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Item #: SCP-4036


SCP-4036's official flag.

Object Class: Keter1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4036 is to be surrounded by a perimeter covering 120,000 km2 maintained by the Foundation Navy in collaboration with United Nations Peacekeeping troops in order to prevent any SCP-4036-1 instances or trade coming in or out of the perimeter. If objects or persons attempt to penetrate the perimeter, they are to be neutralized, and their remains relocated to Site-004 in Indonesia.

Foundation operatives are to infiltrate political, military, religious, and cultural institutions on SCP-4036. These operatives are to acquire information on ongoing affairs, potential operations against the Foundation, and subvert potential operations within SCP-4036. At all times, at least 2% of the population of SCP-4036 is to be made up of Foundation operatives or SCP-4036-1 instances loyal to the Foundation.

In the case of a mass-scale military operation against the Foundation from SCP-4036, Operation Black Lily is to be enacted. Operation Black Lily is to only be enacted in the possibility that (A) SCP-4036 can no longer be contained without an XE-"Lifted Veil" scenario, (B) that large areas of land will not be returned to their respective countries and (C) SCP-4036 will rout Foundation forces in such a way that it leaves the Foundation completely defenseless.

At the time, the President of SCP-4036's attitude towards the Foundation has been conciliatory, lacking any hostility characteristic of previous administrations or governments. However, due to the current atmosphere regarding the Foundation, and the possibility that the President will be ousted before any permanent solution can be established, diplomatic relationships have remained the same. Special Containment Procedures have remained in place in the possibility that an anti-Foundation President and legislative group take control over the governmental apparatus.

Description: SCP-4036 is a small unitary theocratic republic located in an archipelago in the southeastern region of Polynesia, 300 km in radius and 100,000 km2 in area. SCP-4036's citizens refer to it as The Adytite Republic of Polynesia. It was previously under the autocratic rule of PoI-432 ("Norman Taylor") from 1857-1862 before his assassination by Foundation-backed groups in the region. Prior to this, SCP-4036 was highly militaristic, combining Industrial Age technology with biological weaponry to create a mobilized military. SCP-4036 had controlled around 30% of Polynesia, with the majority of its holdings in sparsely populated locations. Current authorities of SCP-4036 have disavowed its founder, PoI-432, and previous imperialist ambitions.

SCP-4036's population2 is primarily anomalous, with current estimates ranging from 50% to 80%. Government statistics state around 64% of the population is anomalous, although due to a lack of peer review, it is unknown if this is representative of the island's population. The population is primarily capable of flesh manipulation.

SCP-4036's state religion is Sarkicism, with official statistics claiming that all of SCP-4036-13 are adherents to Sarkicism, despite there being small Christian and Islamic Groups within the country. Freedom of Religion is allowed under the Constitution, although most non-Sarkic instances worship in secret to prevent social and political ostracization.

SCP-4036's society is primarily rural, with a few central urban areas, where the majority of the population lives. These urban locations vary from standard concrete to biological buildings. Economically, SCP-4036 is built around animal and human agriculture, manufacturing, and tobacco farming. Trade is impossible due to ongoing containment of SCP-4036. SCP-4036's government controls 60% of the economy, while the rest is owned either communally or by individuals.

SCP-4036's government is divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial.

The legislative branch is divided into three houses: the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Karcist Council. The House of Representatives currently comprises around 100 representatives, each one representing 100 people. The Senate is composed of 10 delegates, each representing 1000 people. Both houses are chosen by majority vote per district. The Karcist Council is a group of 20 individuals representing the main religious governing body, The Church of the Republic, of which all citizens are members. This house is made up of individuals hand selected by the Karcist. A Bill can be made into law in one of two ways: (A) be approved of by 60% of both the Senate and House of Representatives, or (B) be approved of by the Karcist Council with a majority vote, even if one house unanimously rejects the proposal.

