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Item #: SCP-404-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As attempts to manually alter the text of SCP-404-J have proved futile, twice-hourly tactical nuclear strikes are to continue on SCP-404-J until it has been successfully neutralized. As such, Foundation personnel, combat task forces, and civilians may only come within 100 km of SCP-404-J after signing a mortality waiver.

Description: SCP-404-J is a 20 m x 50 m x 5 m brick wall in southern Iran, estimated to have been erected in 15,000 BCE. SCP-404-J is composed entirely of an unknown mineral that has proven extremely resistant to destruction.

Despite its age, the inscriptions on SCP-404-J are completely in American English. The text of the inscription changes on an irregular basis.

Further information about SCP-404-J is restricted to the O5 Council.

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