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Item #: SCP-4030

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4030 is to be kept folded and vacuum sealed inside an opaque plastic bag and stored within a safe-class containment vault. Direct skin contact is prohibited, except for any test subjects while in testing conditions.

When used in testing, visual exposure should be limited to a 1 hour maximum for all test subjects and staff. Failure to comply with this containment procedure will very likely result in the creation of SCP-4030-1 instances, a containment breach, and disciplinary action. This limit resets after 24 hours from last viewing of SCP-4030. A log of viewing persons and the time of initial viewing is to be kept with SCP-4030 at all times.

While under the effects of SCP-4030 under no circumstances is the subject to look at their separated organ systems. Failure to do so will likely result in the generation of a SCP-4030-1 instance.

In the event of a SCP-4030-1 instance, instances are to be terminated via blunt force trauma. SCP-4030's testing chamber should be built with a hydraulic ceiling to facilitate the crushing of SCP-4030-1 instances should containment be breached. If necessary, high caliber firearms may also be used. In the event of a containment breach of SCP-4030, SCP-4030 is to be terminated by application of strong acidic compound.

Description: SCP-4030 is a child's bed-sheet, measuring 1.54m x 2.032m. The bed-sheet has considerably faded patterns of cartoon bats and jack-o-lanterns to the point where, from a distance, it simply appears off-white.

Viewing SCP-4030 for over 1 hour induces an anomalous compulsion in the viewer to wear SCP-4030 over their head. This compulsion is proportional to the viewer's age, having a stronger effect on younger viewers.

When worn, SCP-4030 will separate the wearer's body into its component organ systems as they translate through space. These collections of organs occupy the same location in space as the time of their separation: 2.00m apart from each other. They are animated with the same movements of the wearer, but do not translate through space themselves.

Organ groups are separated from the affected subject in the following order:

  • Skin and Clothing
  • Digestive systems
  • Muscular and Respiratory systems
  • Circulatory systems
  • Skeleton
  • Nervous, Ocular, and Auditory systems

Other smaller organ systems are included with the muscular and respiratory group. After the nervous system is separated, SCP-4030 will still move as if the affected subject remains underneath it, though no physical body remains. During this time subjects do not feel pain, but describe the sensation as 'fuzzy' and 'warm'. Subjects continue to experience this separation of bodily systems through their nervous system, even if subjects say they can feel themselves moving or feel SCP-4030 still draped over them.

While bodily systems are separated this way organs and tissues may be easily accessed and worked upon. Because of this, SCP-4030 has been used in testing to perform delicate medical surgeries in a non-invasive way. Those affected by SCP-4030 can be returned to a complete state by moving backwards through their separated organs while SCP-4030 continues to be worn. While it is possible for subjects to walk forwards into their separated organs, this is ill advised due to the high probability of generating a new instance of SCP-4030-1. Under no circumstance are subjects to look at any separated organ systems while under the effect of SCP-4030.

If the subject looks at their skeletal system while under the effects of SCP-4030, their skeleton (SCP-4030-1) will become sentient. This process always results in the death of the subject, as their skeleton removes itself from the body by moving from the spacial point it was created in. Instances of SCP-4030-1 are found to have increased strength and agility from normal humans. SCP-4030-1s bones remain attached through anomalous means, and only become non anomalous when approximately 50% of them are fractured.

The following is a video log of an operation utilizing SCP-4030 being performed on D-387777 to remove his appendix.

Video Log Transcript. Test 3. SCP-4030

Date: 09/05/2017

Operating Physician: Dr. ████████


SCP-4030 is stretched taut across a movable wooden arch, which is then pressed onto the back of D-387777 who is asked to walk forward. As he does so, his bodily systems are separated behind him through the sheet, remaining in place where the separation occurred. When his nervous system has filtered through the sheet he is instructed to remain standing, and alert staff if he feels he is unable to.

00:01 Dr. Morgan (from control room): "Alright. You may begin the procedure. D-387777 if you begin to feel dizzy, or any pain, please let us know. Remain standing at all times, and do not look behind you."

00:11 D-387777: "Wow. This feels strange. But, alright."

00:25 Sounds from medical equipment being wheeled in. Operation begins on test subject.

15:35: Subject Yawns. Operation stops briefly. Operating staff remark on the strangeness of operating on awake patient.

19:12 Dr. ████████ (operating): "Can you raise your left arm?"

D-387777 raises his left arm and turns his head. There is a cut sound of the control room microphone being activated as D-387777s nervous system rotates slightly. During this action it is suspected that D-387777 was able to view part of his skeleton through his peripheral vision. In the video log it is noted that when D-387777 performs this action, and only this action, his skeleton does not move, as if knowing it is about to be seen.

19:14 D-387777: "Oh god aiaugha…"

SCP-4030-1 becomes active, and with flailing motions begins to tear itself out of the separated organs of D-387777. Operating staff scream, trying to distance themselves from SCP-4030-1-1. Once free of D-387777s organic material, SCP-4030-1-1 seizes SCP-4030 and quickly advances towards Dr. ████████. In the ensuing struggle, SCP-4030 is draped over Dr. ████████, who is then thrown to the ground. As he is thrown, his body separates into its various organ systems, manifesting mid roll. He wrestles with SCP-4030 to remove it, and causes the generation of SCP-4030-1-2.

19:28: It is at this point that the control room activates the room fail-safe. The ceiling of the research chamber begins to descend at a rate of 0.50 m/s and the camera / video feed is destroyed.

On 10/31/2018 5 instances of SCP-4030-1 attempted to enter the facility where SCP-4030 was being kept. These instances were terminated by on-site security personnel, with 6 reported injuries. All samples of SCP-4030-1 were studied, and were found to have belonged to individuals between 7 and 16 years of age.

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