The executive branch is made up of a President (elected by popular vote) and their cabinet, both serving five-year terms with no chance for reelection. All cabinet positions must be approved of by the Karcist Council in majority vote or by 60% of both the Senate and House. The judicial branch makes up The Supreme Court Of the Republic, composed of six posts, all for life. This is made up of appointees chosen by the President and approved of by a simple majority in the Senate and House.4

SCP-4036's society is a combination of Proto-Sarkic beliefs and modernity, with a heavy focus on religious and civic patriotism, and modern technology. Religiosity of Grand Karcist Ion is highly valued by the public, along with technological innovation. Electronic and digital products are popular amongst SCP-4036-1, with the majority of them coming from either smuggling or bootlegging. However, biological machinery is also used by the populace, primarily among lower classes. Biological machinery is often viewed as inferior to digital and electronic technology, and is usually used when non-biological options are not available. Often, lower classes are incapable of buying products, resorting to crafting their own.5


PoI-432 (Left) and PoI-433 (Right), 1st and 2nd Presidents of SCP-4036 respectively.

While social stratification exists in SCP-4036's society, every individual is entitled to adequate healthcare and food. Healthcare is, comparatively, the cheapest in the entire world. However, this is most likely due more to the abundance of biological manipulation and crafting among the population than to any inherent superiority of the government healthcare system.

Participation in the armed forces or civil duty is mandatory once a citizen reaches the age of 19. Individuals must either spend time in the armed forces for two years before being discharged, or participate in civil duty for 16 months. Most citizens choose the latter option.

Patriotic and religious feelings often coincide with one another in the cultural depictions of SCP-4036. Klavigar Saarn is often heavily associated with Lady Adytum, the personification of SCP-4036. Prayer often occurs directly after a salute to the flag of SCP-4036. Every President of SCP-4036 has cited a strong belief in Sarkicism. The majority of SCP-4036-1 hold the belief that an individual cannot be a citizen of SCP-4036 without also being a Sarkic. The military of SCP-4036 often uses the seal of Klavigar Orok, the Klavigar of war and domination.

Currently, SCP-4036 has been contained to around 300 islands, and not allowed to expand beyond these borders. While no official treaty or cooperative agreement has been established between the Foundation and SCP-4036, there have been no further attempts by either side to cease the stalemate.



General [REDACTED] Bowe, Circa 1854.

Introduction of SCP-4036: Its History, Its Containment, and Its People


The Foundation first discovered SCP-4036 during its invasion of the Northern Island of British New Zealand. There were reports of an undiscovered force in Polynesia causing havoc across the smaller, sparsely populated islands in southeastern Polynesia. However, since there was no substantial proof for this, it was discarded.

Upon the invasion of North Island in June of 1861, the Foundation could not ignore this call for war. Within the day of the initial invasion, the entire island fell to SCP-4036 and its force of 5000 men, with a collective of 200 dead. After this, the Foundation declared SCP-4036 the top priority of the region.


By the end of June, an international coalition of Spain, Japan, Netherlands, France, and Great Britain had been called together by the Foundation for the purposes of combating this destructive threat against the Foundation, and, to a greater extent, colonial interests in the region.

With General Bowe leading forces in South Island New Zealand, the Coalition began to force SCP-4036 back. However, despite conventional military wisdom suggesting otherwise, SCP-4036's forces were able to defeat multiple attempts at Foundation invasions of conquered territory. The attempted invasion of North Island failed, with over 1,000 Coalition causalities, mostly Japanese and British. All attempts at gaining the few, isolated pockets SCP-4036 had control over failed, mostly due to a lack of understanding of SCP-4036's military.


However, one individual, Ohashi Hachigoro (AKA PoI-433), knew how to help. Vice President of SCP-4036 and leader of religious affairs, he had an understanding of the culture of SCP-4036 that none could rival, even Taylor.

Writing to O5-2, a friend of Ohashi before his work with SCP-4036, he offered the Foundation near unlimited information to SCP-4036's military operations, their tactics, their weakness, and, if supplied with armaments, rebel groups in the region. It was an offer the Foundation could not help but take advantage of, and the only thing Ohashi wanted was that SCP-4036-1 (the population) be unharmed.

The Foundation, in a remote island near the main capital of SCP-4036, delivered a variety of armaments to Ohashi and his rebel groups.


However, the decisive factor was the Battle of South Island.

The Battle of South Island began on October 13th, when dozens of bone ships were seen on the horizon. Their hulls, made entirely of femur bones, made cannon fire near impossible. Along with eyes implanted on every part of the vessel, boarding them would also be impossible.

