SCP-4041 events has not shown any inherent pattern in these lights.

Excavation of the ground beneath SCP-4041 events will often (~70%) uncover various dinosaur fossils. Rarely, this will occur even in locations previously shown to have been completely excavated for fossils. Fossils discovered after SCP-4041 events are always of theropod dinosaurs, often coelurosaurians1. The variety and quantity of the fossils increase with the number of birds in the SCP-4041 flock.

Fossils located via SCP-4041 appear nonanomalous. They exhibit a high degree of preservation and detail, with feather imprints and skulls often intact; all fossils match generally accepted taxonomic timelines. Eleven new species and seventeen new subspecies have been tentatively accepted by Foundation paleontologists.

SCP-4041-1 instances are translucent Class III Incorporeal Entities, and resemble theropod dinosaurs in various states of decomposition. All instances with visible skin lack feathers.

Timeline of SCP-4041 Incidents
Date Notes
1861 Friedrich Witte and Karl Häberlein discover the first Archaeopteryx skeleton unearthed in Germany. Later suspected to be an occurence of SCP-4041 due to the mentions made in Häberlein's journal of the "great and peculiar flocks of birds" seen that day.
1859-1863 British biologist Thomas Huxley learns of the recently discovered Archaeopteryx and becomes an ardent proponent of the possibility of an evolutionary relationship between dinosaurs and birds.
04/16/1944 Collateral damage during bombing of Munich in World War II destroys rare Spinosaurus fossils suspected to be compromised by SCP-4041. Surviving photographs and journals edited.
02/17/1971 Birds involved in most recent SCP-4041 event sustain severe, often fatal injuries during event; usually bite marks, dismemberment, blunt trauma, or complete crushing.
08/26/1996 SCP-4041 event leads to civilian discovery and publishing of Sinosauropteryx, the first publicly documented feathered dinosaur. First instance of birds sustaining injuries outside of the duration of the event.
01/19/2002 Dr. Pascal Godefroit, a Belgian paleontologist, sustains similar bite injuries after publishing an article describing dinosaur-bird phylogeny. He is hospitalized and claims to have seen incorporeal, dinosaur-like entities. After Godefroit's recovery, he is amnesticized and the cover story of a car accident is disseminated.
09/15/2004 SCP-4041 event ends prematurely due to death of all birds present during event. Cameras detect a translucent silhouette resembling a Tyrannosaurus rex, designated SCP-4041-1.
02/13/2006 SCP-4041-1 instances destroy several museum displays and theropod fossils.
07/01/2009 SCP-4041-1 instances manifest within a Foundation paleontology conference, injuring 22 before MTF Phi-2 ("Clever Girls") and MTF Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters") arrive on the scene. (See Incident Log 4041-119 for details.)

Following treatment of all injuries and subsequent moving of the SCP-4041-1 Deinocheirus to a permanent containment cell, Dr. Barrera was interviewed.

Dr. Barrera died two days later in a car accident, when she collided head-on with a semi-trailer truck. Investigation of the scene found a Velociraptor skull in the car's trunk.

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