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Item #: SCP-4037

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4037 is to be kept in its original wooden box inside a standard lead-lined storage container at Site-77.

Description: SCP-4037 is a set of seven metallic wristbands, numbered SCP-4037-1 to -7; all seven objects are practically identical, with insignificant variations in mass. SCP-4037 objects measure approximately 100 mm in diameter, 15 mm in width and 3 mm in thickness. The wristbands are made from a duralumin-like alloy, notably containing tungsten in non-negligible proportions. Despite not containing any radioactive materials, the objects emit weak but constant x-ray radiation; effective radiation dose from 24 hours of exposure is equal to approximately 0.0021 rem (approximately equivalent to two days of exposure to Earth's natural background radiation). The objects' interior makeup is homogeneous, containing no extraneous materials, bodies or cavities.

SCP-4037 was discovered after an investigation of a case of mass suicide by local law enforcement in ██████████, Wales. Investigation began after a postal worker called emergency services due to a foul smell emanating from the residence located at ██ ██████ ██. Seven partially decomposed bodies, four male and three female, were discovered inside the building, each wearing an SCP-4037 object (in their idle states at the time); cause of death was determined to be exsanguination due to severed carotid arteries.

After examination of writings found on the scene, victims were found to have been part of a doomsday cult called Temple of the Seventh Heaven. Embedded Foundation assets were alerted to SCP-4037's existence after it was sent to Cardiff University for detailed study, at which time the object was taken into Foundation custody, involved persons were administered amnestics, and official documents were appropriately amended. Transcripts of the discovered writings are enclosed in Addendum 4037/008.

During initial containment, a container was found at the scene of the suicide, believed to be the original storage for SCP-4037. The container is an ornate wooden box measuring 60 cm × 60 cm × 35 cm (L × W × H) with double doors on top. Interior is covered in felt and contains eight cavities perfectly accommodating SCP-4037; seven are located radially around an eighth, located in the center. All eight cavities are equal in dimensions. The container bears no markings and exhibits no anomalous properties. Extensive searches have been conducted, but an eighth SCP-4037 object (provisionally numbered SCP-4037-8) has not yet been located; it is unknown whether SCP-4037-8 is identical to the other seven SCP-4037 objects, but it is assumed that it bears superficial similarity.

Each SCP-4037 object has an identical pattern of small depressions (approximately 0.5 mm in diameter and depth) around its circumference. The depressions are spaced unevenly. No meaning to their configuration has been discerned as of yet, and no definite theory has been formulated on whether these features are ornamental or functional. Current attempts at deciphering the pattern involve studying potential information carried by the intervals between depressions.1

When at rest, SCP-4037's diameter is large enough to allow most humans to put their hand through it. Once around a human wrist, SCP-4037 usually (see below) enters its active state, which is marked with an approximately 27% increase in x-ray output. SCP-4037 also reconfigures itself to fit snugly around the wrist. This process involves the object changing its dimensions — primarily diameter and thickness, although some variation in width has also been observed. Throughout this process, the object's mass stays constant, though the object's density undergoes slight variation. The size of the depressions on SCP-4037's surface also changes to preserve their configuration relative to each other. In addition to changes in measurements, the object rapidly heats up to match the subject's body temperature. The processes involved in SCP-4037's ability to recognise acceptable human candidates and change its shape and temperature are not yet understood.

As long as only one subject is wearing SCP-4037 in a 30 meter radius, they experience no anomalous effects. When attempting to remove it, SCP-4037 reconfigures itself to normal size and returns to its idle state; however, SCP-4037 may only be removed in this way as long as the wearer is conscious and not inwardly opposed to the object's removal. Forcible removal of SCP-4037 remains possible through amputation or other trauma.

Primary anomalous effects are exhibited when more than one subject is wearing SCP-4037 in a 30 m radius — these subjects are referred to as "connected". After several minutes, connected subjects appear to gain rudimentary telepathic abilities — this phenomenon is referred to as "connection". Initially, this connection is maintained only while staying within 30 m of each other; however, as more time is spent by the subjects around each other, the effective range becomes longer, and the connection between the subjects becomes more profound.

After spending approximately two hours in a connection, subjects are able to meaningfully communicate without vocalisation; by that point subjects also gain basic familiarity with skills, knowledge and mental conditions of other connected subjects. The degree of connection between subjects grows exponentially with time, though a higher number of connected subjects leads to slower growth. Most effects of SCP-4037 exposure disappear fully within 24 hours of connection termination.

The following definite properties of these anomalous effects have been ascertained in the course of experimentation with the object:

  • SCP-4037 only enters its active state when exposed to humans older than 12 years with average hand and forearm proportions.
  • Once an initial connection is formed, new participants may only enter the connection if they are within initial effective range (30 m) of the existing participants.
    • Groups of subjects separated by distances greater than 30 m form separate connections amongst themselves, without interlinking.
    • Bringing two separate connected groups within 30 m does not lead to an interlink.
  • Connections propagate by proxy; as long as each member of a connection is connected to at least one other member, total connection is maintained.
    • Exiting effective range severs the connection until such a time when the effective range extends far enough.
  • Time spent outside of the connection does not contribute to alterations in mental state; when outside of effective range, SCP-4037 is considered not to exhibit its primary anomalous properties in practice.

Based on the single prolonged exposure experiment currently on file (see Addendum 4037/012), prolonged connection has been observed to create an extremely powerful mental link between subjects. Prolonged connection also creates extreme aversion to the idea of being parted from SCP-4037 in the subjects. However, it is currently unclear whether this is an anomalous property of the object itself, or an effect of the relationship established between connected subjects. Short-term exposure (defined as up to two hours) does not carry this risk.

An abridged experiment log is enclosed in Addendum 4037/011. Proposed potential military, medical, scientific and other applications of SCP-4037 are discussed in Addendum 4037/022.

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