Preparing to defend the Island, General Bowe gave his men the order to hold their ground.

However, in the background, General Bowe came up with a different plan. When the O5 council gave him temporary Level 5 status, he had access to information a normal General would not have been privy too. One of these was Mobile Task Force-Theta-01 ("War Hawks"). Formed during the Foundation Civil War of 1814, Theta-01 was composed of anomalous individuals. Drawn from anomalous Persons of Interest, staff, and SCPs, the task force was made up entirely of individuals who had proven their loyalty to the Foundation. During times of disaster, they were anything from combat operatives, medical officers, memory wipers, and spies. They were an Ace in the hole.

So when General Bowe ordered them to destroy the fleet, they were only too glad to answer that request. With a large thaumic blast from the sky, the flesh fleet was fried, with no mercy.


By the end of 1861, SCP-4036 had been all but beaten.

Not only that, it was near collapse. Ohashi, seeing an opportunity that the Battle of South Island left open, ordered his rebel groups to seize the day, and attacked the Capital.

Within the span of two months, from December to January, the Capital was laid to ruins. The Capital, made up of over 20,000 citizens, mostly military, was reduced to 3000 by the end of the fighting. However, despite the mass destruction, Hachigoro was able to come out the victor, declaring himself the President of the Republic, calling for elections of the House of Representatives, Senate, and for the Church to call in delegates.


Taylor, realizing he had nothing left to lose, attempted one final assault on the Capital. Grabbing hold of the handful of men still loyal to him, he marched on the Capital building, ordering Hachigoro, his former comrade, to surrender, and that he would pardon him if he did.

Ohashi, instead, had his handful of men slaughtered in the street, and Taylor himself gagged and placed into his own private cell.

Ohashi knew that Taylor was leverage.


The Coalition, however, did not need leverage. Most of the population had been, thanks to Theta-01, pacified, and the damages covered up. The Coalition had their colonies back and with minimal damage. It should have been sufficient.

But it wasn't. The Foundation, still believing that containment had not been fulfilled, pushed the Coalition to invade the main island. However, the Coalition, unfamiliar with Foundation policy, were not willing to plan a full out invasion of the island. They were not willing to test their militaries after near defeat mere months ago.

Ohashi was also not willing to cooperate. He refused to allow Foundation representatives into the island, and ordered his military to arrest all Foundation officers that arrived. With no way to combat this, the Foundation resorted to containment of SCP-4036.

SCP-4036 remains the Foundation's biggest failure.


The following is a series of excerpts from interviews of current day SCP-4036-1. These recordings were done under the guise of a reporter from the Capital of SCP-4036.

"….oh yes, I, um, yeah, I speak English. I'm not the best at it, since it's usually used by the, um, higher ones? I think that's the correct word. Again, my English is poor, so I apologize for the incorrect word. Yes, I'm Japanese, although I have not been to that country. My father sometimes talk about it, but I, um, don't, uh, don't know anything about the culture or anything. I tend to use English sparingly. Only the city ones ever use it. We use the traditional language, the ones our ancestors used to communicate with Ion, before we were cut off. Hmm? Oh yes, since we use metal, our High Priest Ion cut us off from his flesh. We are wandering in the dark now…

"We don't use those machines. We use flesh and bones like we always have and always will use. Whenever I hold one of those things in my hand I feel unclean in my own skin, I feel like a spirit massages my skin and scalp in a horrifically uncomfortable way. Even talking about it makes me uncomfortable. Oh, yes, many of the farmers out here don't use them, but I think it's due to their economy than their beliefs."

"The sewers are, if not the worst thing I've ever seen, at least up there in sheer quality of awfulness. The pipes are alive as well, you see. They grow and expand outward, and we need to encourage it to go in the right direction, you see. We cut a couple limbs off here and there. Sure they scream and squeal, but they need to transport our waste in the right direction, you understand. But that ain't the worst part, in my opinion. The worst part are the homeless critters underneath the city. We don't bother bringing the limbs back up. The homeless just eat it back up. And yes, those pipes are filled with our waste. I do not know how desperate a man must get before eating piss and shit covered flesh, but that is desperation if I've ever seen one."

"The Foundation is a scourge on this planet. I find our President's rhetoric amoral and — perhaps — dangerous. Does he not know our history? Our past? I don't understand how he could platform on mending that relationship, it's like sticking your dick in a beehive. It might feel good for a minute or two, and then the stinging happens. It's just unpleasant the whole way round."

"The President? I, um, don't keep track of what he does. Sorry, English isn't first language. I am American, I think, but I don't much about it. I know some Japan language, but I use the traditional language. It brings me closer with Ion. I think the city dwellers are too concerned with technology and metal than with our savior Ion, but that is not for me to decide. We all are absorbed back into his body in the end anyways."

"I don't think the Christians and Muslims deserve what happened to them, but it is unnatural for them to be here. It isn't natural for a European and Asiatic religion to be on this island. It spreads far and fast, and far beyond the eyes of our government that I think it's a danger to our society. Now, I don't think they deserve what's going on for them by any means, but should they really be surprised by what's going on? It's unregulated and clashes too wildly with our culture — we're a Holy nation after all, founded on Ion's beliefs and desires, not on Jesus or Mohammed. No, no, no violence, I abhor violence, I just want a peaceful cleansing of the nation, that is all."

"….I once went looking in the woods once. I heard their murmuring, their screams. I picked up my gun and traveled on foot. I was preparing for one or two, not a dozen, wearing large fleshy tendrils on their persons. They were wearing the symbols of one of the nearby warlord camps, and so I began to walk away, and then fell into a pit. I felt myself near bodies. Many, many bodies. Dozens, maybe a hundred. All in various states of rottage, of worms crawling around in the eyes and maggots eating holes inside the face and the throat and god knows where.

"My thud attracted to them. I gripped my shotgun and hid under the bodies, praying to my savior for forgiveness and to protect me from these barbaric monsters. They spoke in hushed whispers of the traditional language. One poked the body I lay under. I could smell her rotting corpse. Her eyes weren't there anymore, just glassy holes that used to contain humanity. A mother for one, a sister for another, a wife for another.

"I peeked out and say that they held flesh weaponry, black red tendrils popping out of their backs, revealing their skeletons and organs and everywhere else. I aimed for one of these backs, hoping to strike a heart or other vital organ. I aimed and fired, blowing not only his brains out but his heart and skeleton as well. I ran as far as possible, occasionally firing back as a warning. Their weapons worked best in close range, but were ineffective in longer ranges. I got inside my house and didn't come out until morning. I slept with a shotgun.

"I went to the police that morning in the city. They checked the pit.

"There wasn't a single person without Christian or Islamic iconography in that pit."

"The Foundation is our protector as well as our slaver. It protects our borders but only under the auspicious of keeping us in bondage. Our military isn't for protecting from other countries, but from an international agency bent on our destruction. I have heard stories of attempts to court the gee-oh-sea and gee-arr-you, but to no avail. I wonder if I'll ever see my homeland of Japan ever again, but I doubt such a possibility."

"Our battle with the Foundation isn't only an ideological battle over independence and centralization, but a battle over science and religion. You see, as the head of our Church, I believe that the Foundation is not only a physical but spiritual force. The Foundation is the force that seeks to contain who you are, what you are. They wish to contain our religion, keep it from spreading as it should across the world. If we can destroy that force within us all that seeks to contain our beliefs, we have already won the battle."

"I sometimes worry that our people are too focused on an upcoming defensive battle with the Foundation. The countryside wishes for peace and their common religion, while the cities seek outside products such as phones, the internet, and other technological equipment. The Foundation is a threat to their religion and their ability to connect to the outside. I worked for the military for two years, and I can say, we all know a war's coming, but we don't want to admit it. If there is a war, our country will burn, I can assure you of that."

"Sometimes I wonder why we're here. Of course, I understand how we're here, but I don't know why we're here. Are we just trying to keep the experiment our founder had many years ago? Of our second president? Or are we trying to survive against the oppressive forces of the Foundation? I don't know. I do know what we are, at least. Enemies of the Foundation. And that binds us together. For how much longer though? I am unsure."